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Dragon's Barge
Production information

Gallofree Medium Transport (MTRNS)

Technical specifications

90 Meters

Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):

650 KPH

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 4


480 SBD


112 RU


4 Dual Turbolaser Cannons



Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:

19,000 (Cargo Capacity can be modified to allow for carrying of passengers)


CSP Transport Ship

Known commander(s):
  • Kno-Be Jaana

Operation: Reclamation

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Vessel Info

The Gallofree-Class Medium Transport has a much maligned history, much of it earned. The modular approach to cargo storage, originally meant to make things easier to store, instead became a maintenance nightmare, thus sentencing this ship class to an early demise. Usually operated by those that can't afford better Corellian transport vessels, this class is universally disliked.


The Dragonsbarge had been with the Clan for quite some time, almost as long as the Victory. The ship had been unremarkable in every aspect; simply plying the trade lanes with the Clan’s cargo needs all this time. Many expected it to continue that into the foreseeable future.

Operation: Reclamation

The Dragonsbarge was present during the initial invasion over Caina, but it was docked at a hardened hangar facility on Judecca offloading some cargo, so it was spared any damage. However, once the rest of the Clan fleet had driven off the invaders, it was included in a hastily formed task force that was organized to chase down the remnants of the alien fleet that had raided the system. Since the majority of the warships were in desperate need of repairs, a bunch of spare parts were loaded on the Dragonsbarge as well as on its' sister ship, the Dragon's Find, and attached to the task force.

The task force had received word of two frigate-analogs that were nearby, and they jumped in after them to destroy them. However, the aliens sprung their own trap on the small force, and the frigate-analogs moved in for the easy kills. The Dragonsbarge was destroyed a few minutes before the Find itself was destroyed. There were no survivors amongst the crew.


Normally, the ship was assigned for inter-system cargo needs, usually taking various cargo that the Dragon’s Find left off at the main Clan supply depot and distributing them to the various Houses of the Clan. If there was a special need for a cargo ship for a special mission, the Dragonsbarge was the first one to be tapped. Although the ship was starting to show it’s age, Captain Kno-Be Jaana tried to keep it up and running at all times, despite the maintenance hassles that this class of ship provided.