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This Possessions Salary Policy outlines all the different ways that a member or unit can earn credits in the possessions system. This policy is approved by the Grand Master and is enforced for integrity by the Dark Council. Deviations from this policy are considered for disciplinary action and review by the Chamber of Justice.

Details below are broken into sections for major categories of salary awarding.

Rank Credits

Members will earn credits in two ways, a one-time lump sum of credits on promotion, or as a weekly salary paid out based on their rank.

Rank Credits
Rank Promotion One-time Credits Weekly Credit Salary
Novitiate 1 0 0
Novitiate 2 0 0
Novitiate 3 0 0
Novitiate 4 250 50
Journeyman 1 900 55
Journeyman 2 2,000 60
Journeyman 3 10,000 65
Journeyman 4 15,000 70
Equite 1 20,000 75
Equite 2 25,000 80
Equite 3 30,000 85
Equite 4 40,000 90
Elder 1 50,000 95
Elder 2 65,000 100
Elder 3 80,000 105
Grand Master 100,000 110

Medal Credits

Members are awarded credits when a medal is earned, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Medal Credits
Other Medals One-time Credit Award
Seal (Vendetta) 100
Seal (War) 100
Seal of Loyalty 0
Legion of the Scholar 50
Scroll of the Master 300
Scroll of Foundation 100
Scroll of Indoctrination 300
Dark Side Scroll 100
Cluster of Earth 3
Cluster of Ice 9
Cluster of Fire 3
Cluster of Graphite 9
Pendant of Blood 100
Competition Medals One-time Credit Award
Quartz Crescent 50
Topaz Crescent 100
Emerald Crescent 200
Sapphire Crescent 300
Amethyst Crescent 500
Ruby Crescent 800
Diamond Crescent 1,200
Bronze Nova 1,200
Silver Nova 1,800
Gold Nova 2,700
Merit & Sacramental Medals One-time Credit Award
Dark Cross 750
Anteian Cross 1,500
Steel Cross 3,200
Grand Cross 6,700
Sapphire Blade 14,000
Amethyst Kukri 22,500
Ruby Scepter 29,500
Emerald Dagger 60,000
Diamond Sword 120,000
Silver Sash 150,000
Golden Lightsaber 300,000

Position Credits

Members are paid a weekly salary of credits based on the positions they hold in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Position Credits
Positions Weekly Credit Salary
Battleteam Member 0
Battleteam Leader 50
Aedile 200
Quaestor 225
Rollmaster 200
Proconsul 450
Consul 550
Tribune Staff 0
Tribune 400
Docent 0
Professor 50
Society Staff 50
Society Leader 450
Magistrate 200
Praetor 400
Appeals Panel 50
Hands of Justice 400
Justicar 675
Dark Council Advisor 450
Dark Councilor 600
Grand Master 750

Competition Credits

Members are awarded credits when a competition closes, a one-time lump sum of credits for both participating in and organizing competitions.

Competition Credits
Competition Activity One-time Credit Award
Participant in Legion of Scholar Awarding 150
Participant in Crescent Awarding 225
Participant in Novae Awarding 300
Participant in No Award Type 150
Organizer Role

(Non-Container Only as of May 31st, 2018)

Co-organizer Role

(Non-Container Only as of May 31st, 2018)


Titles Credits

Members are awarded credits when a title is granted, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Title Credits
Title Type One-time Credit Award
Sith Lord 0
War Hero 8,100
Independence Games 0
Clan Title 0

Shadow Academy Degree Credits

Members are awarded when a degree is granted, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Shadow Academy Degree Credits
Degree Type One-time Credit Award
Dark Pundit 100
Dark Maven 750
Dark Savant 1,500
Dark Sage 6,700

Trophies Credits

Members are awarded credits when they earn certain trophies, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Trophy Credits
Trophy One-time Credit Award
A Solid 5/7 (Complete the Advancement Survey) 1,000
Headstrong (ACC Qualify) 100
Remember the Name (CS Approved) 100

Antei Combat Center Credits

Members are awarded credits when they complete or judge matches in the Antei Combat Center, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Antei Combat Center Credits
ACC Activity One-time Credit Award
Complete ACC Battle 225
Judge an ACC Battle 225

Society Credits

Members are awarded credits when they reach a society rank for the first time, a one-time lump sum of credits.

Society Credits
Rank Earned (INQ, SAS, GMRG) One-time Credit Award
I 500
II 750
III 1,000
IV 1,250
V 1,750
VI 2,250
VII 3,000
VIII 4,000
IX 5,500
X 7,500
XI 10,000
XII 12,500

Clan Credits

Clans will seed with an initial value per policy. This is considered an initial influx of credits to seed their account, and will then gain credits according to the activities below.

Seeded credits are determined by a base of 400,000,000 credits to earn Clan, plus a bonus of 100,000,000 credits adjusted based on the percentage of the existing Fleet Points of each Clan at the time possessions went live relative to the Clan with the most Fleet points which received the full bonus. If a new Clan is created, this seeded credits value will be determined as agreed upon by the existing Clans at the time it is added and documented.

Clan Seeded Credits
Clan Name Seeded Credits
Clan Arcona 488,069,166
Clan Naga Sadow 466,949,956
Clan Odan-Urr 412,989,900
Clan Plagueis 470,231,752
Clan Scholae Palatinae 474,977,936
Clan Taldryan 500,000,000
Clan Tarentum 449,007,943

Member activity credit gaining. Whenever a member of a Clan, earns credits from one of the activities below, the Clan will be awarded 10x that number of credits. The list below has been chosen for repeatable activities that are the core of the activity done within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

  • Seal (Vendetta)
  • Seal (War)
  • Legion of the Scholar
  • Clusters
  • Crescents
  • Novas
  • Competition Participation
  • Organizing a competition
  • Complete ACC battle

Credits and Version Information

Currently in version 1.2.2

  • 1.2.2 version drafted by Evant Taelyan to remove credits for organizing container competitions closed after May 31st, 2018 at 8 AM PST - 6/15/2018
  • 1.2.1 version drafted by Evant Taelyan to add new credit source for completing the tropy A Solid 5/7 (Complete the Advancement Survey) for 1000 credits. - 4/20/2018
  • 1.2 version drafted by Evant Taelyan to add the initial seeded values for Clans and document Clan credit-earning activities. - 1/9/2017
  • 1.1 version drafted by Evant Taelyan to adjust some position salaries during open beta (JST, Praetor, Hands, Tribune)- 11/1//2016
  • 1.0 version drafted by Evant Taelyan ahead of possessions open beta - 10/4/2016