Auron Maysonn

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Auron Maysonn
Biographical Information

New Tython

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description









Dark Brown




3 Titanium Ribs

Personal Information

House Odan-Urr



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
  • [Makashi]
  • [Soresu]
  • [Vapaad]
Fighting Style(s):
  • [Broken Gate]
  • [Kartranin]
  • [Tu'rek]
  • [K'tara]
  • [Klarin Chi]
Chronology & Political Information

Jedi Knight


House Member


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


House Odan-Urr

Personal Ship:

YT-2000 Rebellion

Known masters:

Corran Force



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"Your opponant does not determine the outcome of the battle, you do!"
―Auron Maysonn

Auron Maysonn is a Jedi Sentinel of the House Odan-Urr and is Husband to Kaira Rohanna.

Character History

Early Childhood

Imperial logistics show that Auron was born an Imperial citizen by the name of Aticus Jade on the planet of Coruscant to father Benjamin Jade and Laura Jade, but it has recently been found that these documents were forged. While it took quite some time, this is the best of accounts for the early childhood of Auron Maysonn.

Born on Harakoa which is now known as New Tython, the future Jedi is believed to have been part of the Ontowanna Tribe, a now extinct people that were used as scape goats by the Harakoan government for misfortunes over the planet. How he managed to escape the genocide is unknown. It is known however that five years later records show that Auron Maysonn was on Coruscant being raised by the Jade Family. During this time both his father and mother, which he still claims to this day, raised him just as if he were their own. They ensured his academics were superior at all times, and kept his interest in fields that could eventually prosper him in life. With Benjamin Jade being an Admiral in the Galactic Empire's Navy it was difficult for him to be on Coruscant much of the time, so once Auron had turned twelve the General began taking him on his journeys aboard the ISD-II Black Rose.

Auron often found himself visiting the Docking Bay and Hangar aboard the ship to look at the many different Imperial vehicles and star fighters. His father knew his son would hold a major destiny before him, and become a warrior of legend but he had no idea just how far his son would go. For two years Auron travelled with Admiral Jade but upon his fourteenth birthday he was required to do what all young Imperials that ever hoped to have a future did - depart for Imperial Prep Academy. His father, mother and he took a voyage to Kuat and enjoyed a month vacation there before he left his home for good.

The Imperial Lifestyle

Auron excelled in his studies, and completed in four years what should have taken him six. At the age of eighteen Auron graduated the Grand Imperial Academy at Coruscant withG honors, and the doors seemed to burst open for him. He was requested by many civil brances of the Empire to join them and make close to five million credits a month! This was not his dream though, and it was no surprise to Benjamin or Laura Jade when their son went directly from the Imperial Academy to COMPNOR's COTA or Candidate Officers Training Academy, located in the Golan Type III Platform "Valors Quill". It was here that he learned under many outstanding Imperial Officers with renouned careers, including a few lectures from his own father who was requested to speak there as an honored guest of the school. No doubt Auron's name (Aticus Jade at this time) held him to high demands. He was expected to be the best of the best, and fail only when he was dead. Auron was no robot though, COTA was a tough course and there were many times he wanted to back out and leave - but something inside him told him he needed these lessons, he needed to succeed here to reach his true calling.

COTA training took eighteen months total, with a dropout rate of sixty six perfect within the first seven months. Those that manage to graduate COTA training are given the rank of Lieutenant Commander immediately and assigned to either their choice of flying as a Starfighter Pilot or as an officer on one of the Empire's ships, or planet side facilities. Some of the officers were for the Imperial Army, others for the Stormtrooper Corps, TIE Fighter Corps, and some were even there for COMPNOR itself. Auron has decided to go in for the Imperial Navy so that he too could one day become an Admiral like his father - but his dreams were soon to no longer belong to him. He would face a destiny that he or no one could have ever foreseen. Unfortunantly he would have to suffer a terrible loss before hand.

Into The Fray

Three months after his graduation, Auron had been assigned as the Navigations Officer of the ISD-I Yetti. The Yetti was actually a part of the Demon Task Force, the very task force that his father (newly promoted Fleet Admiral Benjamin Jade) was now commanding over. Both were proud to be serving with each other, and could only wish they were on the same ship - but the Empire made this forbidden for obvious reasons. Auron's father as stated had recently been promoted to the Task Force Commander of the Demon Task Force. His father was now on the fierce war machine known as the ISD-II Bane's Reach. No one really understood where the name came from but it was known that the ship was supposedly a blessed and cursed vessel. She always made it out of every battle she had ever entered, but every Captain over the boat had died in service. Benjamin Jade knew that maritime curses were very real, and he alone on the boat knew where the name came from. The curse would soon consume his life as well.

While out on a classified mission the ISD-II Bane's Reach met her final match. When course was entered incorrectly the vessel exited hyperspace into an astroid field taking moderate damage navigating out. Once out of the field the ship and crew found out they had wandered into a New Republic training facility for the SNOW(Special Naval Operations and Warfare) Unit! It took only twenty seven minuets, thirty three minuets to completely destroy the ISD-II Bane's Reach. Auron had to listen to the entire bout over communications and was not that far away. Despite nineteen desperate requests to go aide his father the newly appointed Naval Commander of Operations (a long time rival of Benjamin Jade and wished the mans death) denied each request telling Auron "Your father is the finest we have is he not? Let him live up to his reputation my boy, I'm sure he will do just fine..." Upon his fathers demise the Naval Commander then ordered all of Task Force Demon to return to Coruscant, which there they were to be decommissioned. This was not to be the fate of Auron. Before the ship could jump into hyperspace Auron fled to the hangar and highjacked a TIE Advanced and made the jump to his fathers grave. This immediately branded him a traitor of the Empire so he knew there was no turning back, but he did not care anymore. He was prepared to die and he knew that is what he was headed to. A glorious death, going down in a blaze. He would take many of those god damned rebels with him though, they would know to never cross a Jade!

Upon reaching his destination Auron was surprised to find that the majority of New Republic

-((To Be Continued))-