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Alek Mirr
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Cy Thuron

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  • Mercenary
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General, Thuronian Royal Forces


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New Dawn

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Alek Mirr was appointed High Guardsman of New Tython in 36 ABY by Cy Thuron. Taking the newfound powers to restructure what would become the Thuronian Royal Forces and name himself as its first General. After this, he would take aside elite soldiers from within the Thuronian Forces to undergo training for an elite, Jedi-killing unit.


Early Life

Born on Bastion in 8 ABY, Alek was raised in the cusp of Imperial society from a young age. Studying in Imperial academies with a particular interest in combat and tactics, he would go on to score well in training exercises before enlisting with the Stormtrooper Corps. There, he fought admirably, scoring in the top fifth percentile. This distinction, alongside his ability to overcome his rivals, led to severe arrogance from Mirr even from a young age. He became hostile, unscrupulous, and devious in his drive to stay on top.

Mirr was part of the Stormtrooper Corps during the Vong War, where the horrors of combat caught up with him. Under assault by Vong Warriors and facing death alongside his compatriots, he abandoned his fellow men to slaughter, sabotaging their escape attempts and hijacking a speeder to get away from the scene. These actions officially saw him dishonourably discharged from duty, and even saw a small bounty put on his head; for this reason, he escaped Imperial space and enlisted with a mercenary outfit in the Outer Rim.

Soldier of Fortune

Operating throughout the Rim, often for local despots and cartels, Mirr's outfit operated under the official name of BlackStar Contractors. Seeing action throughout the many systems, often bending or quietly breaking system and galactic laws, they fought in several smaller engagements on the outskirts of civilization. Sometimes facing pirates or brigands, other times hired to put down dissidents and protect against protesters, the work didn't really matter to Alek. What mattered was good pay, action, and being the best of the best.

Things changed when BlackStar was contacted by Cy Thuron, a strange man from a distant, backwater world. BlackStar was only one of the groups, both legitimate and illicit, that Thuron would assemble; paying handsomely and promising positions of influence and wealth to captains, generals, and leaders, he and his New Dawn movement were able to enlist an army. Alek signed on with all the rest, but quietly looked forward to the opportunities of the future. Deployed in Menat Ombo, his unit was one of the many responsible for overtaking, suppressing, and ultimately cleaning out the It'kla District.

Alek himself saw to much of the detonations and ignitions in the area, while his Stormtrooper training made it easy for him to gun down civilians in the region. It was during a patrol of the area, to ensure no stragglers had entered and no trace remained, that he and his unit were engaged by the Miraluka Sentinel Morotheri Mithfaron. In this engagement, all of his compatriots were killed, while Alek suffered serious scarring across his face from the Jedi's lightsaber. Rather than kill him, the Jedi refused to stoop to his level, and allowed Mirr to live.

As the only soldier to engage a Jedi and survive during the Fall of New Tython, Alek was summoned to the newly crowned King Thuron's temporary Throne Room. He was present just after the deception and murder of all other assembled military commanders by Thuron, and was promoted to General, being given the task of restructuring the melange of freelancers into a cohesive military unit.

General Mirr

Finally in command of a sizeable force and garnering great wealth, Alek set to work on building his new group, called the Thuronian Royal Forces. The name was chosen to both give the unit a feeling of authority, while stroking the ego of the volatile King and allowing him to feel mighty and unchallenged. Little strokes like this, coupled with the appointment of powerful rivals and competitors as Governors or high-ranking Officers, saw Mirr's power grow and his opposition shrink with each day. Reaching out to powerful and somewhat immoral galactic corporations, he quickly whittled away at New Tython's independence and sovereignty to cement his rule.

It became a secret of Mirr's that Morotheri had spared him; indeed, he played the tale up that he had matched the Jedi in single combat. With no other witnesses and a knack for deceit, Mirr was able to trick most, but in particular earned the admiration and doting affection of his new King. With this attention, however, came demands, and Mirr was soon ordered by his King to create a Thuronian Honor Guard. This unit would be tasked with engaging, matching, and eliminating the Jedi of Odan-Urr should they ever resurface; it would also serve to protect Cy from their foes, whom Cy had been warned of quietly by his mysterious Master.

This caused Alek to scramble in order to find adequate training and tools to engage Jedi, to which end he employed the services of a Mandalorian by the name of Merkin Gorr. Training with Gorr and recruiting the highest performers of the Royal Forces, he spent copious amounts of money on physical enhancement drugs and neurological implants to rival or even match Jedi strength, speed, and reflexes. He paid for the manufacture of custom gear for engaging them, studied ways to improve their effectiveness, and even managed to acquire an exceedingly rare element - samples of Beskar - for use in an unknown endeavour.

Physical Description

Tall, sturdy, and agile, Alek was a prime candidate for ideal human supremacy. With brown hair and gray eyes, he was a handsome, even attractive man until his encounter with the Jedi Mithfaron. After that, his pride made him refuse to hide his hideous scar, even as he compensated by keeping his attire perfect and gathering wealth and influence to himself. Typically seen in lavish royal attire in the Thuronian colors of black, red, and indigo - King Thuron's favorite colors - he can still often be seen in armor painted in similar fashion. He has a stocky build, but isn't heavy enough to truly be bulky.

Powers and Abilities

While he isn't a Force-sensitive, Mirr has taken measures to enhance his combative strengths and abilities. His neural enhancements increase his reaction times, reflexes, and decision-making abilities, giving him an edge that rivals typical Jedi reflexes and combative precognition. He's utilized bodily stimulants and enhancers that have allowed his muscles to grow stronger than normal, make his body faster, and increase his stamina and constitution; these have essentially made him into a super-soldier. Aside from physical abilities, Mirr has trained extensively to combat, predict, and react to lightsaber strikes, recognizing the directions an attack can come from and where a weakness can be presented.


Alek Mirr is arrogant, self-assured, and jealous; he is very much a self-obsessed man. Having grown up under intense Imperial scrutiny but afraid of ridicule, he has a serious inferiority complex, and it is this that drives him to improve. He is the sort of man who has to be the strongest, the most powerful, and the most capable. By the same card, though, he is at heart a coward; just as he deserted his men in the Vong War, and lied about Morotheri, he ultimately will break when outmatched and resort to trickery, deception, or even outright begging and submission to survive. For Mirr, death is worse than dishonour.