Tyyravis Nami Dantes

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Tyyravis Nami Dantes
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1.75 Meters


86.36 Kilograms


Black Dreadlocks



Personal Information

Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae

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Form II: Makashi

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ex-Kiffu Guardian


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Tek Cicero Dantes

Known apprentices:

Teia Coran



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"No Quarter Asked, and None Given!"
―R.I.P. House Kaerner

Tyyravis Nami Dantes is a Sith Warrior in House Tarentum. After a peaceful childhood on his home planet of Kiffu, a tragic family event triggered his fall to the Dark Side. After floating aimlessly through the universe for a time, he joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood at the end of the Ninth Great Jedi War, when he was recruited and taken as an apprentice by Tek Cicero Dantes. Tyyravis rose to Knighthood quickly, exacting revenge on an old enemy, and was chosen to be the commander of the Nightwraiths, then given the position of Aedile in the newly created House Kaerner, where he served until the Clan was reduced to a House, terminating Kaerner and Tyyravis' position. He is often simply called Nami by his friends and others close to him.



Humble Beginnings

Tyyravis Nami Dantes was born under the name Tier-Avis Nami on the planet Kiffu in one of Clan Nami's villages, in the year 1 ABY. He was followed by a brother, Kazamir, three years later. He and his brother grew up as any small children did on Kiffu, learning life skills and perfecting their talents through the teachings of their Elders and true life experiences. They were taught hunting, gathering, living off the land, and using their technology, surprisingly advanced to those that visit Kiffu, without disrupting or destroying their natural surroundings. Tier-Avis spent much of the time he wasn't being taught life lessons actually living them through play with the other young children in his village, his brother Kazamir never far away.

A Brother's Bond

The relationship Tier-Avis and Kazamir shared defined their childhood, and would eventually define the man Tyyravis would become. They spent nearly all of their time together, learning together and playing in the same group of children, even though Kazamir was younger than his brother. This non-stop proximity to each other created a relationship between them that rivaled any bond any set of twins ever shared. The love between the two also spawned a first in Clan Nami, as they were chosen to be the first brothers of different ages to be honored with their Coming of Age celebration on the same day.

Coming of Age

At the ages of thirteen and ten, respectively, the brother's earned their Coming of Age rite. The entire village turned out to celebrate with the boys, drinking and dancing into the night, preparing the boys for their leap into adulthood. The next morning, the boys and their father left the village for several hours, taking part in the secret traditions that take place during these ceremonies. In the evening they returned, and the now-declared men received the facial tattoos all Kiffar receive on the day they pass into adulthood.

Adulthood and Tragedy

Star logo of the Kiffar Giardians

All through their childhood, both Tier-Avis and Kazamir knew that they wanted to join the group that defended Kiffu and Kiffex from disorder, the Guardians of Kiffu. However, knowing the danger involved in that commitment, their parents would not allow them to apply to the Guardians until the age of 20. In the meantime the boys grew taller and stronger, and more skilled and talented in all the things they would utilize in the Guardians. Tier-Avis considered not joining the Guardians until he was 23, so that he and Kaz could join together, but Kazamir encouraged him to apply on his 20th birthday, and Tier-Avis conceded. He applied, was accepted, and his training in the Guardians began. Soon he was a full fledged member. He chose to serve his people from the planet of Kiffu, as opposed to going to Kiffex and guarding the prisoners there, so that he could stay close to his family and clan. Three years later, Kazamir followed in his brother's footsteps and applied, was accepted into, and served with the Guardians. Kaz, however, chose a different path and decided to serve on Kiffu's sister planet, Kiffex, which was a prison planet where the criminals of Kiffu resided. He promised one day to return. No one suspected that he would never fulfill that promise.

The Murder of Kazamir

Nami's brother Kazamir days before his murder

Unlike most of the existing guards on Kiffex, Kazamir went by the book and gave the prisoners no special considerations. Many prisoners took exception to this, accustomed to living as they were, and devised a plan to eliminate the guard that threatened their established ways of life. Tricked into coming to the aid of an "escaped" convict, he was ambushed several hundred meters outside of his assigned prisoner settlement. Knocked nearly unconscious from behind as he tended to the "injured" bait prisoner, he was shortly thereafter stabbed in the side of the chest and left to die in the desert. His body was recovered the following morning. His murderers were never officially punished, due to the fact that they were already incarcerated for life and the remaining guards felt it was easier to let them remain "unknown". Despite this, the murderers' identities are well known among the other prisoners and most of the guards, though none will identify them, even under interrogation.

Faith Shattered

Tier-Avis has never able to truly come to terms with his brother's murder. Formally a man who believed in the good of others as a rule, the tragedy shook the foundations of how the elder brother viewed life and society. As his faith crumbled, so did his relationships with his family, friends, and comrades in arms. He moods and behavior began to swing suddenly and violently. He eventually would lose all faith in those around him. This led to his eventual removal from the Kiffu Guardians on the basis of insubordination, fighting, and delinquency. His life on Kiffu essentially at an end with no family or friends to speak of, he departed for other worlds, to re-establish his belief in the power of good or confirm that darkness was the true path to power, he was not sure.

Dark Jedi He Will Be

Path to the Dark Brotherhood

After leaving Kiffu, Tier-Avis had caught a transport to Ghorman and gotten a job working as a pilot for the trader Lorign Trapoli. He spent several months stopping at points along the Rimma Trade Route, making deliveries for Trapoli, no questions asked. His distaste for the general population did not wane through his experiences with shady traders and smugglers. He preferred the quiet travel, alone in “his” ship, only the computers and empty space for company. This didn’t mean he wouldn’t play a round of cards or shake some dice if the occasion presented itself. His default distrust and suspicion of others had made him a successful gambler.

His job eventually took him across the Expansion Rim to Sullust, where he loaded cargo for Nal Hutta. Nal Hutta led him to Toydaria, where he loaded yet more cargo for delivery to Yridia II. Landing in Taras, he went to join an impromptu game of Sabacc while his ship was unloaded. Before he could join, he was intercepted by Tek Cicero Dantes, who coerced him into preforming a secret mission for the Dark Jedi. Tier-Avis completed this quest so well that the Sith Battlemaster made Tier-Avis his apprentice soon afterward. He was sent to the Shadow Academy for training during the last days of the Ninth Great Jedi War, and was assigned to House Cestus of Clan Tarentum, where he quickly rose to the rank of Protector. Upon returning from the war, Tek began Nami's training in earnest.

Kazamir Avenged

Nami's mechanical fingers

Just previous to Nami's promotion to Dark Jedi Knight, word came from Kiffu that the man that had killed his brother, Kilof Pollot, and been removed from his "cell" on Kiffex and taken apprentice by the rogue Dark Jedi Gregor Dorn. Nami and Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae hunted down and killed both Gregor Dorn and Kilof Pollot in Chasin City on the planet Commenor. The fight cost Nami four of the fingers on his right hand, only his thumb surviving. They were replaced with artificial fingers upon his return to Koros.


Nami returned a new and more determined man following the trials of exacting revenge on Kilof Pollot. He was smarter, more mature, and stronger in the Force. He had proven himself worthy of Knighthood. In recognition of his advancement in the Force and his contributions to the Brotherhood, his Quaestor and friend Ronovi Tavisaen Tarentae saw to it that he was rewarded with the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, and helped him assemble his first lightsaber. Along with the rise in rank, Nami also was appointed Commander of House Cestus' Battleteam, the Nightwraiths.

House Cestus Rift

Nami's Nightwraiths became split during the Rift, some of his troops following Ji K'awiil, while some followed Windos. Nami defended Windos, while his second-in-charge, Teia Coran, defended Ji. Not only was the House broken, but Nami's battleteam as well.

The former comrades fought each other in defense of their chosen leader throughout the halls of the VSD Corsair. In the end, though, the Nightwraiths came together one last time to fight a common enemy, but the House and Battleteam lay forever broken. Windos was dead, Ji was seriously wounded (and exposed to be a woman!), and Saitou held possession of the coveted banner. The battle, and the House, were done.

Changes Come Aplenty

As a result of the rift and subsequent in-fighting of House Cestus during the battle for the lost banner of Cestus, the Clan Summit of Tarentum decided to close all three current houses and reform Tarentum under two new ones. Nami was given the Aedile position of one of the new Houses, House Kaerner, and an accompanying promotion to Templar. Around this time, Nami made the decision to follow the Order of the Sith and became a Sith Warrior. He also took on the surname of his Master, Tek Cicero Dantes, and his Master's Master, Darth Sarin (formerly known as Aristan Dantes), with each Dark Jedi's blessing. He changed the spelling of his first name as well, shedding his former identity. A new warbanner, new robes, and a new lightsaber, all reflecting his new commitment to the Sith Order, rounded out Nami's transformation.

House Kaerner

House Kaerner, with Scion Altera as Quaestor and Nami as Aedile, began quickly and smoothly with their new charges, setting up base on the moon of Joran, orbiting Yridia VIII, with the two new battleteams, Spectre and Those To Be Reckoned With. Nami was given the choice on how to deal with his renegade Nightwraiths, but since the battleteam was no more he took no action other than to punish Teia the only way he knew how. He made her cut off her prized long hair and took her as his first apprentice. However, House Kaerner did not live long.

Rite of Sin

Free of all obligation and responsibility, Nami floated in the new House without direction, shuffled into one of the battleteams that used to be under his command. He had been given a new mission within the newly reorganized Yridian Surface Command, as a Major leading Alpha Company, 1st Ranger Battalion, 1st Infantry Group, 1st Legion "Yridiae", and took to it with earnest to fill the void left by his former House, with which he had created a strong bond even in such a short time.

The event that brought him back, though, was the creation of the Rite of Sin, of which Nami became a founding member.

Physical Appearance

Nami in his Nightwraith battle armor

Tyyravis bears the facial tattoos of his clan, Clan Nami. These consist of thin red vertical lines running from mid-forehead to his eyebrows and continuing below his eyes to the top of his cheekbones, and thin red bars running from the outside corners of his eyes to his jawline just below his earlobes. His hair is black and done in a popular fashion of the Kiffar, dreadlocks, with one large braid framing the left side of his face. He is of average height and build, belying his athletic and physical prowess. His green eyes are famous among his Kiffar clan mates. He is dark-skinned, ruggedly handsome, and oftentimes wears a smirk on his face, as if he knows a secret. Rarely is he seen in garb not colored black or earth-tone, and always bears the star of the Kiffu Guardians somewhere on his clothes, both as a reminder of his service and as an honor of his murdered brother, who died serving in the Guardians. Nami also bears a tattoo of his late brother's infant footprint on his left shoulder blade, under which is written the boy's name, "Kazamir". The scars where the four fingers on his right were severed are clearly visible at the point where the artificial digits were attached. Nami makes no effort to conceal this with a glove.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Nami is currently a Sith Warrior in House Tarentum and formerly the apprentice to Tek Cicero Dantes.

He is also the former Aedile of House Kaerner and the former Commander of the Nightwraiths.

Outstanding Achievements

Tyyravis has be awarded two Dark Crosses and won the Fist of Cestus three months in a row until the triumphant arrival of his apprentice, Teia Coran.

Tyyravis holds several Shadow Academy degrees.


Nami is proficient at several musical instruments, including the mandolin and the double viol.

Nami's childhood hero was Quinlan Vos, a man he still secretly respects even though he was a Light Jedi. Many in the Brotherhood believe that Nami bears a striking resemblance to his fellow Kiffar.