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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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"I once sought knowledge for power. I now seek the wisdom to utilize this power."
―Diclonius's reasons for joining the Krath

Born on Coruscant, orphaned from war, and a murderer by seventeen, Diclonius had a colorful but lacking life until he joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 34ABY. It was during his early life that he first heard about the Brotherhood when an Imperial Remnant known as the Emperor's Hammer commissioned his skills as an information broker to gather intel on the mysterious organization.

Character History

Childhood (1ABY - 18ABY)

Privilege and Heartache (1ABY - 6 ABY)

Coruscant, hub of Galactic Politics and once called home.

On the year 1 ABY a Zeltron by the name of Axel Hart was brought into the Galaxy on Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Empire. Born into wealth, Axel Hart’s parents were nothing short of hedonistic pleasure chasers. Due to their vast financial resources, they tried to buy their way into influence. They were met with moderate success. They often had important Imperial dignitaries and officers over for fancy galas in their high rise penthouse apartment, but their influence was strictly superficial and didn’t amount to much besides a few connections and some backroom deals that only aided in enhancing their wealth. Possibly, if they hadn’t indulged in their vices and spent more time tending to their networks, the couple would have become prominent members of Imperial politics.

Due to their near stereotypical Zeltron vices—expensive wines, long galactic cruises, formal balls, and lavished, but gaudy, interior design—Axel was placed in the care of numerous nursemaids who doted upon the baby. Though his parents were rarely around, their rules still controlled his life. Because of their self-determined importance, a certain paranoia festered in their minds. They believed that their influence in the Galactic Empire made them targets; this prompted a strict set of rules prohibiting their young son from leaving the apartment. This was probably the closest level of love his parents ever showed for their baby boy.

Life in the apartment was isolated, but Axel found ways of keeping himself occupied once he began walking. Around the age of three the Zeltron would waddle through the apartment in pursuit of the various droids that were in the ownership of his family. Much to his nannies’ dismay and annoyance, the young boy would find ways to interfere with the droids’ business such as droppng a rag over their optical sensors. When a droid crashed into a wall out of confusion, immense joy and pleasure erupted from the little red skinned troublemaker.

Outside his safe sanctum the Galaxy was becoming more turbulent and tension mounted. With the Emperor murdered, Vader dead, and the Rebellion becoming the New Republic, the Galaxy was thrown into an uproar. None of this mattered to young Axel until 6 ABY when the Rebellion mounted a siege on Coruscant.

A battle raged outside their penthouse, Axel Hart’s parents had been grounded due to Rebels’ siege. Their vaunted self-importance had been the reason for their close proximity to the Imperial Palace, and now their arrogance put them in the middle of the war. Not being able to leave, they waited in their apartment as they watched their life crumbled around them. Rebel forces slowly crept closer and closer, pushing back Imperial troops. Axel stood off in a doorframe to the living room, watching his parents stare at the battle below. To this day he’s not sure of the source, but as he watched his parents, a bright light fell in tandem with the deafening blast of an explosion. His parents were vaporized instantly and before he could scream the apartment crashed around him. Only darkness followed. With a cough the young Zeltron woke, it seemed night had fallen. His head hurt, and his hands ached—the right especially which he couldn’t move. He couldn’t remember anything, but when he pushed up he was met with resistance. The memories came flooding back of his parents’ death. He patted around only to discover that he was sealed in a tomb made from the refuse of what was once his home. Tears welled up in his eyes before streaming down his cheeks. Trails were carved through the dust that coated his face. He tried screaming for help, but his throat was raw and dry. He cried until he once again was held by the tender embrace of unconsciousness.

The days that followed the First Battle of Coruscant were simply a prelude to a new life. Axel was discovered—dehydrated, hungry, and wounded—by a Rebel sweep team looking for any survivors. While his injuries weren’t the most severe his age and condition prompted him to be dunked in bacta for two days. Physically he was completely healed except for a scar on his right hand, but mentally his mind was a wreck. After being discharged from the infirmary, the now abandoned Zeltron was sent to an orphanage until extended family could be found. For the next twelve years this place would be his prison.

Orphaned (6ABY - 17 ABY)

As a ward of the New Republic, Axel spent the remainder of his childhood living amongst other children, many displaced by war like him. Over the remainder of his childhood, the orphanage served as a reminder for all that had been stripped from him. At night he rarely slept, plagued by night terrors; he relived his parents’ death, he tried screaming to warn them, but he had no voice and then the flash came. Never achieving a full nights rest, the orphan developed insomnia. Though he felt pain, anger, suffering, and abandoned he kept his emotions in check, putting on an air of maturity. Though emotionally limited, Axel never hesitated to feel pride. Upon being thrown into an education system amongst other kids, he, along with his classmates and teachers, quickly realized his intelligence was far greater than any of his peers. The euphoric pleasure he received from having the highest marks in all his classes was the only stimuli that made the orphanage bearable. Over time Axel, and those around him, noticed that he had a unique perceptiveness. It would be nearly two decades before he was able to explain it, but at the time it was a mystery to him why he was able to feel his surroundings or those around him.

Though tolerable, Axel’s aloof personality alienated him the other children and some of the faculty. Even when surrounded by other children, he preferred tinkering with droids; the faculty staff often scolded him for this because any droids he could get his hands on where in servitude to the orphanage. As time passed, Axel fostered the traits that gave him moments of happiness at the cost of further separation with his peers. Many of the other children viewed him as weird, some even bullied him for his awkwardness or his scholastic abilities. The torment only pushed him away further, but with the added flame of hatred.

Once he hit fourteen, he began taking field classes designed to help him find a trade he enjoyed. Without hesitation he began taking electronic engineering and programming. He had excelled before in his studies, but here he quickly mastered what he was supposed to learn. Using the lessons, Axel spent his free time learning to slice and build droids. These new skills opened up a new world for him. With his new talents the electronic protégée developed a curious habit of finding his way into off limit areas. There was a certain thrill about being in restricted areas of the orphanage. It was during these risky explorations that Axel discovered a defunct turbolift that lead to an abandoned maintenance tunnel. This became his refuge and workshop.

Unleash Your Anger (18 ABY)

Nearing the end of his life at the orphanage, Axel, now seventeen, would have his life thrown out of control once again. Since the discovery of the maintenance shaft two years prior, Axel had begun building small droids and various electronic devices, selling them for credits. It wasn’t lucrative, and the quality was subpar due to the salvaged pieces, but it was a distraction from the rest of his life.

As part of his usual schedule, after class Axel slipped down the elevator (which he kept the façade of being decommissioned) and headed towards his workshop. Even before entering the room he felt trespassers. To his surprise, and anger, some of the other orphans had found his hideout and were in the process of making off with as much of his completed work as they could. Thrown into a rage of his sanctum being breached, Axel blindly attacked the bandits. Though slender thanks to his fast metabolism, the Zeltron was in no way considered strong. They easily overpowered him, pinning him down and then wailing away. As he screamed for help, the anger, fear, and pain building, he accidentally tapped into a power, which he’d later know as the Force, for the first time, throwing the boys off him. Sensing the boys’ fear, he lusted after them, using this small window, into a power he didn’t know he had yet alone control, to tear them apart. He savored it. In his mind’s eye he chased them down, gripping them and tearing them apart. All the torture and pain he received while growing up was released in his fury. Sadly, just as fast as it had opened, the window slammed closed and the power he experienced was silent; but he knew it was there. Bloodied from his own blood and that of the boys he had murdered, Axel regained control. All around him body parts and blood painted the room. Realizing what he had done he was left with only one option: flee.

Ask anyone who has been on Coruscant long enough, there are only two ways one could flee from the Security Force: off planet to a remote system or into the Coruscant Underworld. Having little money and no family to turn to, there was only one choice for the murderer. Axel grabbed a small datapad that he built for hacking and fled down a maintenance elevator and into the seedy underbelly of the city; it would be years before he saw the surface world again.

Welcome to the Underwold (18ABY - 34ABY)

New Identity and New Starts (18ABY - 19 ABY)

"I got past your security in a matter of minutes, did I not?"
―Axel Hart in an attempt to persuade Rindo the Hutt

Wandering the seedy, poverty stricken streets of the Corsuscanti Underworld, Axel pondered the repercussions of his actions. The murders were of little concern, but getting caught terrified him. Considering, at any moment, he was probably in the company of at least a dozen murderers or violent criminals, it was unlikely the Security Task Force would bother searching for him in the Underground, and less likely they would find him, but he still felt dread weigh heavily on his mind. While he may be “safe” down where the sun and rest of society turns a blind eye, he’d never be able to freely leave the planet without his identity being linked back to the murderers. There was only one option: Axel Hart must die.

Picking out a dilapidated cantina, Axel slipped inside. The lights were dim and appeared dimmer from a cloud of hazy smoke that engulfed the joint. Silence fell over the downtrodden patrons and a few shot their hand to their weapon as the Zeltron entered. Once they realized he was harmless and any one local could take him, they returned to their drinks and the low murmur of conversation filled the small establishment. Crossing through the haze, Axel took a seat at the bar. A gruff Rodian with a long scar running across her face dropped a dark green drink in front of the red skinned teen without him even ordering.

Putting aside the drink, he carefully worded his situation to the proprietor who silently pointed to a table on the other side of the bar where a lone human sat in a booth with his feet on the table. Axel threw down a few credits for the drink and information before crossing the bar.

“I’m looking to slip through the cracks.”

“Yeah? You and everyone else. What’s in it for me?”

Using the remaining credits he had, the young Zeltron left the run down cantina with a destination. He was to meet with Rindo, a Hutt and local crime boss. The information received from the cantina patron led him to a decommissioned factory now serving as Rindo’s fortress. The building was sealed off except for a large blast door. Next to the door was an intercom. Weary, Axel paged for entrance, but a droid informed him that its master wasn’t seeing anyone. Frustrated and angry for being ripped off, Axel used his skills he had fostered in the orphanage. Within minutes, the door slid up and the splicer had gained access to the fortress.

Before he got far, Axel was intercepted by two Trandoshan bodyguards. They stripped him of his personal belongings and led him through the debunked warehouse to the chamber room where Rindo the Hutt lounged on a pedestal. The Hutt spoke in his native tongue while a Protocol Droid translated. Axel explained his situation, and the events that led him to the Hutt. Snickering broke out amongst the employees to the Hutt before the giant slug burst out laughing.

“My honorable master asks why he shouldn’t turn you in and collect whatever award would be offered?”

“If you change my identity and protect me, I’ll give you my skills.”

The protocol droid relayed the message. Another chorus of laughter and then the Hutt spoke again,“Rindo laughs at your offer. He asks what skills you could possibly offer.”

“I got past your security in a matter of minutes, did I not?”

The Hutt sat quietly for a moment, before opening his gaping maw once again. The protocol droid translated, “You are now in servitude to Rindo the Hutt.”

An Offer

Allies and Leads

A Desperate Gambit



A New Family

Eager for Power

Tutelage of Master Biask

Old Connections

The Rakghoul Crisis

Biological Information

Physical Appearance

Negating the attractive boosting pheromones inherent in the Zeltron, Diclonius is a naturally handsome being. Standing at an average height of 1.82m and weighing 59.4 kg, Diclonius has an athletic build. He's not rippling in muscles, but he's sturdy and quick which suits his needs. His skin is on the darker side of his species' spectrum. Prior to being with the Dark Brotherhood, he let his medium length shaggy black hair fall natural, a habit he keeps to this day. Only during honorary occasions does he tame it back. Born with purple eyes, Diclonius lost those in a glitterstim overdose and has since had them replaced with yellow optical implants. Over his ears are auditory implants that feed sensory data into his neural interface.

Never fond of formal clothing, Diclonius, if given the choice, will always adorn practical smuggler type clothing. His outfit normally consists of a long sleeve shirt, with his sturdy grey vest over it. His legs are covered in either dark grey or black cargo pants. He never wears anything but the most sturdy combat boots. During formal and honorary occasions, Diclonius wears his Krath soldier uniform with pride and discomfort.

Body Alterations

Many of Diclonius' styles were fostered during his life in the Coruscant Underworld. Before venturing out on his own, Diclonius worked with various syndicates, each demanding he conform to their rites. Most of these rites were loyalty based, or taking spice, but one that he kept were a series of thirteen small silver hoops that ran the length of his left ear. He still wears them to this day, but they are, more often than not, covered by auditory implants that hook over his ears. These implants connect to an internal neural interface that is synced to his brain. The auditory implant allows for sensory data to be received, processed by his neural interface, and then uploaded to his information network. To compound the information gathered from the world around him, his ocular implants, transmit data in the exact same way. His yellow eyes not only gift him sight, but function as cameras that constantly send a live feed to his mainframe.


Information broking, the way Diclonius played, was a physically demanding job. He kept himself fit and agile. His body is physically well tuned, but his mind causes him rare problems. They aren't frequent, but Diclonius occasionally receives severe, momentarily crippling, migraines. They don't last long, at most a few seconds, but during this time it's hard for him to focus on anything and his ocular sensors sometimes shut off in conjunction with the headaches to limit added sensory input. The root of the problem comes from his mental implants. The problems could be done away with by removing or updating the implants, but Diclonius refuses due to the new models lacking the ability do add certain illegal modification to meet his specific needs.


During his time in the Coruscant Underworld, Diclonius experimented with various forms of spice. Sometimes for pleasure, other times for initiation, and most frequently in small doses to build a tolerance to. During one incident involving another information broker, Diclonius took glitterstim to read his contact's mind to confirm suspicions of deceit. Once his suspicions were confirmed, Diclonius began using the drug more frequently as a reassurance to his perceptive abilities. This use quickly escalated into an addiction. He finally broke his reliance after an overdose left him blind and on the verge of death. A secondary effect was discovered years later while gathering information in the mines on Kessel; he's deathly allergic to it. He survived the encounter due to Kessel miners finding him convulsing on the mine floor and transporting him to a local infirmary. He doesn't know for sure if it's any form of glitterstim or just its raw web form.

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  • Taldryan Holiday King of 2010

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34 ABY

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