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August 9, 1985(1985-08 -09 ) (age 34 )


Houston, TX


Houston, TX

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5' 11"


170 lbs





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Software Engineer



  • Writing
  • Board Games
  • Coding
  • Roleplaying Games
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This is for the Real Life person behind Terran Koul and Invictus. For the fictional characters, see Terran Koul or Invictus.

Brief History

Born in Texas, Locke is a military brat and moved around frequently as a child. He spent the majority of his childhood in southern California, Oklahoma and Texas, giving him an appreciation for a variety of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. He attended college in Texas for two years, where he pursued a degree in Western Philosophy before having to withdraw for financial reasons. He has worked a variety of jobs in several fields, from waiting tables to construction to technical support. He finally found his niche in software development and has since pursued a career as a Software Engineer.

He first saw A New Hope on television as a child, and spent countless hours pretending to be Han Solo. His interest petered off for a time, but was reignited in fourth grade when he picked up a second-hand copy of Heir to the Empire. He read it every free moment for the next few days, then begged his parents for the sequels. He was hooked on the Galaxy Far Far Away.

Dark Brotherhood

As an adolescent, Locke became addicted to various flight simulators, most notably X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. When he wasn't at school or asleep, he practically lived on the Internet Gaming Zone, honing his skills. In time, he was recruited to the Emperor's Hammer, where he became a member of the TIE Corps and commanded his own squadron before joining Praetorian. As he grew more engrossed in the Emperor's Hammer, he enlisted in the Fleet Corps, the Imperial Senate and, eventually, the Dark Brotherhood as well.


His activity in the Brotherhood was minimal until after the Exodus, as he had often viewed his membership in the Dark Brotherhood as ancillary to that of the TIE Corps. However, upon seeing the injustices that were rampant throughout the Emperor's Hammer, he decided to leave behind the TIE Corps and join the now-independent Dark Brotherhood. Since then, he has been a member of three Clans and served in various positions throughout the Brotherhood, in addition to a few years spent Rogue to concentrate on real life. While he still cherishes the time he spent in Taldryan and Naga Sadow, he has found a permanent home amongst Clan Arcona.

Past Positions

Locke has held the following positions in the Dark Brotherhood, some of them on multiple occasions. For further details, please refer to his dossier.


  • Earned nine Novae in Great Jedi War X, three of them Gold
  • Helped lead Arcona to victory in Great Jedi War X
  • Earned two consecutive Seals of Loyalty and two Sapphire Blades for his service to Arcona

Notable Contributions


  • Oversaw the original revision of the ACC's Combat Guide in 2004
  • Participated in the CS 2.0 project
  • Created Void Squadron
  • Spearheaded the rewrite of House Qel-Droma's background and narrative


Written Works