Unforgotten legacy

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Unforgotten Legacy
Production information



est. 11 million credits

Technical specifications


Max acceleration:

84 MGLT/sec

Engine unit(s):

2x CEC Evader-GT Ion Engines

Hyperdrive rating:


Power plant:

3x Ionisation Reactor


2x Incom Shield Generators (210 SBD)


104 RU

Sensor systems:

Fabritech ANv-9q sensor system with PH-5s long-range phased tachyon detection array


9x R-9X Laser Cannons, 5x SW-2 Ion Cannons, 2x Torpedo Launchers (16x Seismic Torpedoes)




6 Months worth

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The Unforgotten Legacy was originally a Bounty Hunting vessel owned by a Baron Chris Cox. An old friend of Zandro's, Chris agreed to help him in his mission to hunt down his fiance’s killers and gave the ship to Erinos for the mission. When things turned sour and Chris and one of Zandro’s Dark Jedi companions was killed, Zandro decided to keep the ship, not knowing that the terms of Chris’ will were to transfer all property and funds to him upon Chris’ death anyway. After the successful conclusion of the mission, Zandro sold on most of the property he had inherited from his deceased friend, but decided to keep the ship and further modify it for his own personal use.


Although it was already heavily modified when Zandro received the vessel, there was still room for improvement in the Jedi’s eyes, and so he set about further improving the craft until he was fully satisfied with it. Much of the cargo room, which had been used for transporting bounties before, was filled with upgrades to the ship as Zandro aimed for the ship to be very much a single person vessel. Into this cargo area he placed an extra shield generator, to boost the power of the shields even further, as well as installing a missile stealth unit which distorted any missiles targeting the ship to some degree, as well as finally purchasing and adding a power charging unit to the ship. As well as adding many personal touches to the ship, such as an improved galley and a much-improved sound system, Zandro also purchased several new weapons for the ship, including the experimental seismic torpedoes. Although they do not have any tracking gear and so cannot home onto targets, they make up for this by being extremely powerful and capable of great destruction, if they manage to hit their target, that is.

Along with the modifications to the weapons, Zandro also used some of his newly inherited credits to hire one of the top mechanics from the Corporate Sector to come and tweak the engine system of the craft, as well as configuring the cockpits systems so as to use less energy while linking them all up so that they worked more successfully in sync. After finally upgrading the hyperdrive engines to a phenomenal x0.20, the end result is one of Zandro’s most prized possessions and one which he uses extensively when on any mission which involves transport or aerial combat.


Whenever Zandro needs to head on a mission and is going to travel alone, he will use the Unforgotten Legacy. If he isn’t sure of what he will be going up against he will use the ship as well, seeing as he knows that if it comes to a scrap he is much more likely to come out alive if he is flying this ship, as well as the fact that it looks intimidating, which can be useful when persuasion is more likely to succeed than fighting.