Rhiann Baenre

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Rhiann Lynira Baenre
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

40 BBY (age 83)

Physical Description





2 meters


82 kg





Personal Information

House Odan-Urr

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information

Jedi Guardian


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Odan-Urr

Known masters:

Mirus Hi'ija, Vaar Mai



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"The word 'checkmate' makes me shiver."
―Rhiann Baenre

Rhiann Baenre is an assassin from the planet Thustra. Her downward spiral in life caused her to end up this way, starting off as a spoiled child and eventually turned into a studious person devoted to her planet’s history and relations. She found herself dragged into Clan Naga Sadow against her will after committing a grave crime, though once she found a window of opportunity, went to House Odan-Urr to atone for her mistakes.

Stuff happened! (Which will be eventually updated) And then she and her husband Mirus removed themselves from the Brotherhood and went off to live at some planet where Mirus reopened his smithing business and the two of them settled down to start a family. The end.



Born on the planet Thustra in 40 BBY, Rhiann was the first and last of her parents’ children. Both her mother and father held influential positions within Thustra’s political and governmental systems, being part of the upper class collective.

Early in her life, she was kept out of the public eye. Her mother and father did as well for the first year, though once she got older, Rhiann’s parents were replaced by nannies that did the raising instead. Wanting to cash in on how a good functional family can mean a lot in their positions, Rhiann got her first taste of publicity when she was 2 years old. It wouldn’t start influencing her until she got older, though.

Much like any family or person caught in the public eye, the family started having rumors flung at them. This caused her parents to bring her out even more, trying to counter the bad circulating around. The combination of this and Rhiann’s parents spoiling her with the finest of just about anything and everything started feeding a superiority complex that would pop up later in life.

Although she was consistently brought out into the public eye when her parents’ public profile needed a positive boost, Rhiann’s mostly in-home upbringing and schooling did keep her from being social. As she got older, she started pinning the blame for this on her parents. They would keep her quiet and happy for short bursts at a time by showering her with even more gifts, though even this wouldn’t quell a small rebellious stage that would eventually get her into deep trouble. It’s not something she ever speaks of.


By the time she reached the age where most people would start attending a higher form of education, Rhiann was already forcefully being pushed into politics. Unsure herself what she wished to do, she went along with her parents’ wishes and attended a private school of higher education for politics. Even though she found no interest in the subject matter, she does well enough and graduates.

Not wanting to pursue a career in her field of study, she returns to study history and galactic relations. Of course this displeases her parents, who think their daughter is moving away from what they want her to build her life around. This instead changes their way of going about it, starting to push Rhiann into thinking about marriage.

She spent the next few decades trying to dodge all the nudges her parents sent at her regarding marrying and settling down instead of spending her life studying, though found it impossible to avoid once she was completely cut off by them and cut out of their wills as a threat. Insulted by this, the still spoiled minded Sephi woman gave into the demands if only to get her means of living the way she had been back and was married into another political family right at the start of a huge political scandal her parents ended up getting caught in and barely got out of.

Married life would prove to be the worst thing for her. While it started off well enough with her husband spoiling her and treating her well, it would eventually fade. Her husband’s attitude shifted to one of inconsiderateness. He’d slowly cut her off from being spoiled and from any sort of attention, the two of them getting in heated discussions generally ending in Rhiann being reduced to nothing.

Being taken away from her studious life and her emotions now being controlled by her husband, she fell into a downward spiral of depression. After years of having to deal with it, Rhiann eventually snapped after an incredibly heated argument, taking her husband’s life in a fit of uncontrollable rage that had been built up throughout the years.

After realizing what she had done, Rhiann fled from her home and hid herself within Thustra’s less than savvy underground spots.

Life in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Her force powers were awakened by what she had done. Focusing too much on an attempt at hiding herself and not being convicted for what she had done, Rhiann never noticed. It was only when two men suddenly snatched her up from a bar that she was hiding in would she get off of her home planet.

Rhiann soon found herself on Tarthos and in front of a man named Vaar Mai, thrust into a series of harsh questions and an inescapable interrogation. Satisfied, Vaar sent Rhiann to Lyspair and to the Shadow Academy for further training in hopes of using her as a personal assassin for his own future use.

She eventually became part of Clan Naga Sadow and ultimately House Marka Ragnos, masked as Vaar’s apprentice. Much of his teachings were harsh and his punishments harsher. While completing her time at the Academy, Rhiann also worked as part of the Sadow News Network during the clan’s overhaul. She was able to use her newly taught skills of combat and assassination through this, though it was only Vaar that used her for his own personal gain against his enemies.

Vaar suddenly vanished one day. Taking this and running with it, Rhiann found out where the Jedi were roaming around and found her way to House Odan-Urr after a bit of struggle trying not to get found out. She had approached them, wanting to atone for what she did on her home planet and what she did while part of the Dark Side. A man named Mirus, an ex-Sadowan much like herself, took Rhiann under his wing and helped refine her combat skills and ready her for the rank of Jedi Knight.

Physical Appearance

In a nutshell, she’s fairly easy to pick out of a crowd when she’s not trying to hide within one. Unique to her race, Rhiann’s skin is coloured a light pink tinge, her ears pointing upward from the sides of her head. Adorned with few piercings, her ears end at a somewhat sharp point that point almost vertical upward.

White hair sits on her head, it slightly wavy in the front. She keeps her hair very short in the back, any length in her hair pushed to one side of her face in the form of bangs and completely free of any decoration. A complete opposite to her hair, deep black eyes accompany her small button nose and full lips. Due to the little difference in colour between her pupils and irises, she can come off as rather menacing from a distance.

Choosing to wear dark colours aside from some accessories in her casual wear, Rhiann keeps away from loose flowing clothing, opting for clothing more functional for her profession. The only sort of loose clothing article she keeps on herself is a cloak, which is more often than not tossed aside in combat situations.

All in all, Rhiann is Humanoid in shape though with a more delicate physique, tending to tower over other races with her taller than average height-- especially for a woman. Most of her height is from her long legs.

Personality and Traits

One for keeping to herself, Rhiann isn’t often found in a group or even with another person. It’s not to say she’s anti social, but does not interact casually with those around her on a daily basis. She treats anyone who approaches her with indifference, though keeps in mind who they are and things they could possibly do for her in the future. Rhiann does maintain a few relationships with very select people, but they are mostly on a professional level.

It’s not to say she’s always like this, though. It’s possible to find her laying back and taking things outside her job without her full sense of professionalism, but quickly changes once she knows she needs to. She is a bit hard to talk to no matter when you catch her, the woman tending to keep her words short and expressions off of her face and out of her tone of voice.

Depending on how you see her, Rhiann can come off as impatient, impulsive and seems to care for only acting on instinct. This can cause potential help or others in a team she’s forced to cooperate with not want to deal with her. While she will listen to plans and try to act upon them, Rhiann’s apt to stray away from the original plans.

Due to her upbringing and how she carries herself now, she is an incredibly selfish person and only helps others if it can benefit her-- even if it’s via a future favour or pay off. It’s best not to get on her bad side, unless you like being on a shit list. A slight superiority complex tops it all off like whipped cream on a slice of pie.

Powers and Abilities

Having been a clean slate when her combat training started, Rhiann’s learning and combat style was determined by her previous master Vaar’s personal needs. Through intense training, Rhiann’s athletic abilities and endurance were steadily brought up toward the levels he had requested during her time spent in the Academy and with Clan Naga Sadow. Through trial and error, the weapons found to work best for her were dual daggers, though she was also trained in lightsaber use. Even though she had been trained on how to become stealthier, have higher endurance and sneak her way around places, Rhiann’s skills were mostly used for assassinations at the time while employed under the guise of the Sadow News Network.

Now with House Odan-Urr, Rhiann’s skills are now used for stealth and infiltration purposes much more so than picking off assassination targets. While she still retains her ability to perform said assassinations, she is used for scouting missions and sometimes the follow up to the scouting.

Trained in the force powers of Amplification and Force Cloak, Rhiann uses them to assist with her previously trained skills. The ability to escape situations with a boost of power to jump higher or run faster for a short time or hiding herself in an instant to blend with her surroundings to lose any pursuers she may have.


  • Joined the Dark Brotherhood January 4th, 2014
  • Has been a member of House Marka Ragnos and House Odan-Urr.