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Xayun Erinos
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Yaga Minor

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Dark brown



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  • Dark Jedi
  • Lt. Commander, Tarentum Navy
  • Ex-Sith Commander, Circle 3


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Xayun Erinos is a former Imperial, now a Sith Warrior of Clan Tarentum. Born in the fledgling years of the New Republic, he joined the Imperial Remnant's Navy shortly before his brother, Zandro Savric Erinos, and was eventually brought into the Dark Brotherhood and Clan Naga Sadow. After spending several years there, he left for Tarentum, shortly before discovering his relation to Sashar and co-founding the Erinos family.

"What are you looking at?"
―Xayun Erinos

Xayun Erinos - Character History

Birth on Yaga Minor

Xayun's warbanner

Xayun Erinos was born one year after the destruction of the first Death Star, on Yaga Minor, a staunchly Imperial planet. His parents were both members of the Empire, and their love of the Imperial order was projected onto Xayun and his younger brother Zandro (born two years after Xayun) at an early age. As children, the two would listen to their father's stories of being a TIE pilot, engaging in vicious dogfights with the 'evil' Rebel Alliance. As both Xayun and Zandro grew up, their hatred of the Rebellion grew - they were, in the minds of the brothers, trying to destroy their home and family life. It was no surprise when both wanted to become a pilots themselves, and it wasn't long before Xayun had signed up for the Imperial Navy after lying about his age, and he was on the way to the Academy, shortly followed by Zandro.

Xayun: TIE Pilot

Graduating from the Academy with his wings and full honours, Xayun was assigned to the Carrack-Class Cruiser Vindicator II (Zandro was stationed in the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet). Embarking on endless patrol duty, he was angered at the rise of the New Republic and the fact that he was seemingly being barred from taking revenge on the 'jumped-up Rebels'. Then, on one such tedious patrol route, a group of Republic fighters emerged from hyperspace. Seeing his chance, Xayun shot down the attackers before the rest of his squadron had fully comprehended what was happening. Over the course of the next few years, Xayun worked his way through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, eventually turning down a position in fleet command to continue flying TIEs. His career was to be cut short, however - ironically, with another patrol flight.

Joining the Brotherhood

An unidentified fighter had made it's way into the no-fly zones around Bastion. Xayun and his flight group were sent to identify the mystery pilot and, if necessary, terminate him. Watching the ship heading for the planet's surface, the squadron followed it down into the atmosphere. Once they had cleared the ozone layer, the fighter attacked, blowing away Xayun's flight group an causing the young pilot to crash-land on a deserted part of the planet. Regaining consciousness and finding the mystery pilot waiting for him, he was told that his abilities had attracted the attention of a group far more powerful than the Imperial Remnant, and that he could either take up the shadowy organization on their offer of power - or remain stranded in the wilderness of Bastion. Intrigued, and refusing to have his life end now, Xayun accepted, and followed the man back to Brotherhood space.

Clan Naga Sadow

Upon first joining the Dark Brotherhood, Xayun was drafted into House Primus Goluud of Clan Naga Sadow. Coming into the clan at the beginning of the Fifth Great Jedi War was extremely disconcerting for the young man, and he gradually faded from events. In two years time, however, he returned to find his former clan a changed place - they had new leaders, new members, and his former house had been closed by Malik Sadow during his time as Consul. Joining House Ludo Kressh, Xayun tried to amend his two-year absence by working as hard as he could for his clan. He became Clan Envoy for a long period and served as Aedile of House Ludo Kressh. Later, Xayun transferred from Clan Naga Sadow to Clan Tarentum.


During his transition from Naga Sadow to Tarentum, Xayun discovered that his younger brother was also a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and resided in Clan Arcona. Xayun was introduced to Zandro's master, Sashar, while the three attempted to find the killers of Zandro's dead fiancée. During the mission, the three developed a bond that would soon lead Zandro to question Sashar's true origins. After their mission was over, the group confronted Xayun and Zandro's mother, and were shocked to learn that she had, before the birth of her sons, had an affair with a Mandalorian and given birth to his child, who was sent to the Kodiak Clan on Dxun - the child from this illicit affair was none other than Sashar. The revelation stunned Xayun and Zandro, who could little comprehend the re-emergence of a brother they never knew they had. This information led the two to confront their father, who revealed he was the son of a Mandalorian named Kal Skirata, who had abandoned his children in their early years. He had blamed Skirata's Mandalorian nature for his failure as a father, and decided his own children would be brought up without any knowledge of their heritage. Xayun and Zandro accepted their father's reasons, and as they made their way back to Brotherhood space, Sashar pitched an idea to the brothers. He knew of several Mandalorians within the Dark Brotherhood, and believed that along with these warriors, the three could unite under a single name, forming the Erinos family.



Xayun's GMRG armor
Xayun is a tall individual, towering over most at six feet, two inches. His mop of dark brown hair falls over one blue-green eye, and his usual attire is his black-and-red robes over a black flight suit, white stormtrooper armor taken from his time in the Empire, or more recently a black-and-red combat suit adorned with various melee weapons, firearms and explosives. He also on occasion wears an officer's uniform he retains for formal functions.

He has a small crescent scar running from the outside corner of his right eye, received in a training duel with his former master and Quaestor, Xia Long.


Typically, Xayun appears caustic and distant towards his fellow Brotherhood members - even those in his own clan. However, his biting sarcasm and subdued nature belie a strong loyalty to his friends and allies, and an unbreakable bond with his brothers, adopted or otherwise - if needed, he would gladly give his own life for another Erinos. His sardonic quips, however, are amplified during combat, where he becomes a hyperactive ball of energy, dispensing cocky one-liners and irritating exposition with seemingly reckless abandon. While this is an ingrained facet of his personality, it serves a purpose - Xayun uses his particular brand of humour to infuriate and distract his opponent, causing them to make crucial mistakes. One clanmate specifically stated that the most dangerous weapon in Xayun's arsenal is his mouth - even if it does tend to get him into more trouble than it helps him get out of.

Up until the Alien occupation of Arcona space, Xayun resided at the Erinos homestead on Arconae Primus. He now splits his time between the headquarters of House Cestus and his quarters aboard the ISDII Magnus Kaerner.


Xayun is a master of the Makashi saber style. The finesse of the style greatly appealled to him, and he devoted large amounts of time upon reaching Knight status to master it. He is also proficient a large number of bladed weapons, has demolitions training and is an excellent marksman, and of course is also an excellent combat pilot. He flies a slightly modified TIE Hunter - the same he crashed into Bastion, which he was able to salvage weeks later. His other mode of transportation is his modified YT-2000, the Nextwave, which is now housed in the repurposed hulk of the VSD Corsair, the new home of House Cestus. Xayun also carries a custom-made firearm called the Sixshot. The gun is a throwback to the projectile weapons of earlier times, and fires regular ammunition rather than blaster bolts or a typical energy beam. The ammunition used has slight armor-piercing capabilities, and the design is such that most people are fooled into thinking of it as a primitive and ineffective weapon. Xayun also carries at least one blade at all times, most commonly a sword that he refuses to name on the grounds that it's "a slightly upgraded pointy stick". Despite his aptitude with this weapon and a number of other bladed weapons, he prefers ranged combat, and will always opt for a gun before a mêlée weapon. His love for firearms of all kinds is only exceeded by his love of blowing things up. Xayun is also a competent hand-to-hand fighter, employing Teräs Käsi and Jeet Kune Do.


  • Nickname is 'Cajun Chicken', thanks to Korras, who first misread 'Xayun' as 'Cajun'.
  • Clan Envoy of Clan Naga Sadow, House Envoy and Aedile of Ludo Kressh Emeritus.
  • One of the founding members of the Erinos family, along with Sashar, Juda, Zandro, Malidir and Kieran.
  • Is an honorary member of Arcona's premier Battleteam, Soulfire Strike Team.
  • Has his own self-developed hand-to-hand fighting style, Ass-Kickery. Xayun and Xayun alone can master this style, as if a person sees it in action, despite numerous logical attempts from Xayun to convince them otherwise, they will declare it cannot exist.