Versea Family

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Societal information


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Political Information
Family Leader:
  • Tasha'Vel Verea
  • Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes
  • Firith'rar J Versea-Stormwind
  • Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
  • Jason Kane
  • Drae'lath Rahath
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Years after a civil war among the Echani, Morra’Tel retired to his beloved Ryloth and created a beautiful estate for his family. During this peaceful time, his daughter married and had two children. Tasha being one of the children, grew up in the estate and learned about her grandfather’s warrior ways. It was when she was ten that it was discovered that she was force sensitive and sent off for training. When she finally became of age, her grandfather had passed away from a mysterious illness, however in his will he stated that Tasha would become the new Matriarch of the Estate. In his memory, she created the Morra gardens as a memento of his love for nature.

After she joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, She became a member of Naga Sadow. From her training through Marcus Kiriyiu, she blossomed into a warrior. As part of her training, she went through many trials and met her future husband, though for a long time they were rivals against each other. With the events of Awakenings and Ashes Fall, they grew closer to one another and were eventually married. As custom of her culture, the wedding was done Jassh’irr style and Bentre was then pronounced the Patriarch of the Versea Estate. Tasha then used force lightning to tattoo the Versea family symbol onto his right shoulder and welcomed him to the family.

The full history of the Versea family is longer than has been recorded in Dark Brotherhood records, with it's estate being established by Mora'Tel Versea. The family is drawn together not only by blood, in the case of the Patriarch, Matriarch and their daughter, but also by bounds of friendship and adopted kinship. As such the family may expand over time, though it is mostly rooted in Clan Naga Sadow as of 35 ABY.

The Versea Estate


The Versea Estate is a reasonably impressive home. For example the courtyard is decorated with several stone statues of various Twi'lek heroes and champions, both of the Versea clan and those of Rylothian mythology. At the center of the courtyard, a statue and plaque have recently been constructed, to commemorate Morra'Tel. Meanwhile the Morra'Tel gardens are another point of interest within the Estate. Planted by Tasha's granfather, it shelters exotic plants and flowers from across the galaxy. While servants tend to the greenery, its seasonal planting and upkeep is planned and coordinated by Tasha'Vel.

The Main Hall is decorated in a style that hearkens back to the military history of the former Patriarch. As such banners and tapestries hailing back to battles and struggles- especially those significant to the family or to Ryloth are displayed in the hall. Down a hallway, you can see the Lounge has been clearly designed with comfort in mind. Soft chairs and benches are spread throughout the lounge, with a large chair and desk acting a focal point. It has been arranged this way so the Matriarch can address the staff, members of the family or even guests with ease. A bar is situated against one wall, offering a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to sooth a parched throat. Since Bentre's inclusion in the family, a larger variety of Corellian specialties and a few more exotic drinks have been added to the bar.

The Versea Library is a large room lined with bookshelves. The shelves house volumes on subjects such as history, war, etiquette, protocol, languages, mythology and a few more esoteric subjects. Included in these works is a volume by Macron Goura Sadow as well as a number of other mystical additions more recently made by Bentre. Far from the largest room on the property, the library still boasts an impressive variation of knowledge. The family's study is located in a room located just off of the Estate's library.

In the deepest reaches of the Estate is the Bedroom Wing. This wing is a private area, holding the Matriarch's bedchamber, several guest bedrooms and servant's quarters. Even for the likes of the servant's the quarters would considered very comfortable. Each bedroom boasts at least a small bathroom attached, with a variety of soaps and oils to help wash away weariness as well as dirt.

Family Traditions

Naming Conventions

Naming conventions follow family standards for those born into the family, but those who are adopted are given a second, Twileki name. For the Patriarch he chose the name Kairn'tel, Kairn meaning black as he considered himself a black sheep within the family. Additional members were gifted names with names whose meaning related to their skills or personality. Some of the family choose to go fully by their new monikers, while others like the Stormwinds have chosen to integrate their newly given names into their legal names. In ceremonial settings their family names are used, but are addressed by their chosen designations in everyday situations.

Family Roles or Status

  • Matriarch (present: Tasha'Vel Versea): The head of the family is chosen by right of succession. Each head is allowed to choose their successor. In cases where no succession is clear, the eldest sibling is expected to assume that position, or to recognize an appropriate successor. While the family generally maintains no real assets, only the head is allowed to call for a blood hunt, or to denounce the bonds of another Dragon. Heads are also traditionally given the right to recognize and name new members of the family.
  • Patriarch (present: Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes): The Patriarch may be considered “above” regular orders from the Matriarch, but is expected to enforce official decisions and decrees of the family head. Additionally, the Patriarch possesses the right to bring new Versea into the fold but such decisions are still subject to the final approval of the Matriarch when the new member's Twi'leki name is chosen.

Reunion of the Family

Current Members

Individual Family Name Time Joining the Family
Tasha'Vel Versea Tasha'Vel Versea born into family; Matriarch
Bentre Stahoes Kairn'tel Versea married into family in 34 ABY; Patriarch
Lyna'Vel Lilith Versea Lyna'Vel Lilith Versea born into the family in 34 ABY
Firith'rar J Stormwind-Versea Firith'rar Versea 34 ABY
Lilith Alema'rha Stormwind-Versea Alema'rha Versea 34 ABY
Zachary O'Maille Talik'tel Versea 34 ABY
Jason Kane Ryvak'tel Versea 34 ABY
Drae'lath Rahath Tarkona'tel Versea 35 ABY
Calenhad Mobok'tel Versea 36 ABY

Former Versea

Fallen Brothers

To date, no Versea following their affiliation with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood have fallen in battle.

Missing In Action

Scarlet Selene appears to have abandoned the family due to her inaction. This may change should she reappear, but what follows her return can not be foreseen.