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Battle Team Caliburnus
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Tetrarch Evant Taelyan



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House Scholae Palatinae


31 ABY


33 ABY

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Clan Scholae Palatinae


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Noble House, from the ashes you were born, consume the fires around you and destroy all who seek your destruction. Caliburnus Eternal!"
― Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae, Great Jedi War 9

House Caliburnus (commonly abbreviated as HC) was one of three Houses of Clan Scholae Palatinae along with House Acclivis Draco and House Dorimad Sol. It has since been restored as a battleteam, following the shrinking of Clan Scholae Palatinae into a house. More information can be found in the House's Prospectus

Caliburnus' History

The Beginnings

House Scholae Palatinae(HSP) was originally created by the Emperor's Hammer's Intelligence Division to be their force-wielding hand of justice, however as time went on, House Scholae Palatinae grew far beyond its original purpose to become one of the most powerful Dark Side forces in the galaxy. As time passed, the House lost much of its connection with the Intelligence Division and became instead an influential House of the One Clan of the Dark Brotherhood.

For centuries, on every planet in existence, espionage, demolition, and subterfuge have been the weaponry of both good and evil. In a time when the Emperor's Hammer stood poised to strike at the heart of the New Republic, the need for an elite, Force-capable group of agents to use these weapons was never greater. The Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae (CSP) responded to the call for such a group and dedicated one of the new houses of his Clan for this purpose. The Sith of Clan Scholae Palatinae would serve not only their Clan and the Brotherhood, but also the Emperor's Hammer as whole.

This House is said to have borrowed its name from an ancient mythical blade recorded in histories throughout the galaxy. This weapon was called Caliburnus. Looking back on the old records, historians have come to agree that the Caliburnus legend is a reference to the first lightsaber. Such a powerful and strange weapon could easily inspire such awe and fear. The power has not left the Caliburnus name; today many still fear it, as they should. Thus was the birth of House Caliburnus...

Clan Scholae Palatinae was destroyed by the Star Chamber for motives not known to any Dark Side Scholars. For the members of the Clan the tides of fate had decreed the following: Two houses were moved into other clans, their members being mind wiped first, the third house, Caliburnus, was totally destroyed. Thor, the home planet of House Caliburnus, was bombarded, killing many of the house members and the forcing the remainder to flee into the wastelands of the icy planet. Caliburnus was forgotten about and neglected, many assuming that the remnants had died. In that everyone was wrong, for they had survived.

Thor, always a barren planet, was devastated and it's fragile ecosystem was shattered, to this day, nothing can live there unprotected from the strange ethereal storms that plague the surface, said to have been the essence of the Dark Jedi that had been betrayed and killed by their brethren, these storms will kill anyone that is unfortunate enough to be caught above ground. The planet is shrouded in perpetual darkness, the only illumination is from the lightning that scars the uncaring landscape.

Probes sent to the planet years later by the Directorate reported a strange sight. The buildings that had been reduced to rubble in the bombardment were standing again, their tall spires challenging those who had betrayed them long before. An embassy was promptly sent by the Brotherhood to meet with this rogue house. This meeting was inconclusive at best, the Dark Brotherhood envoys were suspicious of the House members, who were cold and distant to all outsiders. Exactly what the mandate of Caliburnus was, none have been able to ascertain, though their dark past hints towards an even darker future.

House Caliburnus became independent, unable to accept the rule of a Clan. They represented the fallen legacy of the Great Scholae Palatinae, formed during Palpatine's reign. Their voracious anger was well known as they vented their hatred on anyone within reach, on all who opposed them. It was said that the members had not forgotten the Betrayal and were biding their time before they strike the final blow.

The Politics of the Brotherhood are violent and indiscriminate. Sporadic clan warfare and a large rogue Jedi base led to the directive ordered by the Grand Master. Houses were to be of one order only. This boded ill for the former Scholae Palatinae. Their numbers were few and mostly of the Sith order. But the Scholae Palatinae are not easily defeated, like the Phoenix, they rose again, from the flames of their destruction Clan Scholae Palatinae was reborn. Three Houses were formed under the banner of Scholae Palatinae, keeping the original names of the defeated to honor their memory and to remind all Scholae Palatinae of their dark past and darker future.

House Caliburnus became the House of the Sith Order, as they had always been Sith dominated, this seemed a logical path. They are comprised of the best Starfighter pilots Clan Scholae Palatinae has to offer. Based from their traditional home planet of Thor, this House continues to escort Clan officials on their travels and in times of war, House Caliburnus carries the standard of Scholae Palatinae as they assault enemy installations, isolating the foe so that the Clan's other military forces can sweep through the remaining defenses.

When the Exodus came and the Brotherhood left the Emperor's Hammer, Clan Scholae Palatinae took up a new home, in the Cocytus system. To this day, Caliburnus stands as the vanguard force of Scholae Palatinae. The House was based on the outermost planet of the system, Ptolomea, so that the Sith house would always be ready, first to defend, first to strike, always watchful. That is the Legacy which Caliburnus still upholds with pride.

The Legend of Caliburnus

The history of the weapon which came to be known as Caliburnus is a long and twisting tale. There is much that has been lost to the mists of time, but its story begins over a thousand years before the battle of Yavin. It has traveled through many hands over the years, many which will never be known.

The earliest history for the weapon goes back to Belia Darzu. It is uncertain whether she actually crafted the weapon or if it was collected from one of her enemies and then modified by her. However, it is believed to be likely that it was crafted by her, given the nature of the alloy used in the construction of the hilt, the alchemically enhanced Corusca generator crystal, and her skill with metallurgy and alchemy.

After Belia Darzu's death, it is not known where the weapon went, but it eventually resurfaced in the possession of Lord Kaan who is thought to have further enhanced the power of the weapon by altering the novae within it. After the death of Kaan, the weapon found its way into the hands of Darth Bane, claiming its power for his reformed Sith order. Darth Zannah, a young and unpredicted selection for an Apprentice of Darth Bane, may have been selected by the enchantment that gives the weapon the ability to choose who wields it.

From there, the weapon was lost for many years until it allegedly resurfaced with Darth Cognus. While very little is known about Darth Cognus, his wealth of knowledge certainly helped to build the power of the weapon. Darth Vectivus who is known for being a gaudy man, owned a mine in an asteroid. Lumiya, lady of the Sith and follower of Palpatine, came to own the mine many years later. The peculiar activity and apparent lack of interest may hint that she was looking for the weapon but could not locate it. Vectivus is responsible for the rare dark side gem and the golden phrik adornments that decorate the hilt.

After the weapon left the possession of Vectivus, it seemingly vanished. In the time afterwards, cult followings had formed with the sole goal of scouring the galaxy for the weapon. It was sought, however, by both Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious who coveted the powerful weapon.

Darth Sidious, or Emperor Palpatine, formed what came to be known as the Emperor's Guard, an elite and special group of Dark Jedi. Many of the members of the Emperor's Guard were frequently sent on quests to search for the legendary Caliburnus. Even after Sidious' death and the formation of what was to become the Clan Scholae Palatinae, some of those Dark Jedi still continued the search for the weapon.

For many years the weapon somehow eluded those who sought it. Some wanted it for it's beauty as a rare trophy, others sought its legendary power, others perhaps for even more mysterious reasons. However, it remained hidden, waiting for its true purpose, its true home.

Eventually the weapon was rediscovered during an excavation on Korriban. How long the weapon had been there soaking in the power of the dark side or how it even had come to be there, no one knew. An unknown Dark Jedi, a Sith according to the records, claimed the legendary weapon. As the weapon was claimed, it again vanished, waiting for the proper guardians.

As the weapon became the focal point for House Caliburnus, the followers of this legendary weapon continued the search. Though their attempts to locate the weapon were unsuccessful, the fierce Sith warriors and pilots were the vanguard of the Clan Scholae Palatinae and struck fear into those who opposed them.

In time however, darkness fell over the Clan and it was destroyed. Two houses were forced into Clan Arcona. House Caliburnus was destroyed, deemed too dangerous to be left intact. However, the destiny of Caliburnus was not over, the House survived, much like the weapon. Forgotten by the Brotherhood, they had grown strong, their anger and hatred fueled by the betrayal that had nearly destroyed them would not be forgotten.

Eventually Caliburnus became the cornerstone for the reemergence of the Clan Scholae Palatinae. Proud and secure in their heritage, they refused to bow to the will of any other Clan. Caliburnus became a house truly forged in the fires of war, tested and tried many times, always emerging triumphant regardless of the odds.

When the Clan moved it's home base to the Cocytus system, it was deemed prudent by the reigning ruler of Caliburnus that the legendary weapon be relocated and protected, never wanting to risk it falling into the wrong hands. After countless hours of investigation and scouring through historical documents, the scholars of the House had come to determine a frightening fact. The great weapon was hidden away in a sacred Altar on the planet of Ptolomea; they had been led to it by the fate of the House and the grace of the Force.

Much to their dismay they learned, through the documents of a Sith scribe, that the weapon had be stripped of most of its power. While it was no longer the fearsome and devastating weapon of the Sith of yesteryear, it was still a powerful relic that could undoubtedly unite a House or Clan. In the same records, it was discovered that Force sensitive guardians of terrible strength were tasked with the keeping of its secret, only to be revealed by a chosen one. Over time those who guarded the Altar had fallen to a feral state, wholly focused on keeping Caliburnus safe. While the documents used by the House's scribes and scholars were extremely accurate, they were written anonymously. The last years of the legend had been documented, cryptically. Finally with the message decoded, the House set on a trek with the sole goal to capture the weapon…

Exodus and Beyond

After the Exodus, House Caliburnus has a strong development and growing populous of members. The early Quaestors Gidda, Predator, and Darkmage furiously worked for the starting and upbringing of Caliburnus to great potential.

But soon after it was brought out, and dragged through Quaestors Kane Reese, JKast, and Lenzar, the House was brought to a close.

Brujah: Liberator of Caliburnus

Caliburnus had been laid to rest for quite a few years. Then, in 24 ABY Dark Jedi Knight Brujah Tamalar asked the Consul of Scholae Palatinae if he could reopen House Caliburnus. With the acceptance of his peers, Masters, and the Consul, Brujah reopened House Caliburnus was brought forth great new opportunities to the House.

Brujah established two Battle Teams for the House; Nightshade Squadron, and Nightmare Squadron. They both would serve in the Sith House for a very long time into Caliburnus’ future.

The highlight of Brujah’s tenure as Quaestor was when he tested the defenses of the House’s might in a feud with the jealous House, Dorimand Sol. In response, Brujah wiped the galactic floor with the heads of Dorimand Sol, and brought Caliburnus into full respect as the best House within Clan Scholae Palatinae. Brujah liberated House Caliburnus from the paths of destruction.

Impetus: Bringing Caliburnus to the Heavens

In 25 ABY, Brujah Tamalar stepped down as Quaestor. It was at this time, Impetus was placed into his position.

House Caliburnus was terribly hurt physically and mentally in its feud with House Dorimand Sol, even though Caliburnus survived. Impetus helped revive the spirits of the House by opening a new Battle Team to help with the training of newer members of Caliburnus. The new Battle Team was to be called Spirits of the Night. Soon after she also established a more “elite” Battle Team called Souls of Darkness, which housed the more astonishing members of the House.

Impetus was known for many things within Caliburnus, especially with the way she communicated well with people (mostly the opposite sex). Males such as Horus Blackheart, her Aedile Xen, and Thran Occassus were able to communicate easily with each other and her because of the established sense of Impetus’ social works.

She also lead the House in the Seventh Great Jedi War.

After the GJW, someone had tried to assassinate the Quaestor. It was suspected as being someone from Acclivis Draco. After a quick kill by Impetus, a war went on between the Draconians and the Caliburnans. Although the in-fighting was quelled, Acclivians came to respect Caliburnians more, and in return Impetus stepped down as Quaestor to go back to Acclivis Draco.

Thran Occassus: Establishing Greatness

Thran Occassus, the former Aedile of Caliburnus, had quickly taken steps to make sure he became Quaestor (and people were glad that he became the Quaestor).

Thran started looking into Caliburnus’ future. The House had already risen from the dead, destroyed another House, fought and beat another House, and now needed something to truly live and stand for. He wanted his plans for Caliburnus to be long-lasting.

Thran had put many investments into offworldly companies and outer rim worlds, bringing in some hectic money for the House. With this money coming in, Thran helped purchase new House facilities, and even a space station (Dynasty Station) to orbit above Ptolomea.

Dynasty Station brought new defensive plans for Caliburnus, new military operations, a new military, a trading and merchant post, scientific and research facilities, and shiny tip to the pointed spear called Ptolomea of protection for the Cocytus System.

Thran also bought animals and non-sentient species from other worlds to breed and have as pets on Ptolomea and throughout Caliburnus. Rumor has it that Thran had planned to have a battalion of ferocious beasts in the Ptolomean defenses, but the rumor never became true.

Thran helped cartographers and mappers map more of Ptolomea’s lands and seas, making travel and helping the future of Caliburnus to sprawl throughout Ptolomea. It was in the deep jungles of Ptolomea that Thran suddenly disappeared from Caliburnus, and was not seen for a long time after the Eighth Great Jedi War.

Rasilvenaira: Caliburnian Survival Queen

After the Eighth Great Jedi War, Caliburnus floated through space with the rest of the Clan. Eventually a time was set to reclaim the Judecca and the Cocytus system. With Thran having left, Rasilvenaira was made the Quaestor of Caliburnus. Rasilvenaira lay waste to the Vong that inhabited Ptolomea. Everything that was destroyed by the Vong was eventually brought back to life by the careful planning of the Quaestor.

Awhile later, she had made contact with a Hutt for trade agreements with a Hutt named Dajurra. When the agreements were made, the shipments started being attacked. Eventually uncovering a plot by Dajurra the Hutt to destroy Caliburnus and reap the benefits, Rasilvenaira planned an attack on Dajurra. Yzarc, Ras’ Aedile, eventually led a spearhead attack on the Hutt’s base and destroyed his palace.

Rasilvenaira led Caliburnus through two battles for survival of Caliburnus. She had helped with the revival of the markets and economy of Caliburnus too.

Archangel: The Face of Caliburnus

After Rasilvenaira stepped down as Quaestor of Caliburnus, Yzarc stepped up and took hold of the position. But due to problems within what Yzarc thought were problems within the Clan Scholae Palatinae, he stepped down. At this time, Brent “Archangel” Ligur Victae was placed into the position as Quaestor of House Caliburnus.

When Plagueis tried to reclaim the Jusidah system that was overrun by the Vong, Phoenix and Lucien led an attack onto the Jusidah system to help Braecen and Plagueis. During this time, Archangel led Caliburnus in the battle of uneasy alliances, helping destroy the Vong in the region, but also defending attacks from Clan Arcona, whom had taken the time to try and destroy a Vong-torn Plagueis.

After the Scholae/Plagueis win against the Arconians, Archangel started establishing more of a royalty to the House and the Ptolomean buildings. He also brought on the beginnings of what would eventually be (in a different reign) a new Battle Team; Validus Nocta.

Archangel’s rule of Caliburnus came to a close when he left for the new Independent House Revan.

The Destruction

With Archangel's leave, Dakari was quickly placed as an emergency Quaestor. Dakari had led Caliburnus through the Ninth Great Jedi War. Afterwards, he left the Quaestorship over to Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan.

Luciferus tried to keep the House alive, but with the members dwindling, the economic investments drying up, and the lack of activity, the House became very weak.

In 31 ABY a group of Scholaeian terrorists by the name of "The Cause" set up an attack on the planet of Caliburnus. Without a stable leadership and without a strong hold on members, the House collapsed within the grip of "The Cause". The members, by order of the Consul, were split among the two remaining Houses.


In 33 ABY, following the shrinking of the clans into houses, Scholae Palatinae found itself in need of more battleteams than it previously had houses. As such, Caliburnus was restored from the ashes after two years of obscurity to serve Scholae Palatinae once more. Given past Quaestor Impetus M’Nar’s return from her studies away from Scholae Palatinae, she was drafted into the position, the first to lead Caliburnus in its new incarnation as a Battle Team. Determined to build a strong team to support Scholae Palatinae’s claim to clan status, Impetus began recruiting only the best as she sought to carve out a new place for Caliburnus.

Using her recent new position as Commander of the Imperial Scholae Intelligence to better her new Caliburnus, she attached the Battleteam to the ISI. Caliburnus found itself a new home within Scholae Palatinae, as a force of Elite intelligence agents called upon for the most absolute highest priority tasks. The Dark Jedi of Caliburnus would be backed by a very small contingent of non-force sensitives hand picked by the Commander to fulfil the tasks the Jedi couldn’t.

Under the leadership of Xantros, Caliburnus maintained its character as an intelligence unit of House Scholae Palatinae.

House and Battleteam Leadership

Quaestor Aedile
Gidda Kane Reese
Kane Reese Jaron Kai
JKast Warhunter
Lenzar Demonis Entar Warhunter
Brujah Tamalar Sykes Rokir Jade
Brujah Tamalar Warhunter
Warhunter Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Impetus Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Impetus Thran Occasus
Thran Occasus Rasilvenaira StormRaven
Rasilvenaira StormRaven Yzarc Rellik Kaeth
Yzarc Rellik Kaeth Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae Daniel Stephens
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven
Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan
Dakari Kaeth Palpatine Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan
Luciferus "Scyrone" Leviathan Rayne

Since its restoration as a battleteam, the list of commanders is as follows:

Impetus M'Nar

Xantros - current Sith Commander


Caliburnus is, traditionally, the Sith house of Scholae Palatinae. Though it is now technically a multi order battleteam, it retains much of its Sith pride and heritage, and is led by a Sith Commander, despite its leader actually being Krath.