Excidium (Former CSP Ship)

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Production information

Victory-Class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

900 Meters

Max speed (space):


Hyperdrive rating:



3,200 SBD


1500 RU

  • 10 Light Turbo Quadlasers
  • 20 Heavy Double Turbolaser Cannons
  • 20 Assualt Concussion Missile Tubes
    • 4 missiles each
  • 10 Tractor Beam Projectors

5,200 1,785

Cargo capacity:

2 Fighter Squadrons


Former Scholae Palatinae Flagship

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The Excidium is the former Clan Flagship of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Serving quite a length of time with the Clan, it formed the backbone of their combat power until the events of the Eighth Great Jedi War, where it was mostly destroyed in a successful attempt to remove enemy ships from the Cocytus System.

Vessel Info

The Victory-Class Star Destroyer is an older design that dates back to the end of the Clone Wars. Built as a multi-purpose capital warship, it's capable of handling ship-to-ship battles as well as direct support for ground troops. Even if it's slowly being out-classed by newer ships, it remains a potent weapon.

Early History

The Excidium has had a proud history of long and loyal service to the Empire. As far back as the ship logs go, it was originally commissioned at the Farlax shipyard proving grounds, and was initially assigned to Captain Camdi Lobos at the end of the Clone Wars. Forwarded to the Senex Sector, near the Corporate Authority Sector, it was part of a twenty-four Star Destroyer Sector Group, the standard Sector Group size. The Excidium’s main responsibilities were the fast response to any pirate raids on sector shipping and the occasional space bombardment support to various stormtrooper units in the sector. It stayed there during the major battles of the galactic civil war, only really participating once during a rebel raid against a shipping convoy, which it handily beat off quickly. After the Battle of Endor, the Sector Group commander, Admiral Liorl Malla, tried to proclaim himself and the Sector as an independent entity, but an unknown assassin claimed his life before this could bear fruit.

Service to the Hammer

The Excidium then received word that it was being transferred to a new group, the newly formed Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. There, it was assigned the task of the transportation and support of various starfighter ops that were being run by the Intelligence Division of the Hammer, and commanded by Captain Searo Livir. When the original House Scholae Palatinae was being set up, the Intelligence Division was ordered to give the House control of the ship, which was no real problem, as the vast majority of the House was Intelligence Division Jedi anyway. Captain Searo Livir was reassigned, and control was passed on to Captain Cybsh Smchi, the first female captain that the ship ever had. She continued to serve until the dark times of the Brotherhood/Emperor’s Hammer split, where her loyalties ended her in a tug that was programmed to jump her back to Emperor’s Hammer space while the Clan took over the ship.

Command under the Palpatines

VSD Excidium in combat during the Alien Incursion

The ship then served with distinction under the temporary command of then-Arch Priest Saitou, performing as the shield for the evacuating Clan members in transports. Upon the arrival of the ship into the newly assigned Cocytus System that had been assigned to the Clan, it then made sure that any incoming threats were neutralized long before they threatened it. It was during this time that the ship’s crew perfected the tactic of micro-jumping, the term given for extremely short-range hyperspace jumps. This gives the ship a tremendous ability to ambush anyone within the system in a far shorter time that would be expected from a capital ship. Since Captain Cybsh Smchi was returned to the Emperor’s Hammer, the ship had operated without a formal Captain, mainly relying on the orders of its’ Clan Summit to do anything special. During this time, however, the acting Captain was Commander Ail'en Sommetra. She has proven herself a good officer, capable of handling her ship and crew to high levels of efficiency.

The Excidium's first real combat action after the EH/DB split was during the Capital Gains operation shortly after the Brotherhoods’ arrival to their new home. The ship was instrumental in the capture of Strike-Class Cruiser and a Gallofree GR-75 Class medium transport. Shortly thereafter, it was instrumental in the following conflicts, driving away the assembled fleets of the Clan’s enemies during a large-scale assault against Acclivis Draco’s home planet of Antenora. The ship then honorably was at the head of any combat action that the Clan found itself in.

The Alien Incursion

Jumping to the Antei system with a good portion of the Clan members present, the Excidium was present along with most of the other ships of the Brotherhood for celebrations following a Rite of Supremacy. After the conclusion of the ceremonies, the ship and its' escorts were preparing to return home when an entire war fleet arrived and attacked without warning or mercy. Commander Sommetra and Timbal worked together to coordinate a defense, but the sheer ferocity of the attack, the panicked call to abandon the system, and a priority message that their home system was being invaded led them to send the escorts home to combat the threat while the Excidium provided covering fire and drew that attackers to itself. Taking severe damage, the ship limped into the Shroud surrounding Antei, made running repairs, and returned home. After losing a ship to Arconan interlopers, the Excidium led the counter-attack to avenge the destruction of the Emperor's Sword.

Operation: Reclamation

The valiant ship had almost no time to rest. Upon orders by then-Consul Braecen Kaeth, multiple probes were dispatched to chase down the remnants of the enemy fleet that had attacked the system. While waiting for information from the probes, the ship wasn't able to get proper repairs, considering that the shipyards in the system were seriously damaged. Only the more critical systems were looked after. Far faster than Commander Sommetra would have liked, word came down from the probes of the location the remaining fleet, nearby in Hutt space. Jumping in under the direct command of Consul Kaeth, the Excidium, the Ogmio's Whip, and the Victory took the battle to the enemy fleet, with the Dragon's Find and the Dragonsbarge loaded with provisions and spare parts to assist in repairs. The Emperor's Will was also present in the almost empty fighter bay of the Excidium. The other Clan vessels were left behind to provide system defense.

Arriving at station, thealiens sprung a trap at the Clan ships, using two frigate analogs as bait. Using starfighters as the initial attack screen, the Whip, in its' damaged condition, was the first ship destroyed, despite a spirited defense of a lone mixed TIE Fighter/TIE Interceptor squadron. A few moments afterwards, and the enemy sprung their trap.

From behind the Clan ships, one of the enemy interdictor analog ships jumped in, hemming the Clan ships. Far more powerful than a comparable Imperial cruiser, the Clan fleet found itself seriously out-gunned. It was at this point that the Emperor's Will launched towards the new incoming threat, with only two persons aboard, Consul Kaeth and Natth a'Niel Palpatine. Reacting to this new threat, the Excidium reversed course to attack the cruiser analog, with the Victory leading the charge. The two frigate analogs then began pursuit of the Clan ships, and a running battle started, with one of the frigates being destroyed by the Excidium.

During the maneuvering, both transports were lost to combined fire by the frigate analogs, and the Victory, although initially giving far more punishment than it took, finally succumbed to the firepower of the cruiser analog, and was destroyed. The Will actually managed to board the cruiser, although it basically had been destroyed in the process. However, it was obvious that both experienced Brotherhood members killed the interdictor fields that was being put out by the cruiser. This left the Excidium the sole Clan ship remaining in the system, and with mounting damage from incoming fire from the fleet, the Excidium jumped from the system, returning to Clan space.

VSD Excidium in orbit above Judecca right before her final battle

Arriving at their home system, Commander Sommetra rallied all remaining Clan ships to provide support, but it was too late, as the enemy cruiser and remaining frigate entered the system. Due to the positioning of the ships in the system, the enemy ships were able to pick off the Clan vessels one by one, with the loss of the frigate. Finally, as the only Clan ship remaining in the system, and with mounting irreparable damage, Commander Sommetra ordered the Excidium to ram the enemy cruiser. Spearing the ship squarely in the middle, the enemy cruiser perished. In the end, this action ensured the end of the threat to the Clan.

VSD Excidium after her final battle during Reclamation.

The ship ended up missing a considerable portion of the bow and midships, rested in orbit above Judecca. It was obviously far too damaged to be repaired, but in a moment of sentiment, Consul Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine and the rest of the Clan Senate decided to keep the old ship as a museum ship, pending some work to make her more stable. In usual Clan fashion, all usable parts were stripped from the ship to serve as spares. Remaining in orbit, she was a testimony to the fiercely won battles of the past.


During periods of large-scale combat, the Excidium served as the Clan's flagship. When not engaged in active battle, the ship was usually guarding the main Clan Headquarters Facility on Judecca.

Commanding the Excidium was Commander Sommetra, finally promoted officially as its' Captain. However, she is well-versed in the Clans' long-standing tradition of occasionally having some of the senior Clan members command the ship. In such occasions, she usually assisted the visiting officer in whatever they may need assistance with.

Clan battle tactics called for the Excidium to be used as the hammer for fleet operations, as well as its' obvious role as a command ship. The ship was almost never used without a full understanding of the threats that face her in combat, so she only engages when the course of action is clear and understood.


As the long-standing flagship of the fleet, it was considered an honor for one to serve on the Excidium, and seen as a necessary step in one's naval career to fulfill. As such, the crew always was a notch above the other ships of the fleet. Before the Incursion, the crew was rated as Veteran, and a small step away from being rated as Elite.

Legacy of the Excidium

Shortly after the loss of the ship, the Clan acquired a Star Destroyer to serve as the new Clan flagship. With the loss of the Excidium, it was a unanimous decision by the Clan to name the new ship after the gallant Excidium, called the Excidium II. Furthermore, casualties of the Excidium were relatively light at 37%, so the crew and replacements are now assigned to the Excidium II.