Tirna Q'jira

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Tirna Q'jira
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Empress Teta

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1.7018 meters


62.142 kilograms







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Dark Jedi


Member of House Satal Keto

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TIE Defender Morsul

  • 1839 (Original)
  • 356 (EHDB)
  • 10373 (Current)
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Physical Description

Of average height, Tirna possesses an incredibly slender build, small of bone and breast. Her features are finely wrought, delicate and regal in their shaping. Her features seem ageless, her face framed by an uneven mess of white hair that almost floats with a life of its own. Her eyes are gray, tinged with a hint of strange amethyst, their sharpness belying the softer aspects of her face with a pained kind of knowledge and experience that gives her a far older look. Though slender, her muscles are firmly defined through her body, toned from years of physical activity, but trim and geared more toward agility and speed than brute force.

Dark Side Syndrome

Originally Tirna's hair was solid black. When an ancestral spirit came to her through the Force he turned the lock of hair at her left temple white with his touch. As Tirna became steeped deeper in the mysteries of the Force and of the Dark Side her hair gradually became fully white as she mastered the higher principles as a Dark Side Adept.


Basic Clothing

Typically Tirna can be seen wearing the simple black hooded cloak of a Dark Jedi, clasped shut with the talisman of her Order. Beneath the robes she wears simple black clothing, the shirt sleeveless and knit of a soft, but strangely durable fabric that hugs her frame without hindering movement. Her pants are made of an equally sturdy fabric that seems to flow with her movements, just loose enough to allow complete freedom of movement without allowing them to be snagged, a simple black belt with a silver buckle cinching them around her waist. Her boots are made of sturdy hide, treated to be water-proof and polished to a brilliant shine often associated with military service. The toes are reinforced with metal plating, the soles thick and textured to provide excellent traction.


Black Quarterstaff

Smooth pure black onyx twists and braids within itself from the chaotic throes of the stave's head, surrounding a jewel of purple ice, each beam of light that managed to penetrate the lawless labyrinth exploding into a magnified and prismatic burst of color. From the mesmerizing head of the staff the onyx fuses into smooth silken form, sleek and lethal as it flows down to form an entity of nearly two meters in height. Coldly it gleams, beckoning unwary opponents to their eternal doom.

Throwing Daggers

Found nested within Tirna's sleek boots, these twin daggers are deceivingly simple on the exterior. Their hilts are simple black, a silver line coiling in a downwards spiral to the top of the deadly blade. Carefully balanced these daggers have seen many battles, their well polished exterior still betraying signs of wear in the form of nicks and scratches that simply could not be polished away. Lastly, though unknown to most, the blades have been carefully coated with an extremely rare and fast-acting narcotic that often causes hallucinations upon entering the victims' bloodstream.


Sleek and slender, made from mainly silver components, this standard lightsaber gleams and glitters with every light that touches it. Hints of black can be found here and there, though they are few and far between. The emitter end can be often seen with a deadly silver blade announcing its presence just prior to its introduction.










Early Life

Youngest daughter of the Tetan Nobility, Tirna was never slated to rule the Empress Teta system, and as such grew up with little in way of responsibility. She was taught proper court mannerisms and etiquette as was due and proper for her station, but was more often than not merely a show piece during festivals and official business, a silent observer to all that happened around her and for the most part ignored by her elder siblings.

Left to her own devices Tirna became quite bookish, often disappearing for long stretches to the large libraries her rank afforded her. No topic was too inane or advanced. The Tetan Princess devoured them all with a hunger long abandoned by her elder sisters, all too often consumed with their own vanity to care about the things their younger sister had to share with them.

Tirna was fortunate enough to find a kindred spirit in one of her uncles, who found her hunger for knowledge endearing, himself a scholar. He supplied her with further knowledge in the ways of the world, teaching her of politics, economics, social studies, and as she grew older finding her teachers to guide her in the more physical aspects of knowledge, arranging for a variety of instructors to guide her in martial arts and weapon usage.

All seemed quiet and normal in the life of this young Tetan noble.

Introduction to the Force

At the tender age of fourteen Tirna was introduced to the mysteries and lore that are the Force. Awoken from a deep and dreamless sleep by a mysterious voice, Tirna followed it as it led, her young curiosity and craving for knowledge outweighing any common sense or fear the young Tetan might have had. The voice led her down unfamiliar and disused corridors into a room that was small, but held a number of dusty tomes and strange artifacts, long forgotten by the society above.

It was in this room that Tirna got her first glimpse of the owner of the voice. The owner appeared to be a young man somewhere in his late twenties or perhaps early thirties. Curiosity turned to panic as she got her first glimpse of what was apparently a ghost, for his form seemed to glow with a semi-transparency that one might associate with a holo-projection.

Even as she turned to flee, however, the voice stopped her, his Will forcing itself upon her own and ceasing her steps.

"You look so much like her."

Curiosity once again rose in the teenager, and she slowly turned about to face the dark-haired and -eyed ghost once again, her black hair swirling loosely about her nightgowned form. The query was inevitable, and even as she asked the question the ghost's lips quirked in a mysterious grin. Her turned out to be his cousin, the name of whom he would not reveal to the young Tirna. As for his name, he asked her to merely call him Grandfather and that in time he would reveal his true name—and indeed her true heritage—to her.

He had reached out to run his fingers through Tirna's loose locks at that point, turning a single lock of hair at Tirna's left temple pure white, the alabaster in sharp contrast to her otherwise sable tresses. He played upon her love of lore and knowledge and began guiding her through several of the dusty tomes that lined the room, seeming every bit the caring mentor as he began to instruct her in the lost arts of the Krath.

It was a night that would change Tirna's life forever.

Lost Art of the Krath

For two years Tirna would study under this mysterious mentor known only to her as Grandfather. The white lock of hair became the brief subject of much debate and curiosity, only to taper off as more interesting subjects came up in Court, simply becoming another mystery surrounding this quiet, mysterious, but otherwise unremarkable member of the Tetan line.

During the day Tirna continued her instructions under the tutelage of her benevolent Uncle, continuing to pursue her academic and physical studies to their fullest, as during the night Grandfather showed her mysteries she had never dreamed of and strange powers that she had never seen until thus shown. It captivated her, these strange abilities, and she began down the path of the Dark Side unwittingly, her curiosity drawing her like a moth to the flame.

Just as there were a number of tomes of lore within the lost library, there were also a number of artifacts. A pair of swords, several amulets, and a cloak bearing a strange talisman for it's clasp. There was even a strange, pyramid-shaped object, covered in runes and strange symbols that the young, would-be Krath could not decipher.

"All in good time," was all her Grandfather would tell her.


Time, however, was not something Tirna had. Somehow her eldest sister—Elsha—discovered what Tirna was up to during her nightly outings, letting word slip to the wrong party. Unbeknownst to Tirna, knowledge of the lost lore had been forbidden near aeons past and was punishable by one means: death.

Word of this turn of events got back to the now sixteen-year-old Tirna, who quickly procured a large satchel which she filled with all the tomes and artifacts her Grandfather had led her to, cushioning them only with a spare change of the simple clothing she kept on hand for more active tasks and the black cloak with its strange talisman, fleeing to her Uncle's.

Her uncle managed to secure her transport out of the system as a near stowaway aboard a cargo vessel, saving her life, but effectively exiling the now former Tetan noble in the process. Left stranded and nearly penniless on a strange planet after the cargo ship delivered its load, the young woman was forced to put her knowledge and skills to work in the real world for the first time, in the end forced to use her body to gain a place to sleep and a job that would keep said roof over her head.

The next six months were a near blur for Tirna, so busy keeping the basic creature comforts within her grasp that all time to study the lore for which she had been exiled became non-existent. It was not until her Uncle was able to find her again and began to provide her some measure of financial security that once again Tirna was able to turn her eyes to the forgotten tomes that had gotten her here in the first place.

Thirst for Guidance

Without the spirit of her Grandfather to guide her in understanding the lore which she possessed, Tirna began to search for some other guidance to aide her in her quest for further knowledge. There were whispered rumors of an organization full of Force seekers, such as herself, and the young woman began to pursue them with all the wits and resources at her disposal.

Ironically, after a year and a half, it was not she who found them, but rather they who found her. A young, but intense individual by the name of J'Lek Arcanos approached her after hours in the bar she was currently employed in. He told her of the Dark Brotherhood, a group of like-minded individuals seeking knowledge and power through the Force, just as she was.

His words were smooth and precise and his intense gaze bespoke of the sort of power and knowledge she was seeking. Without much thought she found herself agreeing to go with him, and to become his student. It did not take her long to gather her things—she had still only what little she had brought with her from Empress Teta—and they departed for Eos in the blackest part of the night.

The Dark Brotherhood


Positions Held


None Dark Hand of Ebon Cloak Phyle
06-12-02 to 09-13-02
Ktulu Mizheray
J'Lek Arcanos Tetrarch of Ebon Cloak Phyle
09-13-02 to 02-25-03
Mike Christu
Loor Rollmaster of House Acclivis Draco
12-12-02 to 02-25-03
N/A Judge to the Krath Combat Center
12-09-02 to 04-14-03

Post-Exodus (Emperor's Hammer)

Unknown Magistrate to the Chancellor
06-18-03 to 03-14-04
J'Lek Arcanos Tetrarch of Drynwyn's Flame Phyle
08-07-03 to 09-26-03
Klaus "Outsider" Steiner
Unknown Aedile of House Acclivis Draco
09-26-03 to 01-01-04
Unknown Magistrate to the Krath High Priest
11-11-03 to 02-18-04
J'Lek Arcanos Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco
01-01-04 to 03-14-04
Unknown Praetor to the Krath High Priest
02-18-04 to 04-20-04
N/A Prime Adjudicator of the Dueling Institute of Eos (DIE)
02-18-04 to 06-01-06
Shadonyx Chancellor on the Dark Council
03-14-04 to 01-06-05
Unknown Aedile of House Dominatus
04-24-05 to 03-16-06
Jeron Darkonis Quaestor of House Dominatus
03-16-06 to 06-01-06

Post-Exodus (Dark Jedi Brotherhood)

Orv Dessrx d'Tana Aedile of House Galeres
12-16-08 to 03-05-09
Etah Idanian

Outstanding Achievements

  • Assisted in the creation of the Ebon Cloak Training Program, a predecessor to the current Brotherhood wide training system used today.
  • Became Chancellor at the rank of Krath Priest.


  • Tirna created the second Phyle of House Dominatus: Alatus. It means Winged in Latin.