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Zigrah'sahe (Zig) Kaliska
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Corellian Kickboxing

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First Mate



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Zig before joining the Voidbreaker crew

Zig does not talk much about her upbringing or background. What she has shared is that she left home when she was very young. She ended up living on Tatooine in a small outpost called "Mos Kenny". There, she learned to be a scavenger under an Arcona named "Victa", who taught her how to work on ships, and fueled her desire to learn how to fix things.

Living in a small town she learned how to take care of herself, pick up as many trades as she could, and eventually was recruited to start working on crews.

This got her off world and let her explore a bit more of the galaxy, but still always kept her on the move, on a ship, and rarely let her feel like she had a place to call home.

Voidbreaker Battleteam

Zig's first registered headshot with the Voidbreaker

Through a mutual friend, Zig was introduced to a potential employeer named Marick. Marick was part of an organization called "The Brotherhood" and represented one of its Clans: Arcona.

What started out as a simple contract turned into much more for the Zygerrian.

It turned out that the job she'd been hired for was to work as an engineer on a minstrel-class Yacht that was repurposed for the use of Battleteam Voidbreaker. The ship, which shared a name with the team, was looking for an engineer to help take on some hybrid, unique tasks.

A job was a job, though, but little did Zig know was how quickly she'd become attached to the team, and the Clan by extension.

Captain on Deck

Zig's spin on Voidbreaker Formal Attire.

As Captain, Zig had a lot of growing and learning to do.

Some of these things included:

  • Learning how to lead a band of mercenaries that, in truth, had more experience than her
  • Dating crew members
  • Dating another crew member
  • Training up the journey engineers to manage things on their own
  • Deal with paperwork
  • Deal with skitters
Chicks dig scars ;)

She most notably lead an operation to save former Captain Karran Val'teo, and stepped up to help fend of the Children of Mortis during the attack on Selen in what would be recorded as the Fifteenth Great Jedi War.

During the battle, in which Voidbreaker defended the spaceport, Zig fought and battled a Purified Ascendent Trooper that managed to land a hit on her beskar armor and helmet with its unique lightsaber. She managed to repair the helmet, but it still retains a gnarly looking scar in it. She has since stepped down as Captain and has taken up the mantle as "First Mate" and head of engineering.



Close friend, mentor, ex-girlfriend.

Alaisy and Zig enjoying a rare moment of quiet


Current girlfriend. What started off as something she had only really dreamed about in her fanfictions (one of which was leaked to the whole crew) Zig and Zuza actually realized their mutual attraction for one another and became a couple.

Zuza and Zig's first dance.
ZigZu <3

Zig Art

A collection of art renditions drawn by Zig or others.

Zig and her hydrospanner in her natural environment.