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"I am gifted when it comes to war. Since I could walk I've been trained how to fight, to kill, and most importantly to read my opponents accurately. I've survived more assassination attempts and coups than I can count, and I base that all on my ability to read others. So, I hope you take all of that into account when I say that compared to Dolash, I am an idiot child who will never comprehend the level of analysis he routinely displays."
Sashar Erinos, di Tenebrous Arconae, when asked about Dolash

Dolash is a Mandalorian by adoption, and a bounty hunter hailing from Nar Shaddaa. Despite the unsuspecting beginnings, the boy has ascended within the Mandalorian culture and his home clan of Odan-Urr. The circumstances that led to his fruition are what shaped him into the person he is today. An excessively witty and charming individual to those he considers companions—two traits hidden from those unfamiliar with him, who typically describe him as socially awkward.

However, no one can refute his perseverance. His story alone is testament itself to the conviction he has for his destiny.

Character History

From Humble Beginnings

The Mandalorian who would later be known to the galaxy as the Mandalorian leader Dolash was born in 12 ABY on the Smuggler's Moon above Nal Hutta. Named Lash at birth, he and his twin sister Erin were raised briefly by their surviving parent. Between extortion, threats of gang violence, and scavenging, desperate living became the norm like it was for so many others on Nar Shaddaa. The trio lived in a predominantly Nikto sector of the city that was run by a swoop gang called the Ironside Shriekers. Though still quite young, both Lash and Erin often found themselves performing menial tasks for the gang due to their mother's ailing health. But the paltry sum of credits they received for these tasks was simply not enough to cover the cost of more successful treatments. Around 19 ABY their mother passed, leaving the twins with only themselves and the Ironside Shriekers as their surrogate family.

Growing up under the care of a swoop gang presented its own unique challenges, but the scrappy twins adapted to them in their own way. As they grew up, Erin was becoming something of a rising young star within the Shriekers. She took to the lifestyle with much more enthusiasm than her brother, often going so far as to act the bully to her weaker sibling in order to gain respect. On one occasion she even suggested ejecting Lash from the gang, though this motion was squashed by the gang's Nikto leader Etic Vaan. Vaan observed Lash's mechanical aptitude on a number of occasions. He seemed to have a way with fixing things, certainly a handy skill to have around in a swoop gang. Still, he did nothing to stop the taunts of the smaller one's twin and fellow gang members alike. He hoped in time it would toughen Lash up, and in a way he was right.

Teenage Rebellion

Lash's relationship with what was left of his family was crumbling. About 25 ABY, the Ironside Shriekers had significantly increased their influence on Nar Shaddaa, causing a number of interested parties to take notice. In addition to their usual spice and small arms trafficking, The Shriekers had begun to probe into rival territory. They had established a small presence in a nearby red light sector in direct opposition to another gang and had even begun to take part in the trading of a small number of slaves. It was this overzealous expansion that damned them in the end. Etic Vaan ordered a raid into one of his rival's spice labs in order to take it over himself. He sent his best lieutenant along with a small raiding party of volunteers - Erin among them - in order to accomplish this. The result was disastrous, as Vaan's rival had purchased advanced security droids to defend his lab after the Shriekers first pressed into his territory. In retaliation, the rival gang raided and burned one of Vaan's storehouses. An all out street war was brewing on Nar Shaddaa.

Vaan sent out a large raiding party to engage his rival, remaining at his own base of operations himself with only a token force for defense. Lash, who was also at the Shriekers' headquarters, captialized on the opportunity and put in motion a plan he'd made weeks prior after spending some time digging around on the holonet. It turned out Vaan had more enemies than just his one gang rival. His dealings were cutting into Black Sun operations whether he knew it or not, and the price on his head for that was significant. Palming a holdout blaster, Lash furthered the chaos of the Ironside Shriekers' situation by breaking open the slave pens in the back warehouse. With Vaan's token defense force occupied, he confronted the Nikto and put a smoking hole in his head. After making his escape, he delivered his head to the Black Sun and was rewarded with a tidy sum of credits for the effort. Lash got himself a blaster worth its weight, some cheap armor, and passage off-world. The already crumbling ties to his family had been severed that day, and as the shuttle whisked its passengers off of Nar Shaddaa, Lash silently hoped they were all still burning in whatever dark pit death left them in.

A Career Man

Lash bagged a couple of two bit criminals in his short stint as a bounty hunter, building up his confidence to a point where he chose to take on a job tackling the leader of another swoop gang on Tatooine. Posted by the lieutenant of a hutt, the bounty contract stipulated that this swoop gang was moving into territory that didn't belong to them . The lieutenant was looking to hire someone to assist him in taking the gang down. To Lash, it sounded like all too familiar territory. Either through negligence or ignorance on the part of the client, the contract failed to mention the possibility of the gang's imperial connections. In addition to the rabble that were typically attracted to swoop gangs, Lash and the Hutt's lieutenant were surprised to find a small contingent of imperial storm troopers within the compound. Both were quickly defeated, and though Lash survived the initial fight, the gang decided to dispatch him by throwing him into their sub-level beast pit. The gang had a reputation for running gambling rings on fights between exotic creatures, and as Lash came face to face with a matured Nexu, he understood this reputation was not exaggerated.

But by luck or fate, the situation was being monitored by another group. A firefight soon broke out in the upper levels while an unarmed Lash struggled to keep his focus on evading the Nexu he was trapped with. He could only make out the situation going on around him by what he heard, but it brought a queer sense of satisfaction - at least he wasn't dying alone. Eventually, one of the compound raiders took notice of him in the beast pit, injured and exhausted. He evened the odds by throwing his own vibro-ax between Lash and the Nexu. Now armed, he rushed the beast. The nexu glanced his brow with a swipe but the aggressive rush paid off when the teenaged boy managed a clumsy but effective counter.

The raiders, he learned later, were a small band of Mandalorians who were on Tatooine hunting an imperial official - the very same official who had been at the swoop gang's compound with his small retinue and who had played a part in Mandalore's occupation. Their leader introduced himself as Barduun Ordo, and after witnessing his fight in the pit, Barduun offered him a place in Clan Ordo. There seemed little reason not to accept. Lash joined the clan, taking on the name Dolash along with the knowledge they had to offer and the responsibilities that came with it. Dolash learned how to properly handle a blaster in addition to taking on extensive hand-to-hand and edged weapon training. His reckless aggression became tempered by skill and discipline, and before long his confidence built stronger - and this time, it was warranted. When he finally saw his first taste of real conflict, his new clan ensured these qualities would be tempered even further still.

Ba'slan shev'la

The clan was small but tight. Dolash learned from Barduun that they were once part of a splinter group known as the Death Watch. Though Barduun still envisioned his people returning to the days of the Mandalorian Crusaders of old, he believed that the Death Watch had lost its way to that goal when they aligned themselves with the Empire of old and had assisted Imperial Forces in establishing a strong presence on Mandalore. Outraged, Barduun left the Death Watch with his small clan of loyal and likeminded Mandalorians. Ever since then, they targeted those that were responsible for Mandalore's occupation throughout the galaxy, in the hopes that they migh one day gain the strength to retake their homeworld itself.
Commander Gwaren

It was a noble goal - one that Dolash felt it truly easy to stand for. Even after such a short time, this clan felt more like family than any he might have had previously.

Shortly thereafter, Clan Ordo orchestrated a number of successful operations including the destruction of a major supply space station above Vorpa'ya vital to the Imperial's efforts to hold the Mandalore Sector. It was their first major strike against imperials in mandalorian space, and though it led to the imperials fortifying their presence there and barring the possibility of future attacks, it became a symbolic victory and a rallying cry for some. Clan Ordo was beginning to grow steadily, and some years later the idea of rising up and retaking their home sector spread.

Or so the members of Clan Varik believed, at any rate. By 31 ABY the Empire was in a state of disarray which lead Barduun to orchestrate another major strike into the Mandalore sector, this time a raid on Concord Dawn. A primarily agricultural world, Barduun intended to both greatly diminish the food stores of imperial forces by taking them for himself and inspiring the people, who had strong ties to Mandalorian culture, to also rise up. Unfortunately, a talented young imperial, Commander Gwaren, was overseeing the major imperial base on Concord Dawn. His father had been instrumental in the occupation of Mandalorian Space and had been killed for that, along with a number of close friends and mentor-figures of Gwaren. He had spread rumors of discontent amongst the local populace and inflated them to make it sound as if an open rebellion on Concord Dawn was merely a small push away from happening. Thus, when Clan Ordo touched down on the planet Gwaren sprung an ambush. Without local support Barduun's forces were overwhelmed and pushed to retreat. Taking refuge in a system of canyons, they spent the next month eluding Gwaren's forces in the vain hope that the rumors would hold true and the locals would come to their aid. It never happened, and Barduun eventually came to believe this was due to his ties to the Death Watch and their sordid history on Concord Dawn. Those few that remained, Barduun ordered to go into Ba'slan shev'la, or strategic disappearance, until the right time presented itself.


Split up from the clan, Dolash managed to secure passage off world by stealing a late-republic era SS-54 "light freighter" from a nearby settlement. It was a junker in every sense of the word, but with a little application of mechanical know-how, he eventually got it into good shape. In the Outer-Rim Dolash laid low for a number of years. Word traveled throughout the galaxy that the former Clan Ordo had been destroyed and was now just splintered groups, a mere remnant of its former glory. He also got word that the planet Mandalore had evicted its Imperial occupiers. It seemed to him a sign to return to public view. Though not Mandalorian by birth, he entertained thoughts of returning to his people's homeworld now that Barduun's vision of seeing it free had been realized. But then, recalling the last words Barduun said to them before the remainder of the clan parted ways, Dolash had second thoughts. Hee instead fell back on his old profession, using his birth name Lash as an alias and offering his services as a bounty hunter. He participated in a number of hunts and several minor conflicts throughout the galaxy, building a well-earned reputation as a relentless hunter, with his name passing through circles among the Republic, Empire and even his old clan.


Dolash loved his rest.

Clan Ordo wanted to become strong again, but they needed a proper leader. When word reached them of a mandalorian armored bounty hunter who could take on any job, they began investigating. It was not long before they encountered Lash, or as they recognized him, Dolash. Their current interrim leader, Izlan, made their intentions clear: To make Dolash a strong central figure who could lead them. Dolash declined the offer, stating he only knew how to hunt, not to lead and his understanding of the Mandalorian culture as a whole was lacking. Instead, he proposed a hiatus for himself back on Dxun, where he had met a Mandalorian "Dark Jedi" who instructed him to find him if he ever wanted to become stronger. It was there he would learn what it would take for him to become the leader of Ordo. That was when he met the Erinos.


Welcome to the Jungle

Soon enough, Dolash's life was completely different. He no longer slept like he use to, and on most days he was being taken into the dangerous jungles to hunt. For months this remained their trend. Training under esteemed Dark Jedi Mandalorian as Kieran Kodiak Erinos and Juda Kodiak Erinos, Dolash seemed to excel. One who was already very physically in shape and athletic, there was not as much work put into the improvement of his physical shape, as much as maintain and tone it.

His initial training involved skills of survival and stealth in the jungle. It soon evolved into expanding his combat abilities. He was given a sword which he named Vengeance and soon grew very attached to. They attempted to train him in the use of blasters as well, but his interest was clearly not in that. He preferred having full control of his attacks, which was evident in both hand-to-hand combat and melee combat. It was these two fighting concepts that the Kodiaks trained with Dolash on.

The young Mandalorian showed much dedication to his training. He also on as many occasions as possible attempted to attain information of the Mandalorian culture and the Mando'a language. His enthusiasm and efforts were much noted by the Kodiaks, however as Mandalorians, they did very little to commend him on his efforts other than taking him out to drink and playfully tease him often. Soon though, Dolash was picking up on the teasing as well. He also developed a very sardonic wit that complemented him well.

Specialized Training

After about a year and half of training, Kieran revealed to Dolash that he had observed the exceptional levels of metacognive ability he exemplified. He informed him that he had contacted Sashar about it, and that he would soon be tested. One who was used to the strenuous tests that Dark Jedi, or perhaps just Mandalorians put their pupils through, he found himself lacking too much enthusiasm. However, he failed to avoid being too curious about what exactly they had planned for him in regards to this ability he had.

When Sashar arrived, he didn't waste any time in working with Dolash. After numerous tests and time spent with Dolash, Sashar disappeared. He heard nothing more of the topic. For awhile, he believed he had failed the tests and that he was not suitable for what they desired. For months he continued his regular training in combat and his studies of Mando'a culture.

However, a few months later, Kieran spoke with him once more. Apparently, Sashar was very impressed with the analytical skills Dolash had. His mind was very strategic, and the Arconan leader stated his interest in seeing him trained in interrogation skills and war strategy. These concepts were entirely new to Dolash so when introduced he showed a passion that was only present in new topics that he was studying.

For months he continued with studying battlefield strategies, the workings of the mind, and how to destroy a person utilizing advanced interrogation techniques. His other studies fell to a level of insignificant priority in regards to these new topics. He didn't mind though, as strategy was so much more interesting to him. Not only that, but he was learning how to effectively ruin someone psychologically. His new study material presented techniques to him that he never would have even imagined—let alone considered—as potential practices put to use in life.

When he turned 25 though, he was once more received by Sashar Arconae. The man revealed that his training as a Mandalorian was complete, and he was to be initiated in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and more specifically to Clan Arcona. He was to be trained in the ways of the force, the ways of the lightsaber, the ways of the dark side. He would be a Dark Jedi.

Prior Obligations

Dolash promised to return and join Arcona under the Erinos tutelage once more, however he needed to return to his clan first. Of course, he had no intention of returning to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and instead took control of Ordo as promised and began seeking for New Tython, a planet which housed a powerful order of Jedi whom apparently even put Arcona into a corner militarily. They seemed powerful, but were lacking in manpower according to his contact. If his intution proved correct, they would gladly accept a tight knit clan of Mandalorians who put honor above all ever, even the credits they so highly valued. It was there that Dolash met Liam, a powerful and wise Jedi who took it upon himself to provide guidance and assistance to the young Mandalorian, of course the benefits would be mutual and if Liam ever needed the Ordo clan for something, he knew they would be indebted. Dolash could not help but respect the old and enigmatic Jedi.


Dolash has a somewhat short, stocky build accentuated by lean, hard musculature built up by a rigorous training regiment and hardened by years of combat. His skin is stark white with a very subtle bluish tint. Covering much of his face are harsh, dark tattoos given to him by a member of the Iwu Krouh. They take on the shape of a deep, jagged line bisecting his skull and a series of similar patterns that cover the majority of his cheeks and under his eyes. In addition, Dolash wears a pair of silver studded nose piercings. These, and the scar on his right brow accentuate a seemingly permanent scowl.


Dolash's battle armor, "Cabur Beskar'gam", which he is rarely seen without, bears silver colored durasteel plates over a flight suit with a deep black core and beige sleeves and legs. Additional plates cover is forearms with one bearing the sigil of a Mythosaur skull. The leg plates and gauntlets are covered up with thick, padded cloth meant to augment his armor with added protection against elements, particularly wind, rain, and desert sands in addition to user comfort. The matching helmet is silver with deep blue accents along its t-shaped visor, with a heavy neck-wrap attached to the back of it for convenience with a full sized red cloak extending the whole way down his back.

Cabur Beskar'gam

The Cabur Beskar'gam is based on the Old Republic Clone Armor. While the Empire chose to completely redesign the clone armor into the ubiquitous stormtrooper armor, Dolash instead refined the old clone trooper armor in to what he refers to as "Cabur Beskar'gam". The armor incorporates some technology copied from stormtrooper suits bought off the Black Market.

Technical Info: 22 Piece Anti-Blaster Matrix Cocoon Armor Shell worn over a black Climate-Controlled Body Glove. The armor itself is made up of two layers: Matrix armor and Inner Insulator Body Glove.

Helmet: Reinforced helmet contains Breathing Filters, Atmospheric Cycling Unit, Atmospheric Intake and Processing Unit, and power cells. It features cellular padding inside the helmet and a hermetic auto-seal at its base. Helmet computer is located above comlink microphone (nose of helmet); lateral sensor housing is located on helmet flanks. Helmet is cooled and atmosphere-processed to keep the trooper operating at peak efficiency at all times. The two vents on the back of the helmet are heat dispersion panels. A comlink helmet speaker uses three-phase sonic filtering for clear sound (it is connected to the audio pickup). Talking to others without commlinks in their armor is achieved using the helmet's Vocoder.

Communications: Tongue Toggled - Voice-Activated Comlink The helmet is also able to pick up transmissions made by non-linked comlinks. [The comlink uses linked encoding sequences to change frequencies every few seconds while keeping everyone present in his unit synchronized. If the helmet is removed without Dolash first hitting the comlink's tongue toggled control stud, the frequency coding routine is automatically deleted from that helmet].

Visual Systems: Polarizing Lenses to protect against intense glare which provide enhanced combat vision. The Cabur Beskar'gam has a HUD system based on the Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) used by stormtroopers. This system assists perception in darkness, smoke and other low-visibility situations. It also assists in aiming against moving targets.

Backplate: Contains an (automatically activating) emergency 30 minutes of oxygen if Dolash is exposed to (and moves through) vacuum or underwater (part of pressured gas system). It also contains a power pack.

Stomach Armor: Contains Manual Suit Seal and Environmental Controls.

Dolash in his Cabur Beskar'gam.

Thigh Armor: Both have reinforced alloy plate ridge and lower right side near the knee contains Suit Systems power cells (looks like a row of boxes).

Boots: Because movement is essential, the boots are not as heavily armored as the rest of the suit. Instead of Matrix armor, the boots are armored with lighter Ceramoid, whose main property is an incredibly high melting point. They are also terrain grip boots, which aid Dolash in surmounting difficult terrain.

Armor (protection): This armor is effective in protection, but it reduces the dexterity of its wearer to a degree. It protects the wearer from harsh environments, projectile and impact weapons, blast shrapnel and glancing blaster bolts. It even provides some measure of protection against radiation. The key of the armor is the use of matrix armor, a room temperature superconductor, which allows the user to take most blaster hits and use it power up his suit or blaster. In addition, because of its superconductor properties, the entire suit can be charged with electricity, making it deadly to touch and capable of heating up the armor to the degree where touching it causes major burns.

Armor (miscellaneous): The armor is also equipped with IFF circuitry for identification and command purposes much like a transponder works for a starship. Dolash also realized that someone in a white suit is abnormally easy to spot in many terrains. As such, he is always equipped with a camouflage spray paint with which to paint his suit prior to entering the combat zone. After the battle is over, the spray can be removed with a special solvent.

Body Glove: The body glove utilized by the Cabur Beskar'gam is also based on that of the stormtroopers, allowing its wearer's operation in most climates from total vacuum to extremes in cold and heat for limited amounts of time. Unlike stormtrooper armor, carbon fibers are completely interlaced throughout the body glove, affording it better durability and resistance to tears and punctures.


Dolash with Vengeance when Kieran presented it to him.

Dolash currently wields two weapons. Since becoming a Dark Jedi Knight, he has always insisted on having his Arconan lightsaber. It is a simple design with the Arconan logo on it. When ignited it, emits a light blue blade. He also always has Vengeance with him. For him, Vengeance has much more sentimental value which is why has named it, rather than naming his lightsaber. However, to honor his Dark Jedi values, he insists on having his lightsaber at hand at all times.


His most preferred weapon will always be Vengeance though. Since fighting for the first time with a real melee weapon, Vengeance always acted as the extension of his arm in all combat situations since. For this reason alone, it has continued to remain his priority weapon in combat. The sword was made for him by a Mandalorian blacksmith, yet despite its absence of beskar, he still refers to it as a beskad.

Since Vengeance is about a third the length of the average lightsaber, it is very advantageous for getting inside the reach of his opponents. By doing so, he can eliminate his combatant's ability to utilize long strokes with their lightsaber. It is sharpened on both edges as well, unlike other beskads.

For all of these reasons and more, Vengeance remains the most invaluable tool in Dolash's inventory. The sentimental value it has for him is immeasurable. That, and the practical use of it is quite expansive. In many cases than not, he would much prefer to have it over a lightsaber. Despite this, his lightsaber remains for when there is need for a beam of energy that can deflect concentrated volleys of blaster fire, something a beskad just could not keep up with.

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Positions Held
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Unknown Rollmaster of House Gladius
28 ABY - 29 ABY
Xuthen Sergeant of Sukhur's Legion
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Shadow Taldrya Aedile of House Dinaari
33 ABY - 33 ABY
Aticus Arjin
Sharad Taldrya Hett Quaestor of House Dinaari
33 ABY - Unit closed
N/A Sergeant of Codename: Stygium
33 ABY - 34 ABY
Kal di Plagia Vorrac

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