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An Liu Zhu
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

9 ABY (age 30)

Physical Description





1 m


19.1 kg





Personal Information

Tai Liu Zhu


Li Liu Zhu


Sen Korrot

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



lightsaber, Vibrosword, Vibroknife

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Magistrate to the Headmaster Emeritus

Known masters:

Wrem'inil'irnars (Remin), Kul'tak Drol



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An Liu Zhu, also known as Alishu, was a Force-sensitive sullustan male who served the Dark Brotherhood under Clan Plagueis and House Ajunta Pall, and later as Magistrate to the Headmaster. He is a known member of the Shadow Academy Society.


Early years

Alishu was born on Umbara in 9 ABY. Very little is known about his early life. He was born An Liu Zhu to Li Liu Zhu, a Sullustan who served, in an unknown capacity, certain Umbarans of the social elite, having bought his way into the caste-based society. He had no relatives on the planet aside from his father and mother, Tai Liu Zhu. According to published records of his family, Alishu left Umbara in 21 ABY, after killing a high-ranking member of the Umbaran Militia. He went to Cerea and stayed at a Shyarn-Ado Training School belonging to a Cerean named Sen Korrot, who had been a friend of Alishu's father Li in the past. Alishu's style of swordsmanship is not clear, but it's likely that it comes from Korrot Shyarn-ado.

First Brotherhood Period

Obelisk Apprentice

Following the conclusion of the Eighth Great Jedi War (21 ABY), Dark Jedi throughout the Brotherhood would seek to improve their martial skills. Since training facilities were originally located in the Antei System, which was at the time not under Brotherhood control, trainees were sent to newly Brotherhood-sponsored schools throughout the galaxy, temporarily bought out for exclusive use by its members. One of these schools was Korrot's Shyarn-Ado Training School, and while its normal students were suspended, Alishu was allowed to stay by masquerading as Sen Korrot's ward. As members of the Dark Brotherhood frequented the halls of the school, Alishu became familiar with each of the Clans and Orders, as well as The Force and his own Force-sensitivity. In 22 ABY, Alishu joined the Obelisk Order, and in the same year, he boarded the Arcanum to begin training as a Paladin. Upon arrival, he was sorted into both Clan Plagueis, and into Primus Pilus and House Exar Kun.


Rogue, Year One

On boarding the Arcanum, Alishu was assigned a Master, a Chiss named Wrem'inil'irnars (Remin), but the two barely interacted with each other. Following a Paladin's training regimen, Alishu started Banlanth Training and frequently engaged in contemplative meditation. In 23 ABY, Alishu's Brotherhood career would come to a temporary halt after Alishu and his master, Remin, traveled to Tatooine for endurance training and combat practice. While practicing, Alishu saw visions of an oncoming war that would severely wound the Dark Brotherhood. Seeing his own name among the dead, Alishu resolved not to return to the Brotherhood until the war was over. This sparked a duel between him and Remin, who saw Alishu as a coward and a traitor. While this brief duel would end without injury to either side, Remin would leave Alishu stranded on the planet. The Ninth Great Jedi War would start immediately afterwards, leaving Remin with no time to report the fate of his apprentice as he was sent out to battle. Remin would later be killed in the initial skirmishes of the Ninth Great Jedi War, and Alishu, whose disappearance had gone almost unnoticed, was believed to have perished with him.

Physical Description

A short, athletically built Sullustan with the traditional pink coloration; big, black almond-shaped eyes; dewflaps (facial jowls), scarns; and large, rounded ears. He bizarrely wears an outfit that makes him appear as a Jawa, made up of a heavy, brown, hooded robe; black facial and foot wrappings; gloves, a body suit, and a pair of sun-goggles with reflective, yellow lenses.