Jason Kane

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Jason Kane
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

1 BBY (age 38)

Physical Description







180 lbs





Personal Information





Master Terish Val Exneant

Lightsaber Color(s):

Blue Single Armory

Lightsaber Form(s):



Srmory Lightsaber

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information


Known masters:

Zachary O'Maille



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Jason Kane is a Chiss doctor who hailed from the planet Csilla. A student of the Force as much as a student of medicine, he sought how he might further augment his natural abilities. He once followed only the path of a healer, but since parting ways with his master he has expanded his skill set to include Sith Alchemy, xenobiology, and Force-assisted augmentations.

Character History

Training and Service

His earliest medical training occurred upon his home planet of Csilla. Jason’s main desire was to heal the hurting, which drove him to greater standards of excellence. To this end, he constantly strove to be the best of his class, the most steady-handed with a knife, and the most knowledgeable young doctor within the military hospital where he was employed.


Surgeon: A Casualty of War

Not satisfied to sit in a hospital waiting for patients, Kane sought ways he could better reach those of greater hurt. To this end, the Chiss surgeon joined the military proper. This decision was supported by his parents and family, and before long, he found himself serving the interests of Csilla as a combat medic.

His service did not last long however, as with the loss of his unit, Kane was presumed dead and thus abandoned. Recovered by enemy combatants, the Chiss doctor was saved from certain death by the hand of a wise old Force User. The man recognized the Force potential within the young man, and from point forward took it upon himself to train Jason in the ways of the Force. This lasted several years before one day, his Master departed without explanation, leaving him abandoned once again. His former master did however leave behind records of suspected holocron locations, giving Kane the means to continue his education in mystical matters.


The Dark Brotherhood

While searching for holocrons across the galaxy, Jason Kane met many different people. Still, he did not allow himself to be distracted from the pursuit of knowledge. It was as he neared one of his prizes, he was approached by a Dark Jedi. The man at first tried to take the holocron, but after some prodding gave the object over to the Chiss. Smiling, he told the doctor that he knew of a place which contained a greater repository of knowledge, where he might learn more than he could hope about medicine, about the Force, and perhaps even about himself. After this, he was led to Clan Naga Sadow and Sepros by promises of the knowledge he sought.

After being accepted into the fold with Naga Sadow, Kane was transferred to House Marka Ragnos. He was assigned Zachary O'Maille as a Master, and began his walk towards greatness.

Physical Description

Jason Kane is a lean Chiss of average height. His dark hair, blue skin and crimson eyes are striking to non-Chiss but nothing special on his homeworld. Notable are the two gray stripes of hair just above his ears, but he is otherwise unremarkable for his species. He is normally seen in a black vest worn over simple street attire. Content not to be swept up in matters like combat, he prefers to appear quiet and unassuming while others go to battle.