Tassk Adroc

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Tassk Adroc
Biographical Information


Physical Description





2.31 m/ 7'7"


127.0 kg/ 280 lbs.


Orange with Black Stripes



Personal Information

Mrrov Adroc

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



Vibroswords, Lightsaber

Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information



Legacy Era


The Dark Brotherhood, Clan Odan-Urr

Known masters:

Vez Hirundo



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Tassk Adroc is a new member of Odan-Urr who joined during the devastating war with The Collective. He comes from Togoria and is now a student at the Jedi Praxeum. He used to be a Collective agent, but after an unfortunate series of events he was stranded on Felucia. and now harbors strong negative feelings towards The Collective.

Character History

Early Life(12-30 ABY)

Tassk was the son of a fierce warrior, Mrrov Adroc, and a member of the Elotis tribe upon Togoria. As a boy, his father chose the path of a warrior for Tassk, training him from the day he could hold a sword. Around the age of eight, Tassk displayed an aptitude in the Force after levitating some small rocks while playing. His father saw this and immediately scolded him for his freakish abilities. From then on, Mrrov quelled any attempt by Tassk to learn more of this power, pushing Tassk beyond his limits and constantly training him, further shaping Tassk into a miniature image of his father. At 18, when Tassk came of age his father told him to go out into the galaxy to the planet of Tatooine, which was run by the Hutts and would supply steady work as a mercenary.

After venturing to the nearest city upon Togoria, Tassk set out for Tatooine. He went to the city of Mos Doba, where he was recruited by an agent of The Collective who was in search of some muscle for a job. The target was a Dark Brotherhood shuttle, stocked with rare supplies. The mission started according to plan with Collective forces overwhelming and boarding the shuttle, but when a nearby heavy cruiser came to the shuttle’s rescue, things looked bleak for Tassk. At the sight of this opposition, the Collective forces at the ship turned tail and ran, leaving Tassk and many other operatives stranded on the hostile ship. Tassk had little time to think and managed to reach an escape pod, jettisoning himself to the nearby planet of Felucia.

Felucia(30-38 ABY)

Tassk was stranded in the foreign jungles of Felucia, but fortunately came across an unusual hermit. Tassk inquired about where he could find civilization, but the hermit simply told him once he knew who he was the answer would be clear. At Tassk’s confusion the man was simply amused and walked off into the jungle, disappearing. Tassk spent days trying to hunt and kill all he came into contact with, taking control of his situation and in extent attempting to control his entire existence. Soon after, an exhausted Tassk gave up, and started to blindly wander through the jungle. It was at this pivotal point that Tassk came across a clearing full of fresh berries and a clean pool of water. Seemingly following his instincts alone, Tassk was delivered to safety. This caused him to question everything he thought he had known, and whether the person he was now was of his own making or his father’s. Furthermore, Tassk pondered upon the time he used the Force, and whether it was really something to be looked upon as an embarrassment.

After time meditating, Tassk came upon a number of conclusions. Namely, that he was not in control, and that is not a bad thing. Trusting the Force had only led Tassk to safety and success. Secondly, a life of killing and stealing was not the life Tassk aspired for himself. Over the next years, Tassk greatly increased his attunement with the Force, and for the first time opened his mind to the wonders of the natural world. Through his voyage of self-discovery, Tassk had found who he was. He let go, and eventually made it out of the fungal jungles of Felucia, and worked as a dockhand at the spaceport, finding a peaceful existence.

The 14th War(Present)

Over the next months, Tassk felt a growing sense of unease within himself. He had been living peacefully on Felucia, but despite his own attempts at inner balance, he sensed a great conflict creeping upon the galaxy. He concluded he needed help to unravel the feelings within himself, and so he sought out the ones he knew could aid him. Tassk traveled to Arx, and presented himself before the peacekeeping clan of Odan-Urr for spiritual guidance and formal training. He was accepted and spent his first day learning all he could of the art of the lightsaber, but no sooner had he started to manage the basic strikes, then his precognition came to light. Hundreds of menacing ships burst out of hyperspace, all bearing the mark of the Collective. From the moment Tassk saw these insidious hulls, he was called to Odan-Urr for a reason. Tassk saw the death and destruction brought by the Collective. No matter how new, the role of a Peacekeeper is to protect the weak, and Tassk was ready to meet the challenge head on.

Physical Description


Tassk has orange fur with black stripes. Diagonally along the left side of his face is a scar that crosses over his eye that he gained from a close call with a bull rancor. He wears the robes of his new order proudly. Tassk’s body is lithe and strong, that of a warrior.

Speech and Personality

Tassk prefers to talk rarely, and listen to others. He retains this from his time in the jungles, where danger was around every corner, and he needed to listen carefully and deduce his plan of action carefully. As such, before he speaks, he takes a moment to choose his words carefully. Additionally, his interpersonal skills greatly suffered and he has become slightly antisocial. He finds violence disdainful and only a last resort. As combat starts, his demeanor drastically changes as at this point if he is fighting, he cannot afford to lose.