Pendragon One

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Pendragon One
Production information

Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht (YCHT)

Technical specifications

50 Meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

800 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:

x1 (Backup x15)


50 SBD


150 RU


2 Quad laser cannons


3+2 gunners

Minimum crew:




Cargo capacity:

20 metrics tons


2 months

Other systems:

1 hyperdrive-equipped escape pod


Consul's Personal Transport


Clan Arcona's Consul


30 ABY

Earliest sighting:

35 ABY

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Vessel Info

The Pendragon One is the personal transport of the Consul, and is typically used on diplomatic missions to other systems, as a runabout for the Consul in between planets of the Dajorra System, or occasionally as an envoy of the Consul's transport. Per Wuntila Entar Arconae's orders, the Pendragon One has been stripped of many of the luxurious appointments of the ship have been stripped in favour of more utilitarian systems.


For most of its operational history, the Pendragon One has seen no use, given that Arcona hasn't enjoyed true peace until 35 ABY, and as such has sat unused in a hangar at Giletta Spaceport. However, upon taking the Iron Throne for himself, Wuntila had the craft refitted to his tastes and made it apparent that he intended to make regular use of the craft.


Thus far, The Pendragon One has not seen combat, however several protocols are in effect with the craft to ensure the safety of the consul. Firstly, If there is ever an attack suspected, there is a second craft, Pendragon Two, which shares an identical IFF transponder to act as a decoy. Furthermore, both craft are always escorted by a pair of TIE Advanced, or in extreme cases, two Stealth-Xs from Void Squadron.


The Zero-G Relaxation Chamber was swapped for an encrypted Holonet Transceiver suite allowing the Consul secure real-time communications should the need arise. The Holotheatre was changed into a briefing room, the Passenger Lounge was turned into a war room and tactical salon, the Passenger Dining room was made into a conference room, and finally the Sensory Deprivation Chamber, Audio-Visual Library and the Game Room were turned into the Consul's Office. Finally, as befitting the Consul's personal craft, the Hull was painted matte black, as homeage to Arcona's standard. The only other craft to bear such an honour (other than the Pendragon Two, a decoy), is the Flagship of Arcona, the Eye of the Abyss II.


The crew consists of mostly former members of the Summit Guard personally selected by the Captain of the Guard himself to handle the craft’s running, however, for the administrative and secretarial roles the Consul needs filling at all times, he brings staff with him, along with a current contingent of his active Guard - usually Captain Bly and Solus Squad. The current Captain of the Craft is one Captain Conway Stern, retired member of Oblivion Brigade.

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