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Agate Gua'lara
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.67 m


57.0 kg / 126 lbs


Dark Brown



Personal Information

Beryl Gua'lara


Zircon Gua'lara

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0



Fighting Style(s):

Whiptree, Sliding Hand

Chronology & Political Information

creature handler

Known masters:

Sa Ool



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Agate Gua'lara was a female human Gray Jedi of Clan Odan-Urr. Her special ability was Creature Handling. Her lack of early jedi training made her questioning the jedi order. In spite of her background, she respected her jedi masters and chose to walk on the light side most of the time. During the time of her jedihood, she studied the nature and creatures off-world. One of her specific study was The Lore of Guarlara.

Character History

Early Life

The Gua'lara Family and Andrea
Agate was born on planet Naboo in 8 ABY. She grew up in a family of an ancient tribe named Gua'lara. Her father was Zircon Gua'lara and her mother was Beryl Gua'lara. Agate had two younger sisters named Kunzite and Iolite. Her ancestors known as one of the breeders of the Guarlara long before the beast became the noble steed of the royal family. Because of their distinguished ability to tamed the Guarlaras, the tribe also called as “The Guarlara Whisperers.”

Agate parents taught their children about the history and traditions of the tribe and they kept their children to stay connected with the nature. The told their children to respect the nature and not to destroyed the environment.

Agate had a special ability to connect, build bonds and communicate with the creatures. Her parents also realized that she had strong connection to the force. Some members of the tribe used the Force to tame the creatures. She had a favorite loyal male Guarlara named Andrea. He was a huge stallion with a pair of horns on his head. In spite of his massive and strong body, he was gentle, patient and calm. Agate loved to spend her time with him. They often went up to the hill and enjoyed the Theed city view and the waterfalls from afar.

Agate could communicate to other creatures with her special ability as a creature handler. She could ride Andrea without the saddle and bridle. But she still trained him with the tack or equipment because other people who didn't have the special ability also rode Andrea.

Life on Naboo

Long ago, Agate's ancestors traded, made agreements and became the breeders or trainers of Royal family's Guarlaras. They bred the majestic beasts with more advanced breeding management and technologies. The trade and agreements made the descendants of Gua'lara family became wealthier. They lived near Theed, the capital city of Naboo. Many guarlara statues could be found in Theed as the symbol of nobility, loyalty and strength.

But not all the Gua'lara's ancestors made the decided to trade and live in the Capital City or nearby. Agate family had a small ranch not far from the city. Some members lived far away from Theed. Agate and her family often went to the remote places such as the snowy northern mountains of Naboo. At those places, they found the wild and feral Guarlaras ran free. They also met the tribe members who bred the Guarlaras in more traditional ways.

There, she felt more connected to the Force, and she wanted to learn more about it. Agate ran in the meadow, walked through the forest, explored the nature and sometimes it caused wounds and left small scars on her arms and legs. Agate appreciated the beautiful landscapes and fascinating celebrations such as the Festival of Glad Arrival in the Lake Country. But sometimes, she saw the horrific giant aquatic creatures approached the fishermen.


Agate studied at school and academy in Theed. She loved to visit Theed galleries, libraries and museums. When she was at school, she met Balia Donos as her classmate. Balia rarely played with his friends, so she didn't know him well. In her teens, Agate heard the rumor about Belia's crime and disappearance. She never heard about him again until her future master, Sa Ool told her that he had met Balia on Naboo.

Agate learned a lot about art, biology, history and diplomacy in Theed, but she found lack of references about the Force. Therefore, she decided to learn about the Force from the Jedi. She also interested to learn about the creatures outside planet Naboo.

First Contact with the Jedi

It wasn't hard to find the jedi representative at Theed, since Naboo had significant influences in politics and trade routes. The Jedi Embassy located near the Theed Royal Palace. At the Embassy, one of the jedi instructed Agate to go to Kiast. She felt a bit nervous to leave her home planet but also felt exited for her new adventures. She went to Naboo Space Station and traveled to Kiast.

Arrival on Kiast

At the temple on Kiast she was greeted by members of clan Odan-Urr, Agate learned about Jedi teaching while joined the Odan-Urr clan on Kiast. After learned the basic jedi teachings, she studied the archives. After that, she had been introduced to Master Sa Ool to learn about lightsaber form art.

Sa was a lightsaber instructor for younglings and other Jedi who wanted to learn a different form. Agate was so excited to learn about the basic lightsaber. She learned the basic with the training blade before she used a real lightsaber. With Master Sa's guidance, Agate finally passed the lightsaber basic training. Agate lightsaber ability was just an average and she only used it for defense.

Exploring Solyiat

Agate's primary ability as a creature handler led her journey to Solyiat. There were many mining facilities on Solyiat since more regions discovered new resources and technologies. The natural habitat exploitation on Solyiat caused many of the beasts lost their home. The Empire provoked the creatures with the dark force and made them became more aggressive and attacked the locals. Sometimes it started incidents at nearby facilities.

The Beast Attack on Solyiat

The devastated animals which lost their natural habitat and influenced by the dark side approach the local mines, injured and killed some of the workers. Although many of the armed force tried to kill the beasts, Agate and her team used their ability to handle the creatures. At some point, her new experiences to oppose the dark force made her unstable and fell into it. Once, she couldn't stand the dark influence and in anger, she slaughtered the animals. Although she could save the locals' lives from the attack, in the viewpoint of creature handlers, the mission considered as a failure. Frustrated and depressed, she rested, meditated and sought guidance.

One night, the hideous dark Varritul terrified the colony, the creature handler team combined their ability to communicate and control the creature. The mission succeeded. The Varritul successfully tamed and flew back to mountainous region. Since then, many of the locals changed their perception about the creatures. They learned that the beasts had many similarities to other sentient beings. Therefore, the locals respected the beasts and they wanted to know better.

The Sanctuary

The Creature Handler team build the Animal Sanctuary to heal and protect the creatures in need, which were sick, injured, trapped, distressed and hallucinated with the dark side. After the creatures healed, they returned the animals to the wild. Some of the creatures chose to stay and became domesticated animals or pets. The locals celebrated the moment as the Friends of Beasts Day. Those events reminded her about the story of her ancestors who tamed the first Guarlara on Naboo.

Returned to Naboo

Years after her jedihood journey, Agate finally returned to her home planet. Agate raised a family with her love one. She continued the strong tradition of ancient Gua'lara ancestors passed down through generations.


Agate died on her home planet Naboo

Physical Description

Creature Handler

Agate has olive, light brown skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Her hair is kept in long layers that fall around her face. She has small scars on her arms and legs and prefers natural makeup.

Powers and abilities

Agate had primary skill as a creature handler and used the force for creature control. She was also a crafter and healer. She could use lightsaber Primary Lightsaber Form 0. Her Primary Martial Art was Whiptree and her Secondary Martial Art was Sliding Hands.

The Guarlara in Art, History and Culture of Naboo

Alternate Story

The Life on Smuggler's Moon

In an alternate story, Gua'lara family never raised their children on Naboo. Agate parents wanted to trade and introduced Naboo culture off-world. Although her parents loved their culture, they were quite adventurous. They had trading skills and Agate's mother loved to cook. They opened their first cantina on Nar Shaddaa, one of the home to a large criminal underworld in the galaxy. They created the cantina with special home planet theme called "Naboo Corner." They didn't abandon their heritage, they also used the Guarlara creature as the logo for their cantina.

Agate didn't close to nature and she never had Andrea. Agate was a force sensitive but never became a Jedi. She grew up on planet Nar Shaddaa, also called “Smuggler's Moon," which the entire planet surface covered in urban sprawl. She spent most of her time to help her parents ran the cantina. But in the later years when her parents' cantina could hire more employees, she had more time to do art and craft. Their unique theme of cantina attracted many people to visit there. They were ordinary people, merchants, businessmen, smugglers, even mercenaries. Agate met many people from different background and she learned some other languages they used.

The Naboo Corner menu included general cantina food and drinks to special Naboo cuisine. The rooms were cozy and they could find some of Naboo furniture and Creature sculptures. It has soft and cam light colors. Some bright spot speared on the cantina stage. The music theme were mostly jazzy cantina and sometimes pop orchestral Naboo. Another time there were twi'leks dancers and mucisians on the stage.

Agate’s parents taught their children about Gua’lara traditions. They have some holograms, Guarlara miniatures and books. Once in a year they visit their home planet, Naboo. There were precious moments for Gua’lara family. They spend there about a week in their relative’s house near Theed city. The contrast environment between Nar Shaddaa and Naboo often made her felt overwhelm. Sometimes she thought that she would like to stay on Naboo one day.

Agate had a white female Felinxn Bianca, as a pet. Biance had a nickname called Bibi. They developed some degree of bond between them. The main Agate’s interest was in creativity. She wanted to introduce Naboo culture through art. Agate also developed more ability as a crafter and she joined the Street Artist community. She had an octohelper droid named Ozy. The droid had eight hands to help Agate done her jobs. Agate’s life were more diverse, adventurous but also dangerous. There were many gangsters and criminals on Nar Shadda. One of her street artist friend, a female cathar mercenary named Vermine, was part of the Shroud Syndicate criminal organization. Sometimes they hung out at the night clubs for socialized.

Agate artworks varied from mural paintings, digital, electric to neon art and more. By joined the Artist community, she could collaborate and create bigger projects. Sometimes she didn’t go home for days to finish the projects. Although in alternate story Agate had less connection with nature, lived on Nar Shaddaa made her became more creative and think out of the box.