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Maximus Alvinius
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.905 Meters


99.7903 Kilograms


Light Brown



Personal Information

Dala Cruise



Known Children:





Jacob Van Nowak, Drake Starfire, Chrome, Aule Jr, Anahorn Dempsey, Xen'Mordin Palpatine



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):




Chronology & Political Information





38 ABY


Clan Odan-Urr

Personal Ship:

TIE Phantom

Known masters:


Known apprentices:

Aule Jr, Chrome, Sparky, Calindra Hejaran



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"The full power of the Force will forever be overshadowed by the failed attempts of others to overcome it."
―Landon Cruise

Maximus Alvinius was born known as Landon Cruise to a smuggler mother named Dala Cruise in the depths of space around 10 ABY.

Character History

Early Life

Much of his life was spent bouncing from space station to space stations where his mother frequently flew missions in order to provide for him. As many other children his age were spending time in schools or combat schools, Landon was learning the black world of smuggling, gambling, and piloting. By the time he reached his 16th Birthday he was already heralded as one of the best pilots when it came to smuggler work. His mother would soon pass away in a terrible chase in which Landon vowed revenge against the pilots who killed her. It was at this point he was approached by a Admiral of the Emperor's Hammer. His name was Jacob Van Nowak. Through Landon's rage, Jacob Van Nowak's Force powers were able to sense his location. Unknown at the time to Landon, Jacob Van Nowak would end up being his long lost half brother born to Dala Cruise and sold to an Imperial family at birth. Their connection to the Force was unusually strong and it was at this point Jacob recruited him into the TIE Corps.

92373ISD Hammer Banner LCM Cruise.jpg

Emperor's Hammer

TIE Corps

Landon Cruise started out his career in the TIE Corps under Dempsey. He was a quick learner and quickly rose up the piloting ranks. Through his time there he would go on to earn some of the highest merit medals in under a years time. After a short stay in Delta Squadron under Dempsey, Landon commanded his own Squadron named Alpha Squadron. This Squadron would ultimately make a name for itself by placing 1st overall in many competitions month after month, and leading all other Squadrons on it's ship in the annual Raise the Flag tournament. For Landon's commitment he would attain the rank of Major in under 9 months in the TIE Corps. His final achievement would be the earning the title of Top Gun which was held for nearly a decade by Brucmack. Towards the end of his career Landon started to her rumors that his rise to the top was threatening some in other fronts. It wouldn't be long before he would be attacked in an Imperial Space port while surrounded by other pilots. All in told Landon Cruise, Jacob Van Nowak, Drake Starfire, and Chrome were able to make it out of TIE Corps space and jump to the safety of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Space.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Once in DJB space, Landon would end up seeking refuge in Arcona under the guidance of Mark Schueler. The other pilots were taking time to gather their thoughts before officially joining the DJB. It was at this time Landon made several small contributions to Arcona. In the end Landon would find out that Mark Schueler was apart of the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff and his paranoia led him to believe Mark was trying to capture him in order to return Landon for his sentence from leaving the TIE Corps. It was at this time Landon abandoned the DJB and fled to the outer rim with his other buddies.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Scholae Palatinae

A year later an old pilot named Delak that once flew with Landon suggested Clan Scholae Palatinae. His brother also stated he had once held a spot with this Clan and they all decided to offer themselves to fighting with this Clan. Once there, the Emperor Xen'Mordin Palpatine asked Landon what it was he expected to get from his stay in the Brotherhood. Landon response was "To dive deeper into the Force. My whole life I have been a pilot with a strong connection to the Force, but I have never been able to fully explore the possibilities that might exist to me". The Emperor smiled and told him he was in just the right place. From that moment on, Landon devoted his life to the Empire.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Story of Landon Cruise’s ride to the light side.

Judecca Edge of the outpost

Delak Krennel and Cruise ran to the back of a crumbled outpost. Tired and worn from the hours of battling against Fallax’s new control over the Imperial military the pair ducked down from the laser fire. Lasers felt like they were coming by the thousands flying over their heads as they sat down behind the crumbling building that once housed the very troops who were firing at them. Cruise looked towards Krennel and nodded in his direction. Cruise didn’t have to say anything to Krennel, because Krennel could see what he meant with the nod through the Gray Jedi’s eyes. After all they were fighting against a force that just weeks earlier was loyal to them. Now under a corrupt Emperor who was so easily blinded by the power of the Dark side that he could lose sight of the staying true to the loyal members who helped him protect his Clan even when the times were tough. Krennel didn’t have to understand the nod in Cruise’s eyes to see the resignation. After all this was the same man who had slowly descended from the Dark side and venturing into the Gray side of the Force. He brought unconventional tactics while in the summit that some approved of in the Clan and others didn’t quickly became enemies with the man. Either way he knew it was over. Landon Cruise was done with the Dark side haunting the Clan and reaching out for something loyal, of peace, and more aligned with helping balance the Force.

Suddenly off in the distance the sound of footsteps could be heard running up to their position. As Krennel jumps on the defensive and draws his lightsaber, Cruise sits there slowly meditating with his eyes closed.

“Calm down Krennel, they are with us.” Cruise said still sitting there patiently with his eyes closed. Within seconds Corm Wagglehorn and Alara Deathbane came around the corner.

“How did you know?” Krennel asked looking at Cruise in disbelief. “The Dark side can cloud even the strongest of minds as you can see what has happened with our Emperor.” Cruise said as he nodded towards Corm and Alara.

“So what is the game plan against Fallax now that they have our Forces? I have tried different avenues with Alara and I still think there is a strong shot we can attack them head on in order to reach Fallax. The military might should be loyal to Kell if we can find him and defeat Fallax. New Dawn will fall hard.” Alara said.

“Yes I agree. Last thing I heard before the transmissions died was Kell was close to the Imperial Palace, but that was hours ago. I have a location grid to his last known coordinates so we can make our jump there. The four of us can easily manage a Platoon of troopers if attacked. Any more and we will have to make a break for it.” Corm explained.

“He isn’t listening. Look at him.” Krennel said pointing at Cruise who was staring up into the sky as if looking for something further from all the chaos and corruption that had ravaged the Clan through the past.

“What are you talking about Krennel?” Alara said confused.

Corm began to walk towards Cruise and put his hand on his shoulder as if beginning to understand what was happening. “I think I always knew this day would come. You always were struggling with the Dark side. You Force sensitives are very different than myself in your balance of the Force, but I respect your decision if this is what you’re doing. You’re a good man Cruise and if it weren’t for my love of credits and battle, I would be with you. The Imperials pay too well for the time being and I love all the battles they like to muster up.” Corm said as Cruise embraces his fist in a deep arm shake.

“Corm, no words are needed my friend. You will always be great where ever you are. This is a journey I must take.” Cruise responded after giving a warrior like handshake.

Alara moved towards Cruise looking upset, but somewhat at peace at the same time. Her missions with Cruise in the past have been few and far between due to their differences in Houses, but the man had always been around at the Imperial Palace gatherings offering any insight that may be needed if she required it. The two of them while on different ends of the Force spectrum had similar tragedies happen in their life. The Force bond between them was strong and they both felt it, but never wanted to address it due to their own loyalties at the time to their respective houses.

“So this is it? Where will you go? What is your purpose if you leave your home?” Alara said to Cruise with a concerned look.

“I don’t know. Something is pulling me in a certain direction. Rumor is the Jedi made it off their planet after the Grand Master came after them and are evading in a Fleet. My path has always been in struggle with the Dark side that encompassed the Clan. I'm tired of all this corruption, malice, darkness, and chaos. My heart yearns for peace and that cannot be found here. My place is not with the Dark Side any longer. A stirring has begun inside my soul from the Force. I thought I could deal with the minor incidents here and there, but the Emperor is corrupted as you have seen when New Dawn easily used it to their advantage. My house leader is a puppet at his feet and will wait at nothing to take the throne when he gets the chance undermine the Sith. The Dark side tends to control those based on the greed for power. They will step over everyone in their path to it no matter what that person has done for them.” Cruise responded with great ease.

“I know. I always felt your connection there, but never wanted to believe it.” Alara said while hugging Cruise in understanding what the fallen Imperial Knight had said.

Cruise walked over to Krennel and almost instinctively they both snapped to and embraced each other’s right arms while pounding their fist into each other’s chest plates as the metal of their armor pierced the air.

“You will always be my brother. Your loyalty is without fault even if you do not approve of my path. Continue to harness your energy to walk the path that is in your destiny. Know regardless of what part of the Force your on that I am here for you brother.” Cruise responded as he let go and headed off into the heat of the laser fire being shot in their direction.

“How will you get off planet with the hangar and star fighters under Fall’s control Cruise?” Alara yelled out.

Cruise looked back and smiled. The name is Maximus Alvinius now Alara.

“I hear there are some legends waiting for me in a stolen ship by the name of Chrome. I’m going to go find out if it’s true.” Maximus responded as he lifted his fist in the air and ignited his blue light saber that gave off an alluring aura that instantly hit them and sent chills through their skin. They knew he was gone to the light side. His name change alone showed he wanted nothing to do with his past.

Physical Description

Maximus Alvinius stands taller than the average male with a stocky body type. His hair is cropped to a military type cut, and he has a braided beard. He is usually seen in his traditional Jedi Warrior armor with other accessories that represent the Imperial markings.

Image creation by Delak Krennel


  • Avid Bodybuilder
  • Thinks Rebel Spacecraft are better to fly in
  • Is a Jedi, but use to be a former Gray Jedi