The Underworld (Conflict)

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Exodus era.
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Conflict: Orian System and Dlarit Corporation fall under seige via Drug trafficing that threatens the civilians of the System. Clan mobilizes at Refuge to eliminate the source of the problem.
Date: 28 ABY
Location: Refuge




The Underworld



The Underworld

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"Unrest" Campaign
28 ABY to Present
The Underworld, Unrest in the City, Ekind Uprising, << REDACTED >>
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The Underworld was a conflict between Clan Naga Sadow through the Dlarit Corporation and a terror organisation known only as The Underworld. Illegal drugs were being trafficked through the Orian System prompting the Clan summit to prepare a mission to the source of the problem to save their people. Tracking led the Clan to Refuge where they began a mission of infiltration and subterfuge to eliminate the shadowy organisation, however their identities were compromised prompting the Clan to change tactics and take the fight directly to their adversaries. The mission was a success although not without serious injuries to many of the members involved in the conflict.

Conflict Details


  1. Arrival at Refuge
  2. Securing a Hideout
  3. Locating our prey


  1. Position Compromised
  2. Repelled assaulting Underworld forces
  3. Pushing forward towards the Labs


  1. Infiltrating the Labs
  2. Eliminating the way up the chain of command
  3. Final showdown against Drastig


  • The Underworld conflict was intended to be a challenging event for the members of Naga Sadow by pitching members against enhanced soldiers. Unbeknownst to members at the time, these enhancements were courtesy of an unknown Organisation.
  • Although this story was never completed as a whole by members of Naga Sadow, a conclusion had been decided upon by the Clan Summit; which has been recorded here.

Conflict Logs

All Logs pertaining to the events which occurred between Naga Sadow and The Underworld can be found here.