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I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid.
This article was originally created as an entry for a Horizons competition and is not official DJB canon content. It is preserved here for historical purposes only.
I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid.
This article was originally created as an entry for a Horizons competition and is not official DJB canon content. It is preserved here for historical purposes only.
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The Dread Council
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  • Darth Pravus
  • Darth Vexatus
  • Raken
  • Xia Long
  • Valhavoc
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The Dread Council was an affiliation of powerful dark siders founded circa 30 ABY. Displeased with the Dark Brotherhood's direction and lack of progress, its members—both within the Brotherhood and without—implemented a series of plans in order to ensure the organization's survival.

At the onset of the Horizon plague the Dread Council were summoned to the ruins of a Sith Academy on Odacer-Faustin by Darth Pravus. The plague would provide the chaos necessary to begin executing the Dread Council's plans to eliminate the Dark Council and wrest control of the Brotherhood from its current leadership.

Fulfilling their purpose of sowing the seeds of chaos across the Dark Brotherhood, the Dread Council utilized the instability caused by the Horizons plague to recruit new members to their cause.

Dread Council Members

Darth Pravus

Darth Pravus arrives on Odacer-Faustin

The enigmatic leader of the Dread Council and former apprentice to Grand Master Sarin, Darth Pravus recruited disenchanted members of the Dark Brotherhood's elite to form an antithesis to the Dark Council. In 36 ABY the final pieces of the Dread Council were formed with a Prophet to guide their way, a General to lead their armies, a Warrior to battle their foes, and a Spy to sow dissent. Conducting an ancient coronation on Odacer-Faustin, Darth Pravus provided the Dread Council with a series of missions to conduct throughout Dark Brotherhood space. Despite failing to destroy the Dark Council, the efforts of the Dread Council resulted in a dramatic influx of recruits seeking to overturn the Dark Brotherhood's hierarchy.

Darth Vexatus

Darth Vexatus, apprentice of the legendary Oracle, first came to Darth Pravus's attention many years before the Dread Council's formation when the Prophet confronted the Star Chamber about their lies during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Years later, it was this foresight that drew Pravus to recruit the Prophet after Vexatus returned to the Dark Brotherhood following his disappearance in the Unknown Regions. When the Horizon Plague struck, however, not even the Prophet had seen it coming for the Force itself had been blinded, so the Dread Council were forced to delay their Grand Plan until their next opening.


The prototypical spy and mastermind of clandestine operations, Dark Jedi Master Troutrooper was the least likely selection on the Dread Council. Known for his quick wit and unassuming manner, the Mon Cal, was often overlooked despite his skill and expertise. A sworn ally to Sarin, Troutrooper was recruited by Raken and Pravus following the events of GJW X. Recruited for his ability to sow dissent within organizations and conduct covert operations, Troutrooper formed the core of what would become the Dread Council's intelligence gathering operations.


Raken and Pravus

Following the sudden death of Grand Master Sarin at the conclusion of the Ninth Great Jedi War, and the rise of Muz Ashen to take his place, Raken saw the immediate need to establish a shadow council that would ensure his own vision for the Dark Brotherhood would continue. Upon Raken's exposure to the teachings of the One Sith after the fall of House Revan, it became clear to him that the Brotherhood need not be saved.

Rather, Raken's confidence in the rise of the One Sith as the next and true coming of the Sith religion, convinced him the Brotherhood was too fractured and weak to play a role in the coming shift in the balance of galactic power. Thus, while most who count themselves amongst the Dread Council's number believe they are working to save the Dark Brotherhood, Raken works to move the Council's efforts to destroy it.

Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae

The General, revered for his knowledge of military tactics and feared for his brutality, Oberst was recruited to lead the armies of the Dread Council in their eventual clash with the Iron Throne. An life long Tarentae, Oberst was recruited to the Dread Council in 32 ABY and formed an unlikely alliance with Dark Adept Raken. The two warriors discovered their opposition views often provided a greater solution to the problems of the Dread Council.

Xia Long

Sildrin Sadow

Xia Long (also known as Sildrin Sadow), Krath Witch and former member of the Dark Council was recruited through her connection to Darth Vexatus. Disgusted with the Dark Council's meandering and Clan Naga Sadow's lack of vision, Xia chose to follow her master to Odacer-Faustin and seek out a new beginning. While her role has yet to be defined within the organization, it is rumored that she serves as a close adviser to Darth Pravus.

Legorii Kryotek Entar

Kegorii Kryotek Entar, the Krath Warlock, was recruited to the Dread Council based off of his promise and potential. A relative unknown compared to the rest of the Dread Council, the Equite, was summoned to Odacer-Faustin through his Clan Arcona connections. Legorii would eventually succumb to the Horizons plague, but speculation persists that his susceptibility to the plague was the primary reason for his induction into the Dread Council.

Magistrate to the Dread Council


Valhavoc at the Shadow Academy prior to the onset of the Plague

Valhavoc is Darth Pravus' apprentice, prior to the Horizon event occurring Valhavoc was sent by Darth Pravus to the Shadow Academy to gain intelligence on the Headmaster. When Valhavoc arrived he assumed the guise of studying to earn a Dark Maven in Combat. The outbreak of Thren's Horizon Plague occurred partway through his studies, as a Journeyman Valhavoc was one of the first to become infected with the illness, suffering hallucinations and flashbacks to previous events in his life as it progressed. Due to the lockdown on the Academy ordered by the Headmaster, Ronovi Tavisaen, Valhavoc was unaware that a fleet of starships, led by former Grand Master Zoraan, was attacking the Brotherhood as a whole.

Once the group of Dark Jedi in the Shadow Academy came to this realization Valhavoc made his way off of Lyspair and sought out Darth Pravus who conducted several experiments on the Knight. Pravus sought to isolate the virus so that he could maintain a sample for future use in the Dread Council's plans. Potentially engineering it to affect only specific individuals or races.