Silver Sash

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Silver Sash
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Grand Master


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Golden Lightsaber


Diamond Sword

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The Silver Sash is a finely woven blend of fabrics embedded with flakes of Mandalorian Iron giving it the unique ability to resist damage by a lightsaber blade. Typically not considered a weapon, but finds use as a defensive tool in battle by some, typically worn as either a scarf, waist-sash or arm guard.

Awarded for

Any Brotherhood member who has had an impact on the growth and/or function of the whole Brotherhood. Recipients of the Silver Sash will have served the Brotherhood for many years, often in various capacities, and their names will go down in history as some of our greatest members.


The reason that the ID Line code for this award is SL rather than the more logical SS is because at the time of its creation, the Brotherhood was still part of the Emperor's Hammer, which had another award using SS.

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