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Vladet Taldrya Xavier
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Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.88 meters


84.82 kilograms





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Metallic Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):

Soresu, Makashi

Fighting Style(s):

Teräs Käsi, Klarin Chi

Chronology & Political Information


  • Quaestor (former)
  • Aedile (former)
  • Right Hand of Justice (former)

Rebellion Era, New Republic Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Dinaari, Clan Taldryan



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"I'll take a TIE Defender over a lightsaber anyday."
―Vladet Taldrya Xavier

Vladet Taldrya Xavier is a Dark Jedi and former Imperial officer and pilot who currently serves Clan Taldryan in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. After twelve years of Imperial service he was expelled from the Emperor's Hammer, an Imperial military faction in the Minos Cluster, for treason which resulted in a year of mercenary work where he discovered his rudimentary Force skills while engaged in combat against the New Republic military. He joined the Brotherhood to develop and expand his growing powers, although Vladet does not follow any particular Force philosophy; he views the Force as merely a tool which can be used to accomplish goals and objectives. He has served in various Brotherhood command positions including stints as the Right Hand of Justice, Aedile, and most recently is the longest serving Quaestor in Clan Taldryan history, a position he held for nearly four years before retiring in 31 ABY to take a break from the pressures of command.

Character History

Early Life

1 BBY to 15 ABY

Vladet Xavier was born into an upper-middle-class family in Nashal, Talus. His father, Captain Benedict Xavier was a distinguished Imperial Naval Pilot who flew numerous missions for the Old Republic and later the Galactic Empire. Benedict was one of the few TIE Bomber pilots who successfully flew more than ten combat missions without being killed - he was later one of the first test pilots for the Assault Gunboat. Vladet's mother was Lieutenant Natalie Xavier, a nurse in the Imperial Medical Corps. The two met when Benedict took a leave on the planet of Talus and they have been together ever since.

There was little doubt what Vladet would be doing in his life, having been trained in the Imperial Military way of life from as long as he could walk. Having access to military flight simulators from age six, he quickly perfected his flying skills. The local Corellian Sector Police (CorSec) unit even allowed Vladet to fly one of their Z-95 Headhunters on rare occasions, with the unit Commander being very impressed with young Vladet's natural skills. After two years of training in CorSec simulators the security force was dissolved and became the Safety Service which limited the time Vladet could train as the PSS was more interested in snooping than solving crimes. Vladet would not lose his piloting skills, however, and continued to train when he could until he was ready to graduate from school.

Vladet applied to the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV in 15 ABY when he turned seventeen years old. Due to his parents' backgrounds he was admitted without question and accepted to the Academy's two year plan which would allow him to earn a degree - Vladet's course of study would allow him to bypass the almost suicidal path of a standard TIE Fighter pilot.

Prefsbelt IV and the Outer Rim

15 ABY to 18 ABY

Vladet and other Cadets training at the Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV.

Vladet found life at the Imperial Naval Academy fascinating and exciting. He had been training on military flight simulators for many years but Vlad also found he had a passion for political debate as well. During his two years at the Academy he spent his time training in a large variety of TIE starfighters and other ships including transports, freighters, and even some Rebel and pirate starfighters. In addition he received officer, leadership, marksmanship, and self-defense training. After two years he graduated with a degree in Imperial Government and Politics and was eligible to serve as an officer aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. Vladet's passion for flying remained strong during his two years at the Academy and he requested a position in the Imperial Navy's Special Operations division. Due to his record and training, he was assigned to the Nebulan B Frigate Fury as a Lieutenant Commander.

The Fury's mission was to infiltrate pirate groups in the Outer Rim and break them up before they could become a threat to the Empire. This was accomplished with the Fury's two squadrons of starfighters which posed as pirates wanting to join the various criminal organizations located within the Outer Rim. Vladet flew as a Squadron Commander for the T-Wing squadron although he was considered a Wing Commander of the Fury's starfighter compliment which also included an R-41 Starchaser squadron. For over two years Vladet and his fellow "pirates" broke up dozens of criminal gangs and engaged with various New Republic reconnaissance forces who were probing the area.

While the Fury was keeping the Outer Rim as secure as possible the Galactic Empire began a number of changes. Following the Corellian Insurrection the New Republic continued to expand its territory while the Empire began to lose ground in the war - Vladet never saw much actual combat against the New Republic save for a few short skirmishes against New Republic patrols. Eventually the Fury was recalled back to the main Imperial fleet which was now under the command of Admiral Daala although most officers recognized Gilad Pellaeon as the true leader of the Imperial Remnant. Daala thought there was little need for valuable assets to be wasted in the Outer Rim so the Fury was reassigned to escort Daala's flagship while Vladet was transferred to the position of Flight Leader in a TIE Interceptor squadron based on an Interdictor Cruiser.

In Service of the Remnant

18 ABY to 21 ABY

Vladet was assigned as a Flight Leader in the 218th TIE Interceptor "Talon" Squadron stationed aboard the Interdictor Cruiser Stellar Web. Immediately following his assignment he was flown to his new ship to start his first Tour of Duty with the Imperial Navy proper. While Vlad thought the Empire was heading in the wrong direction he was nevertheless loyal to the Supreme Commander. Thankfully Daala gave the reigns of the Remnant to Pellaeon which improved things, at least for a while. Pellaeon was well respected throughout the fleet due to his strong loyalty to the military and the vast experience he gained while serving as Grand Admiral Thrawn's second-in-command.

The Interdictor Cruiser Stellar Web pulling a New Republic reconnaissance group out of hyperspace near Remnant space.

Vladet's first major combat engagement against the New Republic was nine days later when the Stellar Web was assigned along with the Imperial Star Destroyer Death's Hand to trap and destroy a New Republic convoy. While the convoy was successfully destroyed, Vlad's squadron commander was killed in the battle. Due to his impressive amount of kills in the skirmish, he was given command of Talon Squadron and over the next few months the Stellar Web was deployed in more and more combat engagements against New Republic forces. Vladet was very happy with his new job and was quite pleased when the captain of the Stellar Web promoted him to the full Naval rank of Commander. As the Imperial war machine rolled along, Vladet realized he had found his niche.

Over the next three years Vladet flew for the Imperial Navy in a variety of different roles - following the promotion of Admiral Pellaeon and the retreat of the Imperial fleet from the Core, Vladet participated in many small to moderate skirmishes between New Republic and Imperial forces. As the Imperial Remnant fled further from Coruscant, the number of battles decreased significantly. The Stellar Web saw more combat than any other Interdictor Cruiser in the fleet as it was often paired with Pellaeon's Chimaera in trapping missions of New Republic reconnaissance forces. During one battle the Stellar Web suffered major damage from a barrage of enemy proton torpedoes. The Cruiser was sent to a repair yard and Vladet's squadron was transferred to the Imperial Star Destroyer Judicator.

After several dozen combat skirmishes against the New Republic Vladet finally earned a promotion to the position of Wing Commander and the rank of naval Captain. The Judicator, under command of captain Brandei, was regulated to convoy escort which did not sit well with Vladet. Pellaeon was a great Supreme Commander but the Admiral seemed to try and avoid combat wherever possible instead of hitting weaker targets and trying to expand the Remnant back into the Galactic Empire. A year passed and one day the entire Remnant was shocked when it had discovered Fleet Admiral Pellaeon would be signing a treaty with the New Republic to cease hostilities. While the Pellaeon-Gavrison Treaty did not outline any surrender Vladet felt it would be the final nail in the Remnant's coffin. More and more worlds flocked to the banner of the New Republic while the Remnant was left with a relatively small amount of territory ruled by an ignorant Council of Moffs. This was the final straw for Vladet who resigned his commission in disgust and began looking for his own way to take on the New Republic.

Several Imperial Warlords were always looking for experienced officers and soldiers, but Vladet did not find any he thought could accomplish their goals of overthrowing the New Republic. It was a few months later when he ran into a handful of on-leave Imperial pilots in a bar on the planet of Stornial. They belonged to the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps, based off on Aurora Prime in the Outer Rim. Vlad had heard offhand that they had possessed a Sovereign-class Star Destroyer and with their growing numbers and constant engagements with New Republic forces, he figured they were worth joining. He accompanied the pilots back to Aurora Prime where he officially joined the Emperor's Hammer.

The Emperor's Hammer

21 ABY to 26 ABY

Vladet flew an Assault Gunboat for the majority of his career in the Emperor's Hammer.

Even though he had to take a rank demotion from Imperial Navy Captain to EH Lieutenant, Vladet was reasonably happy with his conditions. He served in the Emperor's Hammer for nearly four years holding a wide variety of positions. He was first assigned to Wing XIII's Valkyrie Squadron, stationed aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Grey Wolf. As a Flight Member there he quickly proved himself by piloting an Assault Gunboat in many combat missions, keeping the New Republic out of Emperor's Hammer space. Vladet was promoted up to the position of Flight Leader in Odin Squadron in Wing XIII before being given command of Crusader Squadron. He served as Crusader Squadron Commander for well over a year and got promoted up to the EH Naval rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After stepping down as Squadron Commander, he served a brief stint in the elite Avenger Squadron before receiving a huge promotion to the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff.

Vladet was promoted to the position of fleet Security Officer (CS-9) and the rank of Rear Admiral. He served as the Security Officer for nearly a year during which time he introduced many new reforms into the fleet such as creating the new position of Judge Advocate General (JAG) and updating the EH Codes of Conduct, among other things. Near the end of his tenure as Security Officer, Vlad was promoted up to the prestigious Emperor's Hammer rank of Fleet Admiral although it didn't mean much to him by that time. In his high position he noticed the Emperor's Hammer was falling apart. The final straw was when his close friend and mentor Sector Admiral Khameir Sarin was dismissed as the fleet's Executive Officer. Vladet resigned his position shortly after and returned to the line ranks as a Colonel, trying to re-discover the thrill of combat. After a brief command hiatus he was chosen to become the next Wing XIII Commander aboard his old ship the ISD Grey Wolf. His command did not last long.

He received a holonet transmission from another old friend, Khadgar, who was starting up a new Imperial remnant on the planet of Archoron. With the Emperor's Hammer disgusting him more each day, Vladet lent his expertise and some personal resources to help the new Imperial Dominion start up. While he knew "Grand Admiral" Astatine was driving the EH into nothing, Vlad was loyal to the Grey Wolf in which he had served on for all of his EH career (with the exception of his stint as Security Officer, although he visited the Grey Wolf frequently) and was eager to bring the ship back to its former glory. He decided he could still serve "The Home of Legends" while lending support to his friends and their new Imperial organization which would work to take on the New Republic.

The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Grey Wolf served as Vladet's home in the Emperor's Hammer for the vast majority of his career there. It was the most active and dedicated ship in the Hammer's fleet before it was decommissioned following Vladet's expulsion.

The Imperial Dominion's infrastructure was about halfway complete when news of the new Imperial group reached the ears of Grand Admiral Astatine. The Imperial officers involved in the setup of the Dominion knew they could face expulsion from the Emperor's Hammer for this, given Astatine's unbalanced behavior, but Vladet still carried on with his new Wing Commander responsibilities. The night before he could give an opening address to his Wing, Vladet was in the officer's bar and lounge of the Grey Wolf with his good friend Joey C, who happened to be the newly appointed Commodore of the Star Destroyer. After several rounds Vlad received an urgent message from some of his contacts around the fleet. During his tenure as Security Officer, Vladet had built up a very large information network inside and outside of the fleet. His contact within the Command Staff offices aboard the SSSD Sovereign had alerted him that Astatine had just issued an order to the Intelligence Division and Internal Security Bureau to remove all fleet access for about a dozen individuals all connected with the new Imperial Dominion. Joey and Vlad knew their time was over in the Emperor's Hammer and immediately started following their emergency contingency plans to escape EH territory. After a farewell shot at the bar they immediately gathered their personal belongings and fled the Aurora system in their personal transports. One hour later, EH internal security moved in on the ship and created a lock down. The Grey Wolf and many other ships around the fleet would not recover from this mass expulsion and were decommissioned shortly after.

Vladet traveled to the Archoron system where the Imperial Dominion was being established but his stay there would be limited. Over the next several months Vladet trained in ground combat and leadership tactics in order to lead special operation units against the New Republic and was commissioned as a Field Marshal in the Dominion Army. While he would take the "mere" rank of Captain in the Imperial Navy proper over what was really an over inflated warlord rank, the Imperial Remnant was still adamant of avoiding confrontation with the New Republic. Vladet's tenure in the Dominion was short lived, however, when several months after joining he returned to Archoron after a covert mission against a New Republic supply facility. Shortly after landing a large detachment of the New Republic Navy dropped out of hyperspace above the planet and began to entrap the Dominion forces. While the Dominion was led by some of the most experienced military officers in the sector, the infrastructure of the organization was not fully running yet and there were still some staffing difficulties. The Dominion forces tried to beat back the Republic forces but it was no use as the strength of the Republic Navy and the surprise of their attack overpowered the frantic Dominion military. All Vladet could do was take to the skies in an Assault Gunboat and unload his warheads before escaping from the Archoron system and the complete and utter destruction of the Imperial Dominion, of which only a few dozen out of thousands survived or were not taken prisoner.

Sword of the Empire

26 ABY to Present

Completely distraught, Vladet felt, for the first time in his life, that he had no purpose. The New Republic was expanding throughout the known galaxy and every trace of the old Empire was beginning to fade away. He was a military man through and through and he even briefly considered defecting to the New Republic thinking that serving in a proper military was better than nothing at all. While the idea had merit he severely doubted the Republic would welcome him with open arms - Imperial defectors were always welcomed in the days of the Rebel Alliance but now that the rebels had turned into a legitimate government it would be much more difficult to be accepted within their ranks, especially with all of the New Republic pilots he had killed in combat. Vladet decided to try mercenary work for a while, earning credits and striking against the New Republic whenever he could. While most of his work involved battling with brigands and pirates, he was able to strike at weak targets - mostly supply depots - to help further the true Imperial cause.

During one particular mission he was engaged in a firefight with New Republic troops near an intelligence outpost he was supposed to destroy. Vladet was always proficient with blaster weapons despite rarely using them for some reason but this battle seemed different to him. His accuracy was so high that within twenty minutes he had eliminated an entire platoon of soldiers while barely suffering shield damage. A month after the intelligence outpost was eliminated he ran into a very old friend, Khamier Sarin. He had not seen Sarin for over a year although he later learned their meeting was no accident. Sarin had detected his rising Force sensitivity and offered him a position in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood of which he was the Deputy Grand Master. With little else to lose he followed Sarin back to Antei and began his training to help further his powers so that one day he could be a true asset in returning the Empire to its proper place in the galaxy.

He was first assigned to House Exar Kun in Clan Plagueis where he developed his initial powers. In Plagueis he concentrated on studying the ancient texts of the Brotherhood and slowly developed as a Dark Jedi. Shortly into his training, Vladet became bored with his superiors and fellow Jedi, claiming them to be "inferior." With the Rite of Supremacy approaching, Vladet knew he could not prove himself if he were to remain with Clan Plagueis. Using his contacts he managed to transfer into the elite Clan Taldryan the day before the Rite started.

Vlad quickly showed his worth to Taldryan, amassing a large amount of honor and points for his new Clan. Following his impressive performance in the Rite of Supremacy, he was promoted to Aedile and eventually Envoy of House Dinaari. He did not have time to enjoy his promotions due to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Antei system. While he was now a leader of the Clan, Vladet felt his skills as a starfighter pilot would better serve Taldryan during the war. He led numerous squadrons into battle against the Vong (and eventually other Clans as well), piloting a shielded TIE Interceptor. While the war only lasted about a week, Vlad earned his promotion to the prestigious rank of Dark Jedi Knight and was able to finish building his personal lightsaber. It wasn't too long after being Knighted that Vlad was also elected to serve as a Magistrate to Grand Master Sarin.

Despite the best efforts of Taldryan, who was easily the most powerful and successful Clan during the war, the Yuuzhan Vong were able to capture the Brotherhood stronghold of Antei and drive the remaining forces of the Brotherhood into retreat. During Taldryan's fleet consolidation, Dinaari's Quaestor, Sithspawn "Ziggy" Taldrya, resigned from his position. Rising to the position of Dinaari Quaestor, Vladet continued to serve Taldryan while concentrating on his studies in order to further advance his powers for the Imperial cause, passing into the ranks of the Equites shortly after Taldryan's withdrawal from Brotherhood controlled space. After serving as a leader of House Dinaari for an extended period of time he was accepted as the Right Hand of Justice in the Chamber of Justice; he served in this position for a year, prosecuting criminal activities within the Brotherhood.

While Taldryan was consolidating its power in the Kr'tal system, a group of ex-Peace Brigade personnel led by Admiral Jesec Dirium invaded the Rybanloth System to try and recover a power Jedi artifact. Vladet, now Quaestor of Dinaari for two years, personally led Taldryan's starfighters into battle against the well-equipped pirate force. Piloting a TIE Defender in Dagger Squadron, Vladet scored a handful of kills in the engagement while protecting Taldryan's cruisers from enemy torpedoes. Clan Taldryan emerged victorious after a long battle, suffering minimal casualties. The pirate forces were completely destroyed save for Jesec Dirium; the pirate leader was captured and interrogated for information. Following the Battle of Rybanloth, Vladet was promoted to the rank of Obelisk Prelate for his leadership and combat prowess. Following the short war with Dirium's pirates Vladet focused on preparing his House and Clan Taldryan for the upcoming war with the Yuuzhan Vong as the Brotherhood would no doubt attempt to retake Antei. As Taldryan and the rest of the Brotherhood began preparations for total war, Vlad began resigning himself for one last glorious battle before he retired from active leadership, having held the position of Quaestor in Taldryan longer than any other member. During the campaign to retake Antei Vladet initially led the starfighters of Taldryan in securing space for the Brotherhood and later led multiple campaigns on the ground, heading up Jedi strike forces deep into enemy territory. Near the end of the war against the enemy Jedi he flew a TIE Defender near the Dark Hall on Antei in order to finish off any remaining enemy forces during the final battle. Following the war he returned to the Taldryan flagship in order to finish up his final paperwork. Two weeks after the Brotherhood claimed victory on Antei, Vladet resigned from Quaestor of House Dinaari in order to take a break from leadership in the Clan. For his efforts as Quaestor and as a leader during the retaking of Antei, he was awarded a Sapphire Blade and given a promotion to the rank of Obelisk Exarch. He now serves a regular member of the Clan, eager to advance Taldryan's interests in the galaxy.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Vladet is a fairly lightweight and tall Human with blue eyes. He used to wear his black hair very short until he joined the Emperor's Hammer where he let it grow out a little. Having grown up in an Imperial family and serving in the military for a long time he prefers to wear uniforms with a slight military flair. He does not like wearing long robes or any excessive amount of clothing, so unless it has a paramilitary look Vlad will most likely not wear it unless absolutely necessary (i.e. formal occasions). In addition to the lightsaber hanging from his utility belt, the former pilot always has a light blaster pistol near his right hip and a vibroblade tucked into his right boot.

Personality and Traits

Cold and calculating is what most members in Taldryan would describe Vlad as. Most people who have served with him have rarely seen him smile although once he is off duty he is far more relaxed. While working Vladet demands the best and can seem socially distant although this depends on who he is around. He also walks with military precision in public, although he relaxes this practice in private, especially among his peers. An interesting note is that Vlad does not really like Jedi, Dark or Light. He sees the Force as a tool that can be used to achieve various things, good or bad. Many years of military service have made Vlad perhaps one of the most rigid and disciplined Jedi to be in the Brotherhood, although his military nature has slackened a bit over the years. Strategy and precision is what he relies on, rather than emotion and raw power like most Dark Jedi. The Force, while a useful tool, is just a tool and nothing more. Vladet does not believe in the dependency of any one thing for eventually it will be exploited, just like the Yuuzhan Vong exploited the Brotherhood's reliance on the Force during their invasion of Antei.


Unlike a lot of Dark Jedi, Vladet does not spend a lot of time developing his muscles and physical strength. Despite his training as an Obelisk ground warrior, Vladet prefers a support role in combat such as healing, enhancing his allies' abilities, or using the Force to enhance his skills with light arms. While the former Imperial officer works hard developing his lightsaber and Force power skills, he still prefers the thrill of flying starfighters over fighting with his hands and lightsaber. Since discovering his connection to the Force he has happily integrated his new found Force abilities with his expert piloting skills. Aside from being trained in almost all types of starfighters, Vladet is also certified to pilot most light transports and freighters, and has sufficient skill in capital ship warfare to command a battle in a pinch.

Behind the Scenes

Trivia & Miscellaneous

  • Became a "Son of Taldryan" on June 30, 2009
  • Earned a Tally for Best New Member of Clan Taldryan (2007)
  • Has earned the following Clan Taldryan Awards:
    • Claw of Dinaari (5/13/07)
    • Crescent of Ektrosis [x2] (11/06/08, 5/20/09)
    • Mark of Honor (11/06/08)
    • Star of Archanis (5/20/09)
    • Keirdagh's Fortitude/The Cross of Yacko (5/20/09)
  • Highest EH Rank: Fleet Admiral
  • Was the last Envoy of House Dinaari before the Society was dissolved
  • 1st Place - 2008 Clan Taldryan Feud (Individual)
  • 6th Place - Ninth Great Jedi War (Individual)
  • Has created three (3) featured articles for the DJB Wikipedia:
    • Vladet Taldrya Xavier - this DJB character article
    • Jesec Dirium - a pirate warlord that Taldryan battled in the "Swift Justice" campaign (NPC)
    • Travik Korr - Taldryan's Surface Marshal (NPC)

The character of Vladet Xavier was originally created in 2002 and has undergone many different changes over the years. It took a while for the author to come up with a suitable name for the character, which originally was "Vladimir" - however, after much contemplation it was changed to "Vladet" in order to be more unique (Vladet is pronounced "Vla-debt"). While the character has changed multiple times in order to accompany the different online organizations the author has belonged to, Vladet was always a career Imperial officer and pilot who ended up in the Emperor's Hammer. After being expelled from the EH for "treason" the character joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild (a subgroup that had split from the EH earlier) but the BHG was dissolved a year or so later. After joining the DJB the character was discovered to be Force sensitive while on a hunt but this part of the character's history was deleted as the author found Bounty Hunter/Jedi hybrids cliché, overused, and boring. Vladet's years in the BHG were fictionally replaced by a brief mercenary stunt in order to make the transition to the Brotherhood.

DJB Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib Aedile of House Dinaari
27 ABY
Tarax Eosphoros Kor
Sithspawn "Ziggy" Taldrya Quaestor of House Dinaari
27 ABY 31 ABY
Tarax Eosphoros Kor
Daniel Goad Right Hand of Justice
28 ABY - 29 ABY
Astronicus Aurelius Sadow