Deckard Kaelen

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Deckard Kaelen
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New Order era


House Shar Dakhan

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Senator Kalen is a newly elected Senator. He carries himself in a proper political way. He is 6’2 in tall, 185 lbs with a slender and fit physique. Since the restoration of Clan Naga Sadows rule in the Orian System he has been appointed interim First Senator of Aeotheran.


Deckard has been raised in a privileged life as the son of a retired Imperial senior officer. Deckard attended the finest private schools, before studying Law and Political Science at the prestigious Coruscant University and graduated with honours and was considering a year out before being invited back to commence a doctorate. However at that point rumours of hunters seeking the family began to surface, connected to acts perpetrated by Kaelen senior while serving in an Imperial internment camp. After several attempts were made on their life the family sold their possessions and went into hiding, taking the reluctant Deckard with them. After a year of travelling low key on freighters the family eventually arrived in the Orian System and settled in Seng Karash.

After taking several low key jobs to support his retired parents, Deckard applied for a position in the Ministry of Justice of the Aeotheran government under the Dlarit Corporation, and with his impressive qualifications he was fast tracked for further vocational training and promotion and was one of the youngest to secure the position as a magistrate. Working several high profile cases, Senator Kalen successfully arbitrated the case to bring down three high ranking Black Sun Crime Syndicate members linking them directly to corrupt senators and exposing their long connection of extortion, murder and embezzlement. It was during this rapid rise that in 24 ABY he came to the attention of newly appointed Aeotheran Governor Jagos Var, also known as Malisane de Ath. During a chance meeting with the young magistrate the Governor recruited him and sent him for training with the Inquisitorius, where he became an agent for them.

He received several more promotions before the dissolution of Dlarit and the establishment of the successor Orian Assembly, and a combination of his natural talents and assistance of the Inquisitorious secured him election as one of the representatives for Seng Karash and Aoetheran, still as their agent. When the Orian system was conquered several years later by The Collective, Senator Kaelen was one of those who brokered peace with the invaders and served on the puppet government in Seng Karash and ostensibly doing his best to protect the safety of the citizens and preserve local business. These accomplishments staked a bigger name for himself and made him one of the puppet governments leading figures, winning him support amongst below his fellow senators and the general populace.

When the Orian Warhost returned in 38 ABY and drove the Collective out of Seng Karash into hiding Sentator Deckard Kaelen was chosen by the interim senate as their First Senator over the city and wider planet Aeotheran. He has promised free elections in the city in the near future once things have settled down and the popular leader is widely expected to be returned to his seat. Of course behind the scenes he still reports directly to both the Inquisitorious and the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.