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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Worlds


Kalsunor system



Rotation period:

21 hours

Orbital period:

108 days


Humid continental



Primary Terrain:

Varied, Deciduous Forests

Points of interest:

Abandoned XQ2 Platform

Native species:


Immigrated species:




Major imports:


Major exports:



Old Sith Empire

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The planet of Kalsunor is located in the Sith Worlds Region of the Outer Rim Territories. Shrouded in the Stygian Caldera and located on the Kamat Aegit hyperlane, Kalsunor is located in close proximity to Begeren and Ashas Ree. The Ancient Sith Empire unleashed alchemically enhanced beetles known as Silooths upon the planet. The tank sized Silooths mated, spread, and melted Kalsunor’s cities with their acidic spray. The Silooths can be found on the planet to this day.

Abandoned for centuries, Kalsunor has deteriorated into a nearly uninhabitable environment rife with danger. The Silooth’s unstable genetic coding resulted in mutations and the creatures have become unstable and crazed. Drawn by the taint of the Dark Side, the Silooth have long since destroyed the few Sith Temples upon the planet.

Geological scans of the Kalsunor’s surface have indicated the planet is mineral rich and possesses a high probability of producing rare and precious metals. The Dark Brotherhood have determined the rewards of the planet’s natural resources and the potential Sith Alchemical lessons from the Silooth’s far outweigh any potential dangers.

In 8 ABY, elements of the Tenloss Syndicate established an XQ2 platform over the planet with plans to begin mining the surface. The operation was abandoned shortly after and the space station fell into disrepair following an attack by unknown forces. At present, the XQ2 is maintaining a stable orbit over the planet, but the station is operating without life support systems or gravity.


Kalsunor is a small planet covered in forests and littered with the ruins of the planet’s original civilization. The toxic nature of the Silooth’s acidic spray have ravaged most grasslands resulting in large swaths of wastelands.

Points of Interest

Abandoned XQ2 Platform

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Special Forces and General Forces have conducted a hard landing in the ventral side docking platform on the XQ2 Platform. The XQ2 facility lacks life support and gravity and is in a general state of disrepair. The large central structure of the facility remains intact, but two of the three radial hangars have been destroyed. Mercenaries from the Mantis Syndicate control the interior of the facility while the Biskaran Pirates patrol the exterior of the station.

The One Sith

The Mantis Syndicate

The Mantis Syndicate is an organization within the Bounty Hunters guild, but operates as a mercenary army. The Syndicate is organized as a light infantry battalion and specializes in the hunting of large groups. Hired in 37 ABY by the Sith Lord Esoteric, the Mantis Syndicate was prepositioned on the abandoned XQ2 Platform in near orbit above Kalsunor.

Members of the Mantis Syndicate are selected through an arduous process and upon selection are placed in extensive training. Members wear laminate armor that is comparable to Storm Trooper armor and they wield Tenloss DX-6 Disruptor Rifles and DX-2 Disruptor Pistols. The personnel conducting operations on the XQ2 Platform have received specific training to combat Force Sensitive marks. This training includes the ability to resist force suggestion and mind tricks.

Biskaran Pirates

The Biskaran Pirates were hired to patrol space above Kalsunor and prevent follow on Dark Jedi Brotherhood forces from supporting elements on the XQ2 Platform. The Biskaran Pirates utilize a random collection of modified Cloakshape fighters to conduct patrols while their operations are based out of a Clone Wars era Recusant-class light destroyer.

The Biskaran Pirates have employed large fields of LX-4 proton mines around the XQ2 Platform and within the Kamat Aegit hyperlane. The pirates are capable of preventing small forces from fleeing the XQ2 Platform, but they will be unable to match a full scale invasion fleet.

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