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1.88 meters


77.1 kg


Dark Brown



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Council, Chancellor, Oracle


3277 (formerly)

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Shadonyx is a Dark Jedi Master and former Chancellor and Oracle.

Character History

Before the Brotherhood

Shadonyx, originally Raedrynn Dovus, was born on the planet of Kiffex. Force sensitive from birth, he began to display the psychometric abilities typical in Kiffar Guardians. He was properly groomed throughout childhood to eventually become a Guardian, though his parents did their best in keeping the Force a secret from Shadonyx; they did not want their son to follow in the footsteps of the infamous Quinlan Vos. However, as adolescence began and puberty set in, Shadonyx's innate Force abilities began to show. In one incident, a classmate that angered Shadonyx suddenly found himself thrown across the room and with a bloody nose. Such incidents continued, and ultimately Shadonyx's parents were forced to confront reality. They were too late, though, and when they tried to explain Shadonyx grew angry, wondering why they had tried to repress his power. From that point on Shadonyx was on his own, largely ignoring his parents and using the Force to his own ends. Ultimately, at the age of 17, he was banished from Kiffex after he deliberately used the Force to make someone commit murder.

The Emperor's Hammer

After his banishment, Shadonyx spent the next two years traveling throughout space using his abilities to survive. While he has never been fully forthcoming in the details of those "lost years," as Shadonyx refers to them, confidants say that he was a slave at one point. It is also around this time that he became addicted to MDMA. He was ultimately recruited by a Dark Jedi by the name of Dunatos Imperius and trained under him for several years in the Dark Brotherhood. Shadonyx was an apt pupil, demonstrating great skill in manipulating people and affecting mental states and moods. Shadonyx briefly attended an Imperial college on Aurora Prime with a focus in Psychology, which granted him knowledge that greatly enhanced his Force use when working with the mind. At the age of 25, after serving the Brotherhood for so long, he was proclaimed a Dark Jedi Master, one of the youngest ever.

The Brotherhood

Shortly before the Exodus, conflicts between then Grand Master Firefox and members of the Dark Council (namely, Firefox's Deputy Mairin and Headmaster Mage) made Shadonyx decide to resign from his positions. It was only a scant few months later that the Exodus took place. After the Exodus, Shadonyx remained for a time within the Emperor's Hammer and served as its Chancellor. Eventually, however, he began to see the madness in Astatine as others before. After a little planning and communication with Jac Cotelin and Firefox, Shadonyx fled Imperial space and came to Antei. Firefox and Shadonyx ameliorated their differences, and were once again comrades. However, Firefox told Shadonyx he would need to prove his loyalty before would allow him access to his Master powers, and he sealed them away. Settling into Taldryan, his former Clan, annoyed and a little insulted, Shadonyx eventually regained his powers after aiding in some archival work in the new Dark Hall.


Despite being a Dark Jedi Master and former Dark Council member, Shadonyx can be somewhat whimsical, not taking very much or many people seriously. He is extremely picky in who he counts amongst his personal friends, and he is exceedingly loyal to those he respects; to those he hates, he has either killed them or belittles, mocks, and circumvents them at every turn. To anyone else, he is merely indifferent. Shadonyx is also rather vulgar, and as some have called him, "a raging homosexual." Oddly, however, he is considered kind for a Dark Jedi; he has no qualms about helping an Apprentice with a question, for example.

Shadonyx does have his flaws, however. He is addicted to MDMA, and without it he becomes sullen, moody, and highly prone to (deadly) outbursts of anger. When he is on the drug and has a regular supply, Shadonyx is usually mellow or slightly europhoric and talkative. Fortunately for everyone in Shadonyx's general vicinity, he has the necessary means to synthesize the chemical. He is also highly arrogant in some respects, which has caused him to underestimate people he shouldn't...

DJB Facts

Shadonyx has held numerous leadership positions, including Quaestor, Oracle, and Chancellor.

As Oracle, Shadonyx was charged with reviving the Dark Voice. He built a staff of writers and released Dark Voices 25 through 29 during his tenure.

As Chancellor, Shadonyx revised and improved the medal system. His contributions include: creating guidelines for awarding medals, the Crescent system, and new medal images.


- The name "Shadonyx" is a combination of the words "Shadow" and "Onyx."