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Mid Rim


Hutt Space


Cocytus System



Orbital period:

489 days


3,728 Kilometers


Breathable (elevated oxygen levels)


Predominately cold year around with any deviation being an anomaly; Much warmer and more comfortable in the deeper mines


1.14 Standard

Primary Terrain:

Jagged, treacherous mountains reminiscent of the many barbs on a prickly thorn cover the entire planet; Mountain valleys are composed of an abundance of trenches formed through extensive mining. Travel by land is extremely hazardous.

Points of interest:
  • The Rift
  • The Terumi
Native species:

No native sentient species; Several domestic animals are useful as beasts of burden; Several odd species found in the Rift

Immigrated species:

Species of the Dark Brotherhood

Primary language(s):

Basic; Bastardized version of basic used by miners


Approx. 859, 000. (most are miners working for the House)

Major cities:
  • Venic
  • Resoh
Major imports:
  • Food
  • Mining Equipment and Technology
  • Clothing; Mining uniforms
  • Air Conditioning Systems/Heaters
Major exports:
  • Venic
  • Rare crystals and gems
  • Various Engine fuels
  • Various Metallic Ores

Scholae Palatinae

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Vassago is a planet under the dominion of Scholae Palatinae, residing in the Cocytus System.


The planet of Vassago existed as an essentially barren world with no sentient inhabitants for much of its history. As thermal-graphic and other subterranean sensor technology began to spread throughout the galaxy, several small mining companies discovered that various common ores could be found underneath Vassago's treacherous landscape. However, because many other planets offered much more easily accessible raw materials, Vassago was passed over time and time again as being only worthwhile for the most desperate of investors. Nevertheless, it would not be long until such an investor was found.

Near the time of its capture and colonization of the Cocytus System, Scholae Palatinae was a group eager to expand but lacking the resources to do so. Planets such as Vassago, destitute and relatively safe on the galactic stage, proved essential to the Clan's initial development, providing iron, durasteel, and other more common metals necessary for military expansion and civilization building. Dozens of modified troop carriers began bringing blue collar workers as well as prisoners of war from other occupied lands to fill the various needs a mining colony might have.

Regardless of its relative wealth in raw materials, Vassago was nonetheless passed over for further colonization and budgeting expansion until an often scoffed at archeologist by the name of Armon Venic made the discovery of a lifetime. Whilst exploring for further titanium deposits, Armon ran into reoccurring anomalies in his geo-thermal tests that prevented him from taking accurate readings. Past occurrences of such issues had been blamed on the sensor's poor performance in penetrating underground glaciers and the like. However, Dr. Venic was more than a mile below Vassago's surface where the temperature was very tolerable. Insisting that a dig team explore his current site made the Doctor the rich man he is today as the team discovered the rare metal that now shares his namesake: Venic.

With an unceasing shimmer and crystalline clear reflection, Venic's demand both as a decorative building material and jewelry component renewed the House's interest in developing settlements on Vassago. It was not long before areas once ignored due to "inconclusive geological readings" were retested with recalibrated meters. The predicted and yet neigh-unbelievable result was that veins of the rare mineral ran completely across the planet's surface. The sudden influx of profits from such finds led to the construction of Vassago's first cities. Not surprisingly, the simple populace found it fitting to name its capital city after the mineral it was constructed of: "Venic". To date, no other planet has been found that possess even a trace of Vassago's most prized possession.

Wanting to control the planet and yet remain hidden, the Clan established the Vassago Mining Guild to act as the defacto governing body of the planet. Though fascist in its outward appearance, the Guild is little more than a puppet government that does as the House requires without the need for a constant Dark Jedi presence on the planet. The citizens themselves, simple as they are, do not often rebel against such a system so long as their few needs are met.

Because of the harsh, cold weather, one need that is of utmost importance is that of clothing. Accordingly, the VMG annually buys new uniforms for its citizens to wear throughout the year. Though silly to outsiders, the population adores receiving new clothes, celebrating the day as one of its most enjoyable holidays. Unbeknownst to the general populace, however, is that the uniforms are actually another means of controlling the planet. Because the VMG only ever order enough uniforms to clothe the population and nothing more, infiltration from outside organizations and/or thieves is very difficult. Each uniform is made perfectly for each individual miner and only that miner. Species, height, weight, and even the name is stitched into the uniform. An infiltrator would have to an almost exact copy of a miner to fit into a uniform, or risk exposure and possible execution.

After the Ninth Great Jedi War, Scholae Palatinae, now a House, spent a large amount of funds on developing the infrastructure of Vassago. The amenities of the cities as well as the mines were improved, and new mining vehicles and machines were brought in from the new factories on Zepar. A series of underground tunnels were dug between the major mines and the two cities, and a maglev train system was put in place to help ferry workers.

Physical Geography


Vassago's landscape is very treacherous to those untrained on how to navigate in such places. Dozens of random, short, jagged mountain ranges and hills jut to and fro across the horizon. As well, a handful of deep trenches are spread across the planet, usually indicating a used up mine. As the majority of Vassago is frozen, with almost no atmosphere, there is no vegetation. Instead of agriculture, Vassago must import all of its foodstuffs to maintain its population.

Being as the vast majority of settlements are underground due to the weather and difficult landscape, the map of Vassago features very little in terms of borders and distinctions. One and only one continent dominates the frozen surface with interlocking rivers, lakes, and glaciers dividing the various nameless landmasses from one another. Accordingly, most maps are based around the planet's key cities rather than continents and bodies of water.



Venic was the first major city built by the Mining Guild and serves as the planet's capital. Not only is the city named after the ever popular metal, but the vast majority of the city's skyline and walls are made of Venic. Because of the metal's reflective properties, the city shines bright during the day and glows with the moon's light at night. One massive power plant serves to keep the many efficient heaters running throughout the downtown region, allowing for very tolerable temperatures and comfortable outdoor strolls around the government buildings. This warmer temperature also allows for the planet's only zoo, which features animals captured from the Rift.

Like any successful capital, Venic is a source of great pride for the miners of Vassago, standing as a symbol for all that they work towards. Indeed, the vast majority of miners take vacations to Venic every year that inspire them to do an even better job when they return to work.


The second largest city is the center of the Venic Division. Sitting atop one of the main veins of Venic which spreads out underground like tree roots, Resoh is a very rich city, prospering from the lucrativeness of the Venic as well as the keen leadership of its politicians. Though the second to be founded, Resoh is often considered a rival to the city of Venic, as their goals are similar, but the conditions are different.

Resoh stretches out in every direction from a central mine shaft, which plows several miles deep into the planet's crust. The 'Drop' is run by the Venic Division, who employs the majority of the workers in the area. The administrative buildings are near the Drop, along with a sizeable market, and entertainment area.

The worker's habitation is unappealing, but liveable, with free meals three times a day and a reasonable amount of free time. While colder than Venic, due to a sub-standard heating system, Resoh stands proud, knowing they are hardier than any snob living in the shiny trash pile of Venic.

Notable Landmarks

The Rift

The Rift is by far the largest trench on the planet. While its surface level crack is only a stone's throw in width, the Rift's depths seem to extend forever while winding at the same time. Even though the general shape is completely unnatural, most continue to argue that it was formed by an earthquake before the House discovered the planet. After a few hundred feet drop, the walls of the Rift begin to glisten with the gentle refraction of light from the rarest of Force crystals. However, due to its odd shape, seismic activity is always a danger to any attempts at mining. The few explorers who have returned from mining expeditions have sworn they will never return.

The Terumi

The Terumi is a wide yet shallow glacier formation to the east of the capital which features a seafloor composed almost entirely of Venic. Once a year, when the planet's core heats up due to greater gravitational pull from the star, the glacier melts slightly, creating a dazzling light display. Light refraction and the natural progression of the glacier means that the display is always different, always amazing. Ambitious young workers 'surf' the flows, but are often killed or seriously injured.


Governor: Rett Kellor</br> Commander of the Garrison: Captain Xeron Portius</br> Chief Geologist: Doctor Usem Baarin

Vassago is governed by the Mining Guild itself, which is led by the Chief Geologist. The Chief Geologist answers only to the planet’s dark overseers. The Guild itself is set up quite shockingly similar to the Scholae Palatinae House Summit with only a few minor differences.

The Chief Geologist actually appoints an apprentice-secretary to handle his or her affairs while the Chief is otherwise engaged with work. As for the Guild itself, it is divided into three different sections: the Mineral Division, the Fuel Division, and the Venic Division. Each is overseen by a Division Executive who is usually the most experienced in the required field. Though attempts have been made at bribery, the influence of Scholae Palatinae and their desire for efficiency has stymied such efforts.

The Mineral Division is pretty clear cut in terms of its mission statement. One mines, eats, sleeps, and then repeats. However, despite the repetition, most metal miners come from humble backgrounds that appreciate such hard work. Oddly enough, this division also happens to be the only one in which a worker’s riot hasn’t occurred. This is truly an amazing statistic when one considers that the Mineral Division makes up over 45% of the Guild itself! Likewise, this sect has earned the reputation of having an amazing work ethic. This is due not only to the fact that they put out the most product, but also because all of members of this branch do work in the mine, even the administration including the executive himself! Indeed, this is the only division in which the Executive is willing to do actual manual labor.

The Fuel Division, on the other hand, mines and refines fuel either in the form of gas or liquid for use in starship engines. Typically, fuel workers are composed of the more technically oriented humans. Because of this, many have developed a feeling of superiority, and thus the Fuel Division attracts the arrogant, the greedy, and most often the ill-tempered. However, this branch is currently without an executive the one will surely be appointed either by the Head Geologist or the House, itself.

Lastly, the Venic Division, often overseen directly by the Chief Geologist, is one of the more lucrative divisions. Working closely with the Mineral division, with the majority of the workers being shared by the two divisions, the Venic Division involves the mining, smelting and distribution of the mineral Venic.


While a platoon of troopers have been stationed to guard the more sensitive areas of the planet, a simple volunteer militia has also been called into duty to serve both as a normal police force and as an anti-Worker's Riot brigade. Truthfully, such a brigade is rarely necessary as those who grow to dislike mining often join the brigade rather than actually riot.

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