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1.82 meters


92 kilograms




Blue (left)
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Right eye

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  • New Republic Soldier

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Broken Alliance



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"Shoot first, ask later, Never failed me yet."
―Xar'Kahn offering some advice

Something short and concise about Xar'Kahn will be put here when I figure out what it is I want to say.

Character History

Innocence (0 BBY to 8 ABY)

Our choices are made for us (0 BBY - 8 ABY)

Xar'Kahn was born on Corellia. Perhaps a coincidence, he was born on the very day the first Death Star was defeated. Following a great lineage of Kahn's he was named in a rather odd fashion for Humans with his first and last names separated by an apostrophe, something one would normally see in an alien race. Before he was old enough to walk Xar's parents, wealthy business types, had a large dinner party at the family mansion. The building collapsed and all were killed, save for the child. It took two hours for Xar to be saved. Rescue crews work for days pulling the dead from the rubble. When Xar was pulled out, he had lost the use of his right eye. Thanks to the kindness of a wealthy family, he was taken in. His life was set out before him. He was sent to the Military Academy as soon as they could.

Strive (8 ABY to 21 ABY)

Life starts to have a purpose (8 ABY - 21 ABY)

During his schooling at the Corellian Security Force Academy he never excelled in any of the written theory, however his practical assessments always topped the class. Creating a fondness for blaster rifles and pistols, Xar took on extra-curricular studies about the subjects and excelled. As part of his education he grasped a working knowledge of most weaponry used by Humans and an ability to pilot most land-based transports. He also found a fascination for daggers later on in his studies, grasping the techniques quickly. Before graduating, his adopted family sent him for a surgery to receive a new cybernetic right eye. Recruited straight into the New Republic, he was fast-tracked to the Special Forces.

Struggle (21 ABY to 24 ABY)

We do what we must (21 ABY - 24 ABY)

Xar, already an expert in most forms of blaster weaponry, forged a name for himself as one of the best. After two months of basic training Xar chose to serve the SpecForces in the 4th Regiment as a "Wilderness Fighter". Xar spent a year doing mission after mission, secretly taking out any threat that the New Republic deemed worthy. After a year of this Xar felt more like an assassin rather than a soldier. Hearing through various contacts that his skills would be highly sought after as a gun-for-hire he quickly retired from service.

Xar returned home to Corellia and greeted his adopted family to find that his had father died (supposedly of old age) and his ailing mother on her deathbed. Stricken by grief he did all he could to make her last days and weeks as comfortable as he could. Following her death, Xar inherited everything. Mansions, money, power. With his new found fortune he set up a school and orphanage in the country for less fortunate children. Hiring staff to teach the young assortment was not difficult and within two years it was well underway to being a first-class school with even the wealthy looking to enroll their children. As Xar loved nothing more than for excel in combat, he took to teaching the older kids that showed potential how to defend themselves.

We can't predict life (24 ABY)

At the first news of an invasion, Xar had re-signed with the New Republic. With the Alien invaders on the attack Xar was sent to Ithor to help protect the planet from destruction. During the battle he saw the Jedi and their ability to fight with immense speed and power. Not to be out-done Xar killed many Aliens with precise sniper bolts. However, as the pace of the attack quickened as more and more invaders landed, Xar realized his position had been compromised and managed to find a way back to his allies and aide in bringing a tactical victory for the New Republic.

Some months later he was stationed to aide in the protection of Leia Organa Solo along with some Jedi on the planbet of Gyndine. During the battle that ensued he and a Jedi Knight by the name of Wurth Skidder went out into the Alien line to fight. Xar thought he was doing something heroic, unbeknownst to him it was Wurths idea to get captured. They were stored inside an aboard a yammosk carrier ship known as Créche commanded by Commander Chine-kal. In an attempt to escape and save us all Wurth was found out as a Jedi and then tortured by the Aliens. He held out long enough for two Jedi, Kyp Durron and Ganner Rhysode, to arrive and free the rest of the would-be slaves. Wurth's determination and courage made an impact on Xar, as did the skills and courage showed by Jedi Master Durron and his friend. In Xar's mind that was what he longed to be. He finally found a life he wanted. Some days later he arrived at the steps of the Jedi Praxeum and asked if he would be allowed to be trianed. He was laughed at by the students and turned away by the staff. Embarrassed, Xar swore to be better than any Jedi.

Passion (24 ABY to Present)

One door closes and another opens (24 ABY - 25 ABY)

Xar returned to Corellia and lived as a recluse at the school he had opened, training vigorously, only stopping to eat, sleep, and teach his advanced classes. It was during this time, some two weeks, that he was approached by a shady man. He introduced himself as Dark Side Adept Halcyon Rokir. He offered everything Xar had been wishing since the day he was publicly embarrassed. Halcyon escorted Xar to the hallowed halls of the Shadow Academy and left to attend his own business. Xar aced his entrance exam and immediately requested a transfer to Clan Arcona. On his arrival Xar showed early signs of greatness, speeding to the rank of Protector in no time at all. Then he disappeared.

A plan set in action (25 ABY to 26 ABY)

Xar's brief showing at the Dark Jedi Brotherhood showed his true potential. Within days of his arrival he had set for a plan in his mind and once gaining enough skill to be recognized as a student he promptly returned to Corellia. His plan, recruitment. Xar had the perfect way to find capable and fit men and women of all different species to form a small army of his own (which had been the plan all along, but now they could be Dark Jedi). Taking what little he had learned, he picked the most promising for his secret classes in which he taught Ancient Sith lore and gave his students there first knowledge of the Dark Side. After a few months however he was approached by the Arconan summit and asked what he was doing. Xar handed control of the initial training to Clan Arcona and so slowly but surely a steady trickle of promising Dark Siders started to flow into the Shadow Academy and Clan Arcona. The best thing of all, it was all funded by the wealthy upper-class citizens of Corellia that sent their children to the school. Once every thing was steady again Xar headed back to the Dajjora system to continue his studies.

Clouded our futures are (26 ABY to Present)

<under construction> Arcona -> (26 ABY) Bas-Tyra -> (27 ABY) Project: Resurrection -> Galeres


Xar's armor and robes
Xar's warbanner

Having read extensively and watched many a holovision documentary on the subject, Xar has decided to model himself after a Mandalorian/Obelisk hybrid. One thing that tears at Xar is his lack of a family which is such a great part of Mandalorian culture. To rid that from his mind, these days Xar spends every waking moment bettering his abilities with his newly acquired lightsaber. Xar'Kahn is a committed soldier, though very secluded, loves nothing more than being part of a well-run team.


Xar'Kahn is a loner and a soldier. His service as aa Alliance sniper has impacted the way he reacts to people. He only trusts a few people and they know who they are. Xar is mostly insecure about himself when around people he doesn't know, in particular females. Give him a weapon and he will learn it to proficiency in almost no time at all. He doesn't talk much unless he has something useful to say (this may only be useful in his mind). Is known for his overly-simplistic ideas and is never one to try to make something more complicated. Try not to use complicated or technical language around Xar. He will most likely tune out. He is almost childlike and a lot of his humour is thus. He loves practical jokes.

Xar has grasped a very basic knowledge of Mando'a from listening to his fellow Arconan brethren and members of the Erinos family. As it is a language of fighters, Xar strives to learn all he can about them. The fact that these "Mandalorians" do nothing but train for combat all day fascinates Xar. He has a great respect for the Brothers.


After the passing of his adopted parents Xar inherited a mass of wealth as the couple that adopted him had no others.


Xar is in ownership of many land holdings on Corellia. He owns a large family estate just outside Tyrena and another a short speeder ride away from Coronet City. He also owns a school and orphanage on the adjacent property to the later. Overall it is estimated that Xar's land rights are worth over one hundred million credits.


The school (and orphanage) are run by the families of the students that attend. Many very wealthy people send their children to this location for education and betterment of life. Many of the parents believe supporting such a school gives them a good public image and hence supports their bid for any political position they may want to pursue. Xar is happy to have the money flowing in so doesn't care who he makes look good. Financially, then school and orphanage are cared for by the school Board. Xar has placed some very influential people on this Board to ensure no changes too drastic are made without his consent. Donations from the parents of students are taken every year, along with the fees, and so the school runs itself mostly.

Xar also owns a medium-sized brewery, known to be among the best producers of Corellian Ale in the galaxy. The factory also produces many other famous drinks and rakes in the money. All management of the brewery is taken up by locals. It is a well known drink across the Core worlds. The company brings in about 20 million net profit per year.


Xar's adopted parents had their money in a wide variety or investments and backed a similar range of businesses. Xar has a seat on no less than Three major Corellian companies, with no stake less than four percent of shares. He also has started a few small personal ventures that are yet to go anywhere. When he has some free time he will no doubt pick these up and drive them for all they are worth.



Xar's first lightsaber

Xar's lightsaber was created soon after his ascension to Dark Jedi Knight using the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's database and influence from his master.


Xar is an expert marksman and heavy weapons specialist. He loves guns. His collection is rather large and he has put a lot of money into seeing that it looks good too. In his estate on Corellia, Xar has a vast array of archaic, old, not-so old and new weapons. He prides himself on his collection and knows how to use each one as if it were and extension of his arm. Some of his favourites are;


Xar purchased himself a set of matte black Katarn-class Mk III commando armor on the black market from a Rodian mercenary on a trip to Coruscant between his transfer from the CorSec Academy to the New Republic Army. Xar considered the price on the piece of 150,000 credits quite a bargain, but ended up trading a cargo of Corellian Ale (worth around 90,000 credits) he was supposed to deliver to some bar. Xar never wore the armor until he learned all he could from it. To his surprise, it fit him perfectly, and is now moulded to his specific body shape. To sweeten the deal, Xar threw in 10,000 credits and scored himself the DC-17m ICWS Blaster rifle as well.

Xar started wearing this armor in his second stint in the Republic's army. He feels very at home in this armor and almost religiously wears it into combat.


Xar owns more than one ship, but more for show than anything else. He uses one ship predominantly, that being the Broken Alliance. He purchased it off a retired Bounty Hunter shortly before he joined the Dark Brotherhood.

DJB Facts


  • Xar'Kahn is the only person to have been in battle team Bas-Tyra from its inception to its closure.
  • The name Xar'Kahn is derived from the words 'tsar' a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917) and 'khan' a title given to rulers or other important people in Asian countries.