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Ektrosis Temple
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The Ektrosis Temple is the former home of House Ektrosis, and the current home of Phoenix Phyle. After House Ektrosis' merge with Dinaari to form House Taldryan, Phoenix Phyle Tetrarch Rian Aslar requisitioned the temple for usage by Phoenix forces. It has served Taldryan valiantly over the years, and happens to be one of the House's most prominent structures within the system. Captured after the occupation of the Kr'Tal System by Dark Jedi forces, the temple was used to serve as the base of House Ektrosis. A small Taldryanite military base surrounds the temple, ensuring it's safety and protection from unfriendly forces.


The Ektrosis Temple, originally called Kaibail Temple was constructed by Taruman natives circa 400 BBY. Several tribes came together to this specific structure, building it for the 'Overlord', the leader of all the Taruman clans. The construction took place near the Taruman Waterfalls, a series of large waterfalls that surround the area where the temple is located. The natives worshiped their Overlord, and had continued to work on the temple after his death. In total, the project took nearly seventy years to finish with the arachic technology that the Tarumans had for usage. For around four hundred years the natives used the temple for their own wishes, before the arrival of Clan Taldryan. The First Clan had started an occupation of the Kr'Tal System, and negotiated with the natives for use of the temple.

In return for safe haven from blaster and turbolaser fire, the Taruman people reluctantly gave up the prized masterpiece. Taldryan retrofitted the temple for Dark Jedi usage, installing a turbolift nexus in the center of the structure for easier navigation rather than large stone steps. House Ektrosis, the independent House from which Clan Taldryan was originally formed, was given the temple to use as a base of operations and headquarters. Ektrosis renamed the temple against the wishes of the native people, removing the name Kaibail and replacing it with Ektrosis. The surrounding area of trees - more than a full kilometer - were cut down and the land flattened, where construction started for military emplacements and buildings. A large hanger was constructed just under a hundred meters from the base of the temple stairs leading into the courtyard, where a compliment of starfighter craft, shuttles, and even some speeder bikes were stored.

Several air defense towers were constructed on the compound, as well as numerous other buildings for the protection and safety of Taldryan and it's resources.

Surrounding Area

Military checkpoint

Military Compound

The military compound on Taruma was constructed shortly after the arrival of the Clan and subsequent negotiation for use of the Kaibail Temple. Several large buildings are present on-site, including barracks, an extensive hanger, command post, storage, and a fully equipped armory. During the restructuring of Taldryan and the temple's command given to Phoenix Tetrarch Rian Aslar, troops and droids from Arkarso Regiment have were stationed on the planet to ensure that the House's assets remain under control of the House. Those duties now lay under the command of the Wardens .

Taruman Waterfalls


Sublevel 2:

The Technical Center is a chamber deep in the Temple’s structure. Staffed by members of the House's Technical division, the machinery in this chamber controlled electrical, water, and air circulation throughout the Temple. Smaller, satellite facilities such as repair centers and switch rooms were located throughout the Temple. It also has an access way into the main reactor.

Sublevel 1:

One of the Underground Training Dojos
Filling up the entirety of the first Sublevel, the training dojos were constructed in many different ways to give the user a different experience throughout the complex. Ranging from simple dojos to specialized combat arenas, these chambers often time had changing rooms and sanistreams located adjacent to the main combat room.

Level 1:

Side Entrance to the Temple
The Side Entrance to the Ektrosium Temple is the largest entry way from the Basement, located on the eastern wall of the edifice. Having been rebuilt over the time that Taldryan controlled it, it is giving direct access to the Temples Storage levels. Unlike the public areas of the Temple, the Storage Level was built to service utilitarian needs and therefore lacked much of the elegant beauty of the rest of the structure. Comprised of bare parallel hallways lined with storage rooms of various sizes, the halls were large enough to allow service vehicles to move freely to and from the storage vaults and the lower level service hangars. It is monitored constantly by a group of guards who stood at an established checkpoint station.

Level 2:

Located on the second Level the Docking Complex of the Temple is extensive and included several hangars and garage. The complex entrance guarded by ray shields and is alarmed. It is monitored constantly by a group of guards who stood at an established checkpoint station.

The main body of the complex was located below the Temple Court, as it was added into the lower part of the Temple Ziggurat. The lowest docking bays were reserved for the delivery hovertrucks which brought in all materials that could not be manufactured or grown at the Temple. Food delivery hangars were equipped with turbolifts that transported all food into the Storage Level; while other materials might be taken directly into the Temple proper via designated chutes.

Within the vehicle hangar of the Temple were stored personal starships, as well as vehicle pools that could be signed out by any member of the House.

Level 3:

Temple Atrium
The Council Spire Atrium is the designation of the public entrance at the base of the rooftop crowning the lower Ziggurat of the Ektrosium Temple on Taruma. The atria provided entry to an open hall lined with doors, which gave access to the chambers that made up the base of main complex of the Temple.

The third level also holds different kinds of establishments like the temple’s main security bureau, the detention area, a med bay and several research facilities

Level 4:

Constructed as a part of the Temple Ziggurat, the Temple Veranda was an area upon the roof of it. The interior part was carpeted in purple which covered the golden stone blacks that made up the floor. A large staircase led out onto an area upon which light poured through the transparisteel windows. The veranda walls were lined with balcony areas with wide sweeping staircases leading down to the main level.

It also served as a hub of activity for the Temple's rooftop. Granting access to the Ziggurat roof, the veranda was also used as training and sparing facility for the members of the House.

Level 5:

Erected on the fifth level the refectories of the Temple on Taruma were Member-run dining halls consisting of kitchens, eating areas, and gardens. Located on several different positions of the Level, the refectories varied in size and function, with some serving only specific meals. Each refectory's kitchen had direct access to the foods stored within the Temple's storage level.

Level 6:

A Journeymen Quarter
Located on the sixth level of the Temple, the accommodation sector occupied the floor directly above the temples refectories. Separated into several different areas, the sector was made up of Journeymen dormitories, the Knight's Billet, private rooms for the senior Members and Masters, and visitors' quarters for diplomats and politicians visiting the Temple. Like the rest of the Temple, the rooms had little furniture, providing only that which was necessary, and were pillared.

Level 7:

Situated on the seventh level of the Temple Ziggurat, the meditation area is generally cool, sun-drenched chambers in which the members of the House could meditate amongst the foliage and trickling streams. Filled with dense foliage and moist grottoes, benches lined dirt and stone paths that cut through the chambers. In some of the gardens, fish-filled ponds connected to a sandy beach, while butterflies fluttered over the gently lapping waters.

Level 8:

Located above the meditation area lies Taldryans Great Hall, an open room with tall windows and several pillars. Accessed by a turbolift and a staircase that spirals up from the lower levels, the chamber allowed those inside to have one of the highest and rarest views of the area surrounding the Temple. Using no artificial lighting, the chamber would be filled with sunlight during daytime ceremonies and the glow of the planets moons at night.

Level 9:

Located around the basement of the tower, the platform level is the most prestigious place Ektrosium Temple has to offer. Several meters above the Ziggurat’s basement the Temple's highest pinnacle platform allows beings to enjoy a spectacular view of the area surrounding the temple


Summit Tower:

A Summit Member Quarter
The Northern or Summit Tower holds the residences of the Summit members as well as other highly respected members, providing them more private accommodations. Located above the atrium to the Tower, the chambers were much more luxurious than those within the Ziggurat.

Main Spire:

Holotable within the Situation Room
Located in the main spire of the Temple, the Situation Room is a large circular chamber that filled an entire level of the Tower. Along the outer walls, large transparisteel windows granted a panoramic view of the surrounding outside. Equipped with state of the art tactical displays and HoloNet feeds, the Situation Room is said to rival the comm stations on the Houses flagship. The center of the chamber was comprised of a sunken dais upon which a large holotable rested. With a direct hook up to the Archives in the Library of Lears and Taldryan’s communication center on Karufr, the Tetrarch is always apprise of new information constantly pouring into the Temple.

Southern Spire:

the Antechamber of the Tetrarchs Office
The Southern Spire contained the Hall of Flames and the Tetrarchs Office. The Tetrarchs office containing a circular antechamber and the original office is located in the top level of the spire, while the Hall of Flames, a hall commissioned to serve as a place of Honor to those who have served the Phyle for a specific timespan, fills the two lower levels of the tower

Occupying Forces

House Ektrosis

The Wardens