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Zeon Blacktooth
Biographical Information

Zelos II

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description













Right Arm (Made from a R6 Droid)

Personal Information
  • Dark Jedi
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • White
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Banlanth
  • Shii-Cho
Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information
  • Saber Maker
  • Pod Racing
  • Saber Practise

Jedi Knight


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:
  • Rouge Laser MK I [Destroyed]
  • Rouge Laser MK II
Known masters:

Kaira Rohana

Known apprentices:

Zeus Blacktooth



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Zeon Blacktooth is a Jedi Knight of Satele Shan of Clan Odan-Urr. He has a born talent for lightsaber combat, making lightsabers, piloting, flying and racing. Zeon is also at the rank of Sergeant within the Battle Strike-team of Ooroo.


The Blacktooth Family

The Blacktooth Family was like any other family after the Battle of Yavin and the the fall of the Empire. Zeon's father, Xeon was a Jedi rasied by the old Jedi ways. Xeon went in to hiding after Order 66. Zeon's mother, Jen was a daughter of a miner on the planet Zelos II. Xeon had to go to Zelos for a mission to check if the mining planet was safe from the left over pieces of the Empire. The two met, feel in love, and moved in together in Jen's home.

After a year they got married and had a baby boy, named Zeon. After a few months Xeon retired from the Jedi Order to protect his family. The Empire had learned that a Jedi was living on Zelos II so they invaded the planet killing all who got in there way. When they came across to the Blacktooth house, the Empire came barging in, before Xeon could dig out his old lightsaber from its resting place he was shot several times. Jen was also shot and fell to the floor. As the Commander of the unit advanced to Zeon, the Commander was raised up into the air and then thrown back with such force it had killed the troopers and the Commander instantly.

After a few days baby Zeon was found by a hooded figure and was taken from the planet. For years his new home was Korriban where he was being trained up to become a Sith. When Zeon became age enough he managed to escape Korriban, flying in a shuttle to where ever he felt like he wanted to go to.

Being a Journeyman

The Beginnings of a Sith

Zeon was found by Cethgus Kugaon the planet Tatooine. He was brought to the planet Kapsina the home of Clan Plagueis. Zeon was enrolled in to the ranks of the Sith, where after months of training he managed to require a master to help him train. Her name was Kaira Rohana. With his new master's help, Zeon managed to get to a rank where he was given a Lightsaber. With this new rank there had to be a mission. Kaira Rohana managed to set up a training mission for Zeon. Zeon's mission was to go to the planet of Morroth, where he must survive fourteen days on his own. After days Zeon had managed to come across pirates. As he engaged them Zeon lost his lightsaber to one of the pirates and had his arm chopped off by with it. He was later found in the snow by locals who patched him up until his Master returned.

The new arm and R6

Zeon's cybernetic arm

After what happened on Morroth, Zeon managed to find a doctor on Kaspina to make him a robotic arm. While doing small tasks for the Clan, Zeon entered the planet Tarnis. His starfighter was in a bad way. As it began to burn with fire on the wings it exploded R6 his Astromech droid. With the force of entering the atmosphere. Zeon managed to stop him self just in time before hitting the ground, then passed out. When he awoke he found him in a bacta tank hooked up to several tubes amongst his body. A robotic mender found Zeon and his burnt out ship and made a new robot arm out of it. Pieces of his R6 was used to fix R6 to Zeon's arm. It took Zeon a while to recover from this, so he stayed on Tarnis until he managed to barter passage off back to Kaspina.

In with the good, Out with the bad

Zeon didn’t feel right within Clan Plagueis after his return, something had changed with-in him. After transferring to House Odan-Urr, Zeon started to feel a lot better on New Tython. Days passed as Zeon wondered around the new planet and had saw the one person who he had thought he would never see, his old master, Kaira Rohana. They talked for hours on end, about many things from the past and plans of their future. A week went by and Zeon had been made Kaira Rohana's student once again. With this new change with in Zeon, he had advanced to Jedi Hunter. While studying in the Jedi Library, Zeon had felt his master watching him from around the corner, but this wasn't the issue any more as Zeon had felt another Jedi who he had not felt in years. Standing in the opposite doorway to Kaira Rohana was Zeon’s lost Brother, Zeus Blacktooth. Kaira was stunned to see this. Zeon and Zeus talked as they had a lot of catching up to do.

The Finishing of a Long Road and the Start of a New One

Zeon's Lightsaber
With his succession of becoming a Jedi Hunter, Zeon carried on his quest of being a journeyman to reach the next rank, Jedi Knight. He studied hard, listened to his Master and joined in in any activity that his Master had told him to do. Zeon and his master were ticking off his work that he spent so long doing. Kaira Rohana looked white and rushed off somewhere, Zeon didn't think anything of it and went to bed. The next day he found a message from his master saying Congratulations to him. Zeon was puzzled by this and as he stepped outside of his living quarters Ji was standing in front of him holding a scroll. Ji handed the scroll to him and found out that he had ranked up to Jedi Knight. He was allowed a new Lightsaber and a whole new selection of Robes, Zeon felt so much more relaxed and confident within the brotherhood then he had ever been before.

Zeon has been given the chance to show what he can really do by flying solo within his quest for further ranks past Jedi Knight. With reaching Jedi Knight this means Master Kaira had succeed in her job to get a student to that far. With now the need for a master is no more, both Zeon and Kaira Rohana still wish to be around each other.

Being a Jedi Knight

The Student becomes A Master

Zeon Blacktooth spent a long time trying to get his leadership skills as best as he could. Zeon finished with a good rating overall on how to lead his fellow Jedi. Zeon was granted the rights to become a Master to his brother Zeus Blacktooth, to teach him the ways of the Force.

On his return to House Odan-Urr, after a break for personal matters, Zeon was recruited to the Strike Team Ooroo. He was named Corporal then was made Seargent during the events of Fading Light.

Zeon returned to late to New Tython as the events of the Eleventh Great Jedi War were over. Zeon was away re-connecting with the force, trying to find his centre. When a month had passed Zeon returned to New Tython to find House Odan-Urr had been changed from a House to a Clan, and under new leadership. Zeon was housed in Satele Shan,This was due to he is in the Battle-team Ooroo, and already it seems to be a good match. Zeon seems to be getting in to a nice routine with what work needs to be completed.

Physical Description

Zeon is the eldest of the two brothers. He has long brown hair. He has a full beard. A tiny scar sits above his right eye. His right arm is cybernetic, it is made up from his old R6 astromech droid. Zeon's build is roughly average and he can run really fast when the time calls for it.

Personality and traits

  • Zeon is an easy going guy, he knows how to have a laugh, but also knows when things get serious he gets serious as well.
  • Zeon is a Good pilot and can outrun almost any fighter that tries to chase him.
  • Zeon is known for his love of computers and tech and is often wants to be left alone when tinkering with his tech.


  • Even though he had a slow start, Zeon ranked up at a good pace his eyes. From starting to Novice to Apprentice was good as he was learning the ropes and this was a hard thing, the next advancement saw Zeon get the title of Proselyte, with this rank Zeon started to feel the powers of the Sith but the frustration as he couldn't go on mission within the Ninth Great Jedi War. After a lot of hard work Zeon ranked to Protector and earning his lightsaber. Zeon is currently working towards his next advancement, and he got it after a year. Zeon worked very hard on this and nearly didn't make it, but armed with his new force powers and his warbanner, Blacktooth sailed through the rank of Jedi Hunter, but the time was the killer. As he had to wait for over a month and a half he started to drift away from the Brotherhood very slightly. Still keeping in touch with his master, Zeon had been ranked up to the rank of Jedi Knight without even knowing it. He had did the ultimate goal.
  • In the time on Tatooine, Zeon became a race legend in pod racing. he was the fastest and best skilled racer on the track; until a fatal crash that cost Zeon to end pod racing as his crashed nearly killed him., so when his left arm hurts it is because he damaged it in the crash.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Seridan Brehevik Battleteam Sergeant of Strike-Team Ooroo
38 ABY - Present