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Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems


Modified Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser


Cruiser (standard classification)

Technical specifications

600 meters

Max acceleration:

1,210 G

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2
  • Backup Class 8.0
Power plant:

Dual SFS I-a2b Reactors


deflector shield created by more than a dozen shield generators

Sensor systems:


Targeting systems:


Navigation system:

Navigation computer equipped

  • Taim&Bak X-8 turbolaser batteries (30)
  • Borstel NK-5 ion cannons (10)

Starfighter squadron (12)




80 (troops)

Cargo capacity:

5,500 metric tons

Other systems:

6 SFS Gx-7 gravity well projectors

  • Medium cruiser
  • Interdiction
Known commander(s):

Captain Ammar Kordoo

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"Never again will the Rebels leave you behind, looking flat-footed and foolish. The Immobilizer will see to that."
―Unnamed Sienar official

Vessel Info

The Interdictor Cruiser, upon its creation, was a technological marvel to say the least. Its gravity well generators proved devastating to Alliance fleets during Palpatine's reign, and continue to aid the Imperial Forces in holding Republic fleets in place to be destroyed. Since its conception, the Interdictor hull design has been favored by Imperial bureaucracy, due to the fact that it strongly resembles a Star Destroyer. It is highly modifiable, and the skeletal structure of the Interdictor has been used to create many heavy cruisers since the creation of the original Imperial Interdictor.

Among these varieties is the Modified Interdictor Cruiser, a powerful vessel that plays on the Interdictor's highly successful concept. Increasing the count from four to six high-powered Sienar Fleet Systems gravity well generators, which can charge twice as rapidly as those on standard INT craft, the M/INT can stop enemy fleets in their tracks.

The hull of the M/INT utilizes the alterability of the INT design to the maximum, outfitting it with a stunning array of weaponry, including heavy turbolaser batteries, and Ion Cannons for use during capture missions. The hull is elongated to allow for enhanced sublight and hyperspace engines, and to provide space in the landing bay for a full squad of fighters, as well as five transport craft. To support all of these alterations, the M/INT is outfitted with the same power core as an Imperial Star Destroyer, comprised of two Sienar Fleet Systems I-a2b reactors.


This rare modified version of an Imperial Interdictor was originally the property of Clan Satal Keto, another strong power in the Brotherhood. Satal Keto had won the ship in the First Great Jedi War. The ship was named the Ferens Silentii at the time.

Satal Keto, however, was forced to give the Interdictor to Clan Arcona when they narrowly lost a Clan Feud. Subsequently Arcona was forced to give the Interdictor to Taldryan as its prize for dominating Arcona in a Clan Feud.

Since being added to the Clan Fleet, the Orthanc has seen action in such events as the Selen Incident and the Seventh Great Jedi War. Thankfully the ship did not take part in the Second Darkness military exercises and missed the Alien Incursion.

The Orthanc was believed to have been lost during the Attack on Karufr, but Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj's successful mission to Kalus revealed that it had survived.

Not long after its survival was discovered, Andrelious led a small team to recover the ship. It was found to be in a poor, but repairable condition. A large portion of its crew, including the Captain, Ammar Kordoo, hadn't survived.

Complement & Assignment

The Modified Interdictor Orthanc was assigned to Taldryan's Battle Group II Vigilance.

Ammar Kordoo

Main article: [[Ammar Kordoo|Ammar Kordoo]]

Ammar Kordoo was the Commanding Officer of the Orthanc at the time of its disappearance.

Attached Vessels

The Orthanc also plays host to a Squadron of fighters, and a Lambda Class shuttle.