Jaysun Adumarii

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Jaysun Adumarii
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description

Near Human




1.89m or 6 feet 2 inches


89kg or 196 lbs


Dark Brown



Personal Information

Braecen Kaeth, Cipher K'oranian Isradia

Lightsaber Color(s):

Single Bladed Lightsaber, Light Blue Blade

Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi


House Exar Kun, Clan Plagueis

Personal Ship:

The Hammer

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A gunslinger and rogue at heart Jaysun Adumarii was a crew member aboard a freighter until a cruel twist of fate changed his life forever. Seeking vengeance for the death of his one true love he hunted down her killer's and executed them without mercy. Seeking a place to fill the void in his soul he was given directions to a clandestine group of dark jedi on the fringes of the galaxy where he was initiated into the ways of the force, eventually becoming an Obelisk Templar in Clan Plagueis.

Character History

Reborn in Blood (1 – 18 ABY)

Jaysun was born on Coruscant to a prostitute working in one of the city planets many red light districts, his father an unknown freighter pilot or smuggler looking for a good time. Jaysun's earliest memory is sitting in an ever expanding pool of blood as his mother, a woman who's name he never knew, slowly bled to death, her throat cut from ear to ear.

His first three years of life were spent either playing on the floor or hiding in a small room when one of his mothers customers came calling. Not only was his mother a prostitute but she was also a
drug addict but for all her faults she loved her little boy with every fiber of her being. For three and a half years she cared for the young boy spending what little money she had on him, even giving up the drugs for the boys sake but just when everything seemed to be going well for the pair a client became violent and cut her throat in a fit of rage, leaving the boy alone.

When his mother finally stopped moving the young child, covered in blood with tears streaming down his face, wondered out of the small apartment and into the bustling city. Despite the planet being the most populous in the galaxy nobody seemed to notice the small boy wondering the halls of the towering skyscraper he and his mother had called home, a trait that kept one alive in the less than savory parts of the planet.

Lost and exhausted the young boy dropped to the ground and sat there. It seemed the boy was destined to sit there unnoticed until he simply ceased to exist when a shadow shrouded him in darkness. Looking up he saw a weather beaten face with a bulbous, oddly shaped nose and thick, oft split lips, the kind of face that would have sent the boy into fits of terror at any other time. But there was something about this man, his eyes were so kind and gentle that the boy couldn't help but trust him.

Scooping the child up he carried him to his home and handed him over to a plump woman with wispy brown hair who engulfed him in a comforting hug and cleaned him up before laying him down on a soft warm bed to sleep. The man's name was Amon Adumarii, a supervisor at a small plasteel manufacturing plant who had been on his way home from work when he noticed Jaysun sitting on the floor being ignored by all and sundry, the woman was his wife Sil.

The pair had been married for over twenty years but had never managed to have children of there own and when she heard Amon's tale of finding the blood smeared boy just sitting in the middle of the thoroughfare her heart broke and she insisted they do everything they could to ensure the boy grew up safe and loved. Knowing better than to argue with his wife when she'd made up her mind he promised to contact the authorities in the morning and get the ball rolling.

For the next month the authorities investigated the murder of Jaysun's mother but the murder of one prostitute was hardly a high priority for the overworked and understaffed officers assigned to that sector of the city planet and the culprit was never apprehended. There was better news however, as the Adumarii's were given permission to adopt the boy who they had named Jaysun, after Sil's father.

The Emerald Dream
From that moment on his life was filled with nothing but love and laughter. He attended school, dated girls, got into fights, all the things a normal growing boy did until he eventually grew into a happy, well adjusted young man. By the time he turned seventeen however he was no longer happy at home as some long dormant genetic trait passed on from his long forgotten father kicked in, a trait that made him want nothing more than to explore the stars. When he told his parents of his feelings they were understandably upset but would not stand in the young man's way of pursuing his dream. So, using his father's connections, Jaysun got work on a Gallofree medium transport called the Emerald Dream that plied the galactic trade lanes hauling cargo to and from Coruscant to the rest of the galaxy.

Learning On The Fly (18 – 21 ABY)

The crew of the Emerald Dream were an eclectic bunch to say the least. The captain, a man named Hoban Drakven, was an old Corellian and a former smuggler until 2 years in the mines of Kessel convinced him to go straight. A huge bull of a man who's muscles were beginning to turn to fat, he had long white hair that was pulled back tightly and tied at the base of his skull where it fell down to his mid back.

The ships Executive Officer was night to Hoban's day. A female Cathar named was Seleene, she was as deadly as she was beautiful and the instant Jaysun laid eyes on her he was smitten. It was Seleene who first taught Jaysun to pilot ships, beginning with the Dream's old shuttle. Never a natural pilot Jaysun found it difficult to pick everything up but after months of tutelage he became a fairly good pilot with enough skill to make it tough for the average fighter jock to vape him.

Gedin Min

Gedin Min was the ship's gunner and a crack shot with everything from a blaster pistol to a turbolaser battery. Like most Rodians Gedin was raised from birth to be a hunter, and he did it well. After making a name for himself during one of Rodia's seemingly endless stream of inter clan wars he left the planet to try his hand at bounty hunting. It was during a hunt that the Empire's injustices became clear to Gedin so forsaking his life as a bounty hunter he signed on to the Rebellion as an infantryman. Seeing action throughout the galactic civil war Gedin resigned his commission two days after the fall of Coruscant. Tired of conflict Gedin chose to join Hoban's crew as a gunner. It was Gedin who trained Jaysun in the fine art of marksmanship.

The remaining crew members were Fegrin Cade, the ships Duros navigator, and the ship's Besalisk cook Jax Plorenix. For three years the crew of the Emerald Dream traveled the space lanes stopping everywhere from Corellia to Nar Shaddaa and most ports in between. It was the life Jaysun wanted and he loved every minute of it. He'd even managed to convince Seleene to let him take her out to dinner on one of there stops and the pair went out in Coronet City when the Dream pulled into port. They enjoyed each others company so much they decided to make it a regular thing, eventually deciding to occupy Seleene's cabin together.

Life was ideal, Jaysun had a job he loved and a woman who loved him but all that changed in a hail of blaster fire and blood. When the Dream arrived back on Coruscant Jaysun took Seleene to meet his parents. The two couple's had dinner and talked into the small hours of the morning and despite an offer from his father to stay the night Jaysun insisted they leave and head back to the ship. A mistake that, in the end, cost Seleene her life. As they were making there way back to the space port they were stopped by a pair of young men, swoop gang members from there look, and told to hand over there valuables. Jaysun was in the process of getting his wallet when a flash of light coupled with the howl of a blaster pistol split the still night air. Moments later Seleene cried out and fell to her knees, a smoking crater in her back. With a scream of agony and rage Jaysun leaped for the man in front of him, his hands extended to choke the life from him, but before he could strike a fire erupted in his belly and he dropped to the ground. The next thing he knew he was staring out at his parents and Captain Drakven from the inside of a bacta tank.

Descent Into Darkness (21 ABY)

Seleene at the moment of her death
Following Seleene's cremation Jaysun spent the next five days drowning his sorrows in a succession of increasingly seedy bars in the bowels of Coruscant. Both Hoban and his parents tried repeatedly to get a hold of him but to know avail and, minus two crew members, the Emerald Dream left Coruscant to resume its business.

But Jaysun didn't care. He had a mission, a new goal in life. To hunt down the men responsible for Seleene's death and make them pay. Upon his release from the med facility the local authorities paid him a visit at his parents house hoping he could identify his attacker's. For hours he poured through the mugshots of every two bit criminal and stand over man on Coruscant finally telling the investigators he didn't recognize anyone, despite the fact that he did indeed recognize two of the mugshots and had committed the information accompanying each to memory. It was that information that led Jaysun to the dives he now occupied because they were known hangouts of the thugs he was after.

Nearly two weeks after Seleene's body was turned to ash Jaysun finally caught a break when one of the men entered the bar Jaysun was in. Moving to the rear of the establishment Jaysun found a booth shrouded in darkness and sat to wait for his prey to leave. For hours the man drank, played pool, flirted with women and tried to start fights until the frustrated owner kicked him out. Sliding silently from the booth Jaysun followed the man through the dark streets and alleyways until he turned down a narrow side street.

Pulling the blaster pistol he'd bought less than a week earlier from inside his coat Jaysun came up behind his target and pistol whipped him, the man dropping to the ground in a heap. Picking him up Jaysun threw him over his shoulder and headed back into traffic, appearing nothing more than a man carrying his buddy home after one too many drinks. Eventually Jaysun made it to the small one room apartment he'd rented and tied his victim to a chair.

After a short while his captive began to stir so Jaysun began to question him about the whereabouts of his friend. When no answer was forthcoming Jaysun picked up a large knife from a small table beside him and began removing finger after finger until, six digits and a lot of blood later, the man spilled his guts and told Jaysun where to find his friend. Wiping the blood from the blade Jaysun set it aside before he pulled his pistol from his coat, placed the muzzle against the mans forehead and squeezed.

Leaving the apartment Jaysun headed for the tower his next target was located in. Reaching his destination an hour later he began searching for the apartment his target was hiding in until he found it on the thirty seventh floor, a place the sunlight never reached. Approaching the door cautiously Jaysun pressed his ear against it and heard voices inside. Kicking open the door he burst in blaster drawn to find his intended target deep in the throws of passion with a young Twi'lek woman.

Yelling at her to leave she leapt of the bed, scooping up her clothes as she ran out the door screaming. Leveling his blaster at the young man on the bed, Jaysun held it steady as the man who'd
The Dark Woman
taken his one true love pleaded and bargained for his life, but Jaysun couldn't hear him. All he could hear was the sound of Seleene dying beside him and a voice, sounding remarkably like his own, screaming in his head to kill this man. With one quick pull of the trigger Jaysun sent a brilliant bolt of crimson energy straight into the young mans skull, ending his life.

With the deed done Jaysun had expected to feel some sort of closure or satisfaction, but he felt neither. Instead he felt hollow inside, as though his desire for vengeance and hate of the men who had taken his love had fueled him and with there death he had nothing more to drive him. Heading for the nearest bar Jaysun began to drown his sorrows in whiskey when a woman, her face shrouded in shadow, sat down beside him. She began to speak to Jaysun about what he was feeling and that she knew of a place where that empty pit in his soul could be filled and that, by filling it, he could tap into remarkable powers that would change his life forever. Slipping a small data card across the bar to him she rose and left.

Schools In Session (21 – 23 ABY)

For the next two weeks Jaysun drank himself into a stupor every night, picking fights with the roughest looking customers in the bar in the hopes that at least one of them would end his miserable life for good. It never seemed to happen however as something always stopped the beatings scant moments before he would have been killed, be it security forces turning up or bouncers throwing his current attacker out of the bar.

After the eighth beating it finally began to dawn on the young man that fate must have some other purpose in life for him. It was at this that he remembered his encounter with the woman in black and began to tear his crappy apartment apart looking for the data card she'd left him. Finally locating it under a half finished bottle of rum, he quickly downed the remains of the bottle and packed his meager possessions into a duffel bag and headed for the spaceport. With the small amount of credits he'd managed not to blow on booze he booked a passage to Corellia.

Arriving in the Corellia system with very little in the way of hard currency and no way to get off the planet Jaysun began looking for work, quickly finding a job in a foundry. Four the next eight months he worked hard , taking extra shifts whenever he could, to scrape together enough money to continue his journey into the unknown, even managing to quit drinking along the way. Eventually he had enough money to book passage to Nar Shaddaa thinking that if anyone knew about this place it'd be someone there.

When he arrived on the smugglers moon he let it be known that he was looking for a pilot to take him to a specific destination, no questions asked. His first reply came from a young Duros captain who, upon seeing the co-ordinates, promptly turned Jaysun down. This trend continued for another week and a half until a call from an old friend, one Jaysun never expected to see again, turned his luck around. Hoban Drakven, captain of the Emerald Dream and Jaysun's old boss, called telling Jaysun that if he really wanted to go Hoban would get him there.

The Emerald Dream arriving at the Shroud
After a handful of jumps the Dream arrived on the periphery of the Shroud. Hoban asked Jaysun one last time if this was really what he wanted to which Jaysun replied that it was so, with a sigh, Hoban ordered the ship to dock with the large space platform guarding the only publicly know entrance to the planetary system within. When the docking seal attached to the Dream with a bump and a hiss of atmosphere Jaysun said his goodbyes and left the ship.

Heading for the customs and information office Jaysun entered to see a young man in a crisp military uniform bearing a strange insignia he'd never seen before sitting behind a large console. When asked if he could help at all Jaysun handed him the data card and relayed the story of how he came to be in possession of it. After briefly scanning the information he gave Jaysun directions to an office two floors up. After a quick turbo lift ride Jaysun entered the office he'd been directed to and was greeted by a middle aged man dressed in robes like the ones he'd seen Jedi wearing in the old holo-drama's his parent's had liked to watch when he was young, only darker.

The Shadow Academy
After a brief conversation and a blood test, which Jaysun found slightly odd, he was informed that he had the ability to use the force and that was why the woman on Coruscant had made contact with him. When Jaysun asked if this place had anything to do with Skywalker's academy on Yavin the man smiled slightly and said they operated along different ideological lines that Skywalker and his ilk. It was at this time that Jaysun was offered the opportunity to join the ranks of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as the group was known, an offer the young man readily accepted and less than a day later he was aboard a shuttle heading for the Shadow Academy.

For the next six months Jaysun's life was nothing but physical and mental exhaustion as his body and mind were pushed to there limits by the instructors at the academy. While his control of the force took a while to develop he took to the combat training like a duck to water and it was suggested to him that he join the Brotherhoods martial arm, the Obelisk. Eventually it came time for him to join the Brotherhood proper and take his place in one of the Clans. With little to differentiate one Clan from another the new recruit decided to join Clan Exar Kun.

Arriving in the Acarr System Jaysun was assigned to a Bothan Dark Jedi Knight named Tarsk Lor'kar as an apprentice. The pair got along well and Jaysun learned quickly from his new master eventually rising to the rank of Jedi Hunter. He'd been a Jedi Hunter for a little over nine months and was in preparation for his trials of Knighthood when Clan Exar Kun was thrown into turmoil.

Rise To Knighthood (23 – 25 ABY)

Jaysun's master Tarsk Lor'kar
In 23 ABY the Crimson Tide, long time foes of Clan Exar Kun, attacked the battle depleted forces of Clan Satal Keto who at the time were allied with the Kunians. Rushing to the aid of Satal Keto the Dark Jedi of Exar Kun assisted there brothers in arms against the pirate forces of Calliban Crimson and for two days and nights the battle was fought until, battered and bloodied, the Tide escaped to lick there wounds.

Although they had secured a great victory both Clan's were decimated forcing the Star Chamber to take action. Grand Master Jac Cotelin ordered the remaining members of both Clan's to assemble on Antei for an announcement that would shape the fate's of both Clan's for generations to come. Invoking the Dictum of Two Skies the Grand Master merged the struggling Clan's forming a new, more powerful entity to be known as Clan Plagueis.

However it was not the Grand Masters only decree that day. While the new Clan had been founded that day the member's of both Clan's had to earn the right to join it's ranks, the weak had to be culled and only the strong would be given the privilege of joining. Even before Jac had finished speaking Jaysun had his hand resting on his blaster pistol's grip. As the Grand Master left the podium in a flourish of dark rodes Jaysun pulled his blaster from its holster and fired, putting a bolt of deadly crimson energy straight through Tarsk's skull.

For the next month Jaysun hunted and was hunted in turn. Managing to kill a handful of Journeymen Jaysun thought he was safe until a Dark Jedi Knight, formerly of Clan Satal Keto, began to hunt him down. For three days and nights Jaysun ran hiding when he could, fighting when he had to, until eventually he was cornered. With a dark smile on her face the Dark Knight approached him, saber drawn.

As she was about to strike him down a call rang out across the planet that the cull was now complete and that all surviving members were to make there way to the Dark Hall. After helping Jaysun to his feet she turned to leave when Jaysun pulled his blasters and opened fire, spraying her retreating form with blast after blast from his Westar 34's. After checking to see if she was dead he hurried to the Dark Hall were, along with his fellow survivors, he was inducted into Clan Plagueis. For his efforts during the trial of combat Jaysun was elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and quickly began construction of his first lightsaber.

Invasion And Reclamation (25 – 30 ABY)

Work in progress

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Jaysun's battle attire
Standing 1.98 meters or just over 6 feet 2 inches tall Jaysun is an imposing sight to behold. His broad shouldered frame carries his eighty nine kilograms of muscle with a hunters grace that one would not expect from a man his size. With short dark brown hair and a dark mutton chop beard Jaysun is a fairly distinctive individual who, to all outward appearances, seems to be as regular a Human being as the next man. It is when he flashes one of his trademark cocky grins however, that the truth about his parentage is revealed. He has slightly larger than normal canine teeth, a trait passed on from his father, whomever or whatever he may have been.

While he wears the formal robes of his rank during ceremonies and official occasions Jaysun is much more comfortable in an old pair of pants and a shirt. During combat however he dons his war gear. Beginning with a thick sleeveless coat that extends to his knees and a pair of tight fitting pants the outfit also features an armored breastplate that covers his upper chest and shoulders with a pair of spaulders covering the upper arm. Finished off with a pair of thick black combat boots and his gun belt and Jaysun is ready for battle.


Braggart, cocky, rogue, suicidal. All terms that at one time or another have been used to describe Jaysun Adumarii. A man of many talents, most of which he is quite happy to tell you about, Jaysun is a shoot first ask questions later type of man. Fiercely loyal, if he counts you as a friend there are no limits to the lengths he will go to in ensuring your safety and happiness to the point of recklessly throwing himself into harms way.

Personal Possessions


Jaysun's lightsaber

Jaysun's lightsaber reflects his choice of lightsaber forms. As a master of Form 1, or Shii-Cho, Jaysun required a lightsaber hilt that could be gripped in both hands comfortably to allow him to put as much power into his swings as possible. Up until recently however no such hilt existed within the armory of the Brotherhood. With the recent addition of the Zweihander model Jaysun has found a hilt that is not only comfortable to use but fits perfectly with his philosophy of strike first and strike hard.

Dual Westar 34 Blaster Pistols

Despite his skill with a lightsaber these pistols are Jaysun's first option in any fight. These blasters fire powerful bolts which are very effective at close range. The Westar 34 was designed specifically for sustained close-range use, utilizing its dallorian construction to absorb more heat letting the user fire sustained bursts over longer periods. With a twenty shot capacity per power pack the weapon can become empty fairly quickly however replacing the power pack is a fairly simple process ensuring the user is never out of the fight for long.

A280 Blaster Rifle

During large scale conflicts on open battlefields Jaysun wields this trusty rifle to great effect. While it masses nearly twice as much as the standard Imperial issue E-11 rifle the A280 is sturdier
Jaysun's modified TIE Bomber, The Hammer
and more powerful and is reputed to be able to cut a Stormtrooper in half at medium range. With a range of over 30 meters and the addition of a scope this is a perfect weapon for any soldiers arsenal.

The Hammer

Despite that fact that it looks like a standard TIE Bomber the Hammer is anything but. Acquired by Jaysun shortly after his ascent to knighthood the craft was little more than a wreck when he found it in a junkyard on Tatooine. The inside of the pilot pod resembles a standard TIE Bomber with one small addition, a hyperdrive console that has been jammed into the already crowded cockpit.

The weapons pod however is a different story. The concussion missile launcher and missile racks have both been removed along with half the proton torpedo racks to make way for a Koensayr R300-H hyperdrive motivator and Chempat shield system both taken from a Y-wing giving the ship the ability to travel the galaxy at will and survive a firefight for more than a few minutes.


Past Positions

  • Krath Tetrarch of Exar's Shadow Phyle
  • Krath Tetrarch of the Eyes of the Throne Phyle
  • Rollmaster/Envoy of House Satal Keto