Ammar Kordoo

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Ammar Kordoo
Biographical Information

Barab I

Date of Birth:

8 BBY (age 51)

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Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Naval Officer

Fleet Command



Ship Commander


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Taldryan Navy

Personal Ship:

M/INT Orthanc

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"Jedi. Vong. Prey. No difference."
―Ammar Kordoo

History Overview

Kordoo, during his time serving as a mercenary.

Born on his home world of Barab I in the Albanin Sector, Ammar made a living, as do many of his species, as a gun for hire. Mercenary bands were always eager to hire someone with a keen eye, and plenty of muscle. Kordoo, with his species typical zeal for tracking and hunting, proved to be an excellent marksman and very capable soldier.

Kordoo eventually found himself working for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a hired assassin, and quickly proved himself capable of leading men into battle. During the Sixth Great Jedi War, he led a contingent of forces against a rival Clan and came out victorious, providing a very useful diversion for Taldryan’s real assault.

Having impressed the rulers of Taldryan, Kordoo became a regular employee, with his services being held on retainer to ensure he was always available should they need him. It was during this time that he began leading a small band of pirates, acting as a privateer for Taldryan’s navy.

During the Yuuzhan Vong war, with the extreme losses suffered by Taldryan’s Fleet, Kordoo was offered a full-time position within the military as a ship commander, to help replenish the lost crewers. Given a battlefield commission, Kordoo has risen through the ranks of the Taldryan Navy, becoming a valued and trusted member of the Taldryan Expansionary Force. He now commands the Modified Interdictor Orthanc, and holds the rank of Captain.

Physical Description

At 1.98 Meters tall, and weighing in at 140 kilograms of raw muscle sheathed in a thick layer of fat, Kordoo is a tall reptilian covered with armored scales, 5cm long razor sharp teeth, and retractable claws. Like all members of his species, Kordoo has a tail that can shed if necessary.

Kordoo has foreboding black eyes, and a scar framing his mouth on the left side.

Personality and traits

Kordoo's Command, the Orthanc

Like many of his species, Ammar Kordoo does not appear to be a friendly man, and in his case it is an entirely accurate opinion. Fueled by his hunting instincts, Kordoo was savage and ruthless, with an implacable sense of duty and loyalty to those he granted it to. Unlike many of his species, Kordoo held the Jedi Order in contempt, for their inability to stop the Yuuzhan Vong from destroying his homeworld, Barab I. Despite this, he still holds Jedi, and their Dark brethren in a sort of mystical reverence, believing them to be godlike, despite his personal feelings for them.

Often perceiving emotions as a weakness, and an insult, Kordoo is a strict disciplinarian, and does not feel the need to reward his subordinates for doing their duty; any less than their best efforts would be considered a dereliction to him.

Like many of his species Kordoo will react violently to any physical contact that does not come from one of his pack mates. It is considered wise to never lay a hand on him, unless you wish to deal with the consequences of a 140kg reptile with 5cm long teeth chewing on your hand.

With his experience as a mercenary and privateer, Kordoo is counted among the most experienced and battle-hardened commanders that Taldryan has. He is a capable warrior and leads through example. Whatever one may think of him personally, one cannot deny his blunt effectiveness in battle.

Behind the Scenes

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