Juda Kodiak Erinos

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Juda Kodiak Erinos
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Galeres Aedile


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"Mind of a Kraith, body of a Sith and spirit of an Obelisk, this is which I wish to aspire"
―Juda speaking with Rho in a discussion on his opinion of the three Orders



The Beginning

Born into the Kodiak Mandalorian clan on Dxun to Jant and Jenica Kodiak. Juda was raised as a traditional Mandalorian, almost solely by his mother until the age of three from where his father took reign and brought up the child in a strict regime of combat training and survival techniques in the jungles of his homeworld.

Even at a young age Juda shined and excelled in his training, relentlessly pushing his body to it’s limits, never giving in, never retreating, never surrendering. By the age of thirteen the adolescent was ready to take his verd'goten, or coming of age, a trial to test the boy for adulthood, to prove he was a true Mandalorian warrior like his fathers before him.

Juda was cast out into the unforgiving jungles of Dxun for a period of three months with just his wit and cunning to keep him alive. It was here that the young Mandalorian would learn of the Force and his connection with it.

While tracking a strayed Maalraas, Juda was attacked by a pack of Dxunian Raptors, with just a quarterstaff he had fashioned out of wood to protect him, the young Mandalorian managed to beat off the aggressors, but not without suffering a vicious laceration across his abdomen.

The amount of blood that gushed from his front was disturbing as he took refuge in a rotten tree log, for fear of failure Juda willed for the bleeding to stop, praying to Mandalore the adolescent clutched his stomach tightly, urging the pain to dissipate and miraculously the wound began to heal. Alarmed, the Mandalorian jumped in shock, knocking himself unconscious as his head slammed into the roof of the log. Juda awoke several hours later, the laceration almost completely healed. Juda returned to the clan several days later, emerging from the jungle a man and warrior.


Coming of Age

Dxun's jungle at night.

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Juda stands a little shorter than most people would expect for a hardened Mandalorian - barely reaching 5'9, his physique was nevertheless lean, toned and riddled in scars. However, his build was ideal for a pilot who often had to fit into small cockpits.

With an open face, warm green eyes and a slight scar under his right eye, (A gift from the 9th GJW) Juda didn't let convention get in the way and wore his dark crimson jagged hair with pride, letting its bangs fall low on his forehead to frame his youthful visage.

Psychological Profile

Like most young men Juda thinks of himself as invincible, he wears his heart on his sleeve and his scars like badges of honor. He is naturally composed, bears a strong sense of justice and is known by many to be loyal to a fault. He is as Mandalorian as his brothers and carries their philosophies on life with him, his faith in the Manda never shaken. He often views arutiise (non-Mandalorians) as lesser combatants as a result of his training and for the most part keeps to himself and his brothers, not involving himself with anyone that wasn't brought up in the warrior tradition.


"A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once."

As a Mandalorian Juda takes his combat skills gravely. As an unarmed combatant, Juda would utilize techniques from both the Shadow Fist and Dulon forms of hand to hand combat, constantly moving and evading, biding his time before attacking with sudden, precise strikes to his opponent’s meridian points. Allowing the Mandalorian to successfully execute swift takedowns.

As a lightsaber duellist, Juda has mastered the 5th circle of the third form, otherwise known as Soresu. Although efficient with a blade Juda feels more at ease with a trusty rifle and will usually only activate the Dral-Kyr'am for close-quarters combat or defense against blaster-fire.

Primary Form:Soresu

Secondary Form:Shii-Cho

A Master and Apprentice

For months Juda was being taught the ways of the Force in secret by Sashar, Soulfire’s Comm/Tech expert at the time, the reason for this was because Sashar already had two apprentices, this alone was an overwhelming task and a third was highly frowned upon.

Nevertheless Juda became more and more attuned with the Force over the passing weeks and constantly impressed his Master. Juda was highly skilled as a ‘seer’ along with having regenerative and healing Force powers, Sashar expects that the red-haired Medic will become a great Force-user.

Juda has a respect for Sashar like no other and is constantly taking his council into notice, and while the Dark-side grasps at Juda at every turn, Sashar’s faithful voice always seems to ease the young Mandalorian to the way of the Grey Jedi.

Encounters of the Dark Kind

Juda Dark Jedi Knight.

Upon reaching the rank of Guardian Juda was officially recognized as Sashar’s apprentice. However Sashar found Juda’s connection with the Dark Side worrying. The adolescent began to suffer from outbursts of rage despite his training and confined in his Master the visions he was having of the future, telling terrible tales of animosity and destruction.

With this in mind Sashar proposed to the Summit that he take on Juda as an apprentice for an extended time, until he reached the rank of Obelisk Prelate. This was accepted and Juda was more than happy to have such a wise Master for an extended period.


  • One of the founding members of the Erinos Family
  • Founder of the The Black Minute Association (Previously Black Hammer Brigade)
  • Known as 'Judika' to his Mandalorian brethren or simply 'Jay' to his closest friends
  • Finalist of the 3rd Antei Piloting Championship '07 alongside Zandro Savric Erinos
  • Juda is currently under an 'advanced mentorship' with Sashar Erinos, his master. The two will remain paired until Juda reaches the rank of Obelisk Prelate.
  • Was once an Eclectic Pedagogue for the History of the Sith Empire I course

Positions Held
Before Position After
Dalthid Deputy Combat Master
28 ABY
Shadow Taldrya
N/A Black Hammer Brigade Lieutenant
31 ABY - Present