Tek Cicero Dantes

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Tek Cicero Dantes
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1.8035 m


74.84 kilograms





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Makashi, Soresu

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Independent House Revan

Known masters:

Aristan Dantes

Known apprentices:

Tier-Avis Nami, Sakh nhem



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Tek Cicero Dantes is a Sith Battlemaster in Independent House Revan. He is more pilot than Dark Jedi, and is inclined to the loneliness of a cockpit to the ties of a clan, though he will take on occasional apprentices.

Character History

"Much to be proud of, much to forget. Never enough former, always enough regret." - Tek Cicero Dantes

Before The Stars Beyond

Tek Cicero Selkirk at court in Cartann

Raised the son of wealthy manufacturing baron, Tek quickly came into his own on Adumar. Years of watching the honorable bouts of swordplay with the mesmerizing blastsword and harrowing dogfights in the sky, Tek developed a need for personal excellence. Trained classically at the Court of Cartann, Tek also turned to the darker alleyways for harsher lessons. The life of a duelist suited him well, and his transfer to the cockpit was smooth, flying challenges versus rival families. He gained a prominence and could have lived comfortably on his youthful accomplishments. But an Imperial Remnant envoy noticed him during a trip to Adumar, and extended an invitation to Tek to return with him to Imperial space. Tek accepted, and attended the Naval Academy on Bastion. Flying multiple tours of duty, he rose to the rank of Major. While stationed aboard the Imperator Class Star Destroyer Pariah, the majority of his battlegroup defected to the Emperor's Hammer. Tek was swept up in the fervor of this strong new leadership. It would forever change his life.

In no time at all, Tek was invited to join Avenger Squadron, an elite squadron. There, Tek rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Executive Officer and then Avenger Squadron's youngest commander ever. He led his squadron with skill and energy from the Victory Class Star Destroyer Aggressor through numerous tours of duty. Tek became an instructor in the advanced flight school at one point, imparting his knowledge and competitive spirit to others. Later, he became the second most decorated combat pilot in the entire Emperor's Hammer. During one wargame, Avenger Squadron outperformed an entire wing. With the gradual degradation of the Emperor's Hammer, Tek was removed from command for uncovering a corrupt official in the command assistant staff. For a portion of his career, Tek was stationed as a member of Tau Squadron, the Grand Master's personal bodyguard. Tek had no idea how prophetic that assignment would be. He fled the borders of the Emperor's Hammer, drifting from sector to sector, trying to make a name for himself. He felt far away from the elegant court of Cartann.

A Sword and Shield for a Saber

Down on his luck and wanted for small crimes and fraud, Tek hid on Bilbringi, working as a machinist on the orbital docks. A man by the name of Aristan Dantes approached him with a proposal to train in the Jusadih System. This was no coincidence. Years ago Dantes had been Tek's commander and mentor in Avenger Squadron, but had long since disappeared. Dantes explained that Tek's skill in dueling and in the cockpit was due to a latent relationship with the Force. Embracing the teachings and last name of Dantes, Tek came to fully realize his potential. His first saber as a Dark Jedi Knight was awarded as a precursor to his rise to the Equite ranks. Known as one of the most skilled pilots in the Brotherhood, Tek won several flight competitions. Despite this success, Tek never shrugged off his individualist attitude or wandering spirit. He has found it hard to stay in one place for too long.

Clan life did not suite Tek. It was a harsh lesson to learn. Confinement with others only mired his will and his connection with the Force. Conflicts ensued. A Rogue he became. A lone blade and cloak.

Time passed. Tarentum called upon him to answer the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong and Omancor Crask. Unification came and went. He fought for Tarentum, and himself. One loss and one victory. And now he has an apprentice. One that shows promise. His name is Tier-Avis Nami.

But even the bond of master and student could not keep Tek in Tarentum, once whispers reached his ear of House Revan.

Physical Appearance

Small and compact, Tek is not strong by normal soldiering standards. His frame makes him optimal for flying in a starfighter comfortably, and he is toned and surprisingly quick for his size. He has the build of a runner, and does not tire easily. His short brown hair and brown eyes coupled with easy showing dimples give Tek a reassuring look when he smiles. Otherwise, deep furrows assault his brow from unrelenting years of service.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Clan membership in Alvaak, Plagueis, Arcona, and Tarentum
  • Judge at the Antei Combat Center
  • Avenger Elite Squadron Commanding Officer, VSD Aggressor, Aggressor Strike Force, TIE Corps, Emperor's Hammer
  • Tau Squadron Flight Member

Outstanding Achievements


Tek Cicero Dantes has flown with previous Grand Master Sarin and founding member of House Tarentum Magnus Kaerner