Ira Ojiman

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Ira Ojiman
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

29 BBY (age 68)

Physical Description





1.78 m / 5'10"


62.23 kg / 137 lbs




Dark Yellow

Personal Information

Elyon de Neverse

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form I (Shii-Cho)



Chronology & Political Information

Diplomat, Jedi, Navigator


Aedile of House Sunrider

Personal Ship:



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Ira Ojiman is a Jedi from another era, though only schooled in his youth he holds tightly to the memories of his Masters teaching. As a boy during the early years of the Clone Wars he and his Master traveled into the Unknown Regions searching for a new home for the Jedi Order.

He has spent his life relying on his word and ability to communicate even with those he doesn’t share a common language with to mediate and find resolution to situations without conflict.

Character History

Early Life

Ira was born on Pantora, raised for the first few years of his life until his influence of the Force was discovered. From there he was taken to Coruscant to the Jedi Temple to begin his training as a Padawan.

When the time came he was assigned to a Master that would ultimately shape the course of the youths' entire life. From there he would begin training until the earliest conflicts of the Clone Wars.

Training For The Future

Master Vauwulk Ishti was a Bothan Sentinel Adherent who was widely known for his ability to predict future events. During the earliest moments of the Clone Wars he, like many others, was unable to overcome the influence of the Dark Side in hiding the events that led to the rise of the Empire.

He did however sense something had to be done. With this in mind he took steps to prepare and execute a journey into the Unknown Regions. His reputation became ruined as those who discovered his intentions labeled him a coward, deserter or madman.

Ira Ojiman believed his Master was right, the boy had been assigned to him due to their shared abilities to see ahead of what others would see. When the voyage was prepared, Ira disobeyed the Jedi and took flight with his Master.

It would be over fifty years before Ira would return to the Core Worlds.

Physical Description

Ira is tall for a Pantoran, and though his skin is the pale blue commonly seen amongst his species, he lacks any of their distinctive facial markings. He has shrewd dark yellow eyes, sits above a hawkish nose and maintains a well-groomed goatee with the rest of his face shaved clean and white hair kept short cropped. Ira's physique is that of a scholarly individual, a lithe figure with wiry muscle tone revealing a man in decent shape for his age.