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Unknown Regions


Caperion System







Distance from Core:

460 million km

Rotation period:

93 hours

Orbital period:

586 days


26,616 km




-10 Celsius


2.05 g

Primary Terrain:


Surface Water:


Native species:
  • Human
  • Various Others
Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic



  • Nayaman Mercenaries
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Albicosus is a large, ringed, terrestrial planet in the Caperion System. It is the fourth planet from the star, Caperion. The world is cold and harsh world with a small colony.


Albicosus is a cold and mostly barren world. It is the fourth planet in the Caperion system, at a distance of 460 million kilometers from the star, Caperion, and has an average surface temperature of -10 Celsius. With a diameter of 26,616 kilometers, it is the largest terrestrial planet in the system and has a high gravity of 2.05 times standard. It orbits Caperion every 586 standard days, and has a planetary rotation time of 93 hours. It is the only ringed planet in the system, with a ring comprised primarily of rock and ice. An atmosphere is present, but has an incredibly low oxygen level.

Albicosus has a single moon, Ulress.

Physical Geography

Surface of Albicosus

Albicosus’ surface is largely covered in sheets of ice and glaciers. Its rocky surface does periodically cut to the surface in sharply carved mountain peaks, or in the basins and crags in of the ice sheets. The rocky tectonic plates have rarely shown any movement, but the ice that covers them frequently slides across the plates, resulting in far more movement than seen on the surfaces of other planets. This can result in frequent avalanches on the planets’ sharp mountainsides.


Albicosus and its moon, Ulress, share a long history. Albicosus was initially settled by the families of those who began mining out the moon. As Ulress hollowed out, those families built a massive complex city within the moon itself leaving behind a perfectly usable colony on Albicosus’ surface. Once the mining ended however, the citizens of Ulress turned the moon into a den of scum and villainy.

Able-bodied and dedicated martial artists from Nayama ventured to the high gravity planet to train their bodies to be strong, and to endure in extreme environments. To make a living they hired themselves out as honorable mercenaries, primarily employed to police Ulress and maintain the peace between the rival gangs that call it home. Unwilling to subject their families to the dangers of the moon, the Nayaman mercenaries took up camp in the old colony of the planet as a permanent base of operations. Shuttles between the planet surface and Ulress go continually as goods and people are moved to and fro.

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