Emperor's Will

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Emperor's Will
Production information


Technical specifications

1 to 2

Cargo capacity:

200 Tons


Scholae Palatinae escape vessel

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The Emperor's Will was a relatively new addition to the Clan fleet. It was claimed by the Clan as part of its' spoils after the Sixth Great Jedi War. Little was then known to the reason why it was selected as part of the Clan's spoils, but the Clan Summit were far-seeing as to the need for this vessel. The ship was acquired from the Dark Council in almost-new condition, the only marring coming from some spilled brandy that was put in place after an unsanctioned joyride by an as-yet undisclosed Dark Council member.

Operation: Reclamation

The Will was present during the initial invasion over Caina, but it was docked as usual at a hardened hangar facility on Judecca, so it was spared any damage. However, once the rest of the Clan fleet had driven off the invaders, it was included by then-Consul Braecen Kaeth in a hastily formed task force that was organized to chase down the remnants of the alien fleet that had raided the Clans' home system. It had taken residence in the Excidium's hangar bay.

The task force had received word of two frigate-analogs that were nearby, and they jumped in after them to destroy them. However, the aliens sprung their own trap on the small force, with an interdictor-type cruiser-analog jumping in to neatly trap the task force. Realizing that the task force was severely out-gunned, and seeing a way to finally get some payback, Braecen and Natth a'Niel Palpatine both boarded the Will and set course for the cruiser. Of the two, Natth a'Niel realized that going up against the enemy capital ship in a yacht was pretty much guaranteed to be suicide, so he looked around for options. Settling on an interesting idea, he used his telekinetic abilities to pull debris from the recently destroyed Ogmio's Whip to form an additional shield in front of the yacht. Although it was burned away fairly quickly, it served its' purpose of allowing the Will to get close.

However, the ship took hideous damage, and indeed, even as the two Brotherhood members departed the ship, it quite literally fell apart from so many hits, disintegrating into junk. However, the sacrifice of the Will allowed the two Clansmen to board the enemy vessel and eliminate the internal gravity wells that were preventing the Clan ships from jumping to hyperspace.


Although an odd fit for the Clan fleet, the Emperor's Will did have a very important mission. While retaining many of its' comforts, it had also been retrofitted as an emergency escape vehicle.

The ship only joined in with the rest of the Clan fleet on extremely rare occasions, and those were usually drills that practiced escape procedures for the Clan Summit. Rumor had it that the Clan Summit slowly upgraded the ships' defenses to further protect their precious cargo.