Tolok Amnan

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Tolok Amnan
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Voice of Agony

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Tolok Amnan was a Yuuzhan Vong from the Warrior caste and held the rank of subcommander at the conclusion of the main Yuuzhan Vong War, commanding the Matalok cruiser Voice of Agony. He was present at the Battle of Telos against the Dlarit Navy in which his Domain's Warleader, Supreme Commander Drathul Amnan, and their their yammosk war coordinator were slain, as well as their worldship crippled in orbit of Telos.

Without a clear leader, the young subcommander signalled a retreat and many of the surviving forces from Domain Amnan withdrew to deep space, the lifeless hulk of their worldship, the Baanu Amnan, barely avoiding breaking up during the flight through darkspace, massive chunks having been left behind at Telos where it had already begun to split apart. As time passed and news came in of the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire and the death of the Supreme Overlord, Shimrra Jamaane, the remnants of Domain Amnan plotted revenge in order to regain favor with the Yun'o. They allied with the survivors from Domain Shai led by self-declared Warmaster Varesh Shai, who refused to believe the Dread Lord was dead and was convinced it was a lie spun by the galaxy's heretic races.

As the two Domains plotted their vengeance, they continued to launch raids along the Hydian Way and into Orian Space. Having essentially become the spokesman for the remnants of Domain Amnan, Tolok was escalated to full commander by the new Warmaster, and made warleader of the Amnan remnants.

Still shamed by their defeat by the Dlarit Corporation, Tolok conspired with his agents in the Peace Brigade, who were led by the Kaleesh warlord Yashais dei Izvoshra, to insert several of his top infiltrators—under the command of the Hunter Bur'lorr Amnan—into the Orian system with the help of their inside contact Sylus Vega. While Sylus and Bur'lorr sowed the seeds for their revenge, Tolok became sexually entagled with Eckla Muyel, who took advantage of the young commander's age and eagerness for glory to secure the help of his warriors in capturing as many Jeedai as they could for her experiments with Niiriit Phaath. Using her feminine whiles, Eckla made Tolok turn a blind eye to her and Niiriit's work, convincing him it would bring him victory, and got him to shield their activities from the suspicious eyes of the devoutly religious Varesh Shai who would have quickly recognized their work for what it was: heresy.

As Eckla amassed her Jeedai prisoners, torturing them into total submission, she in turn got Tolok to agree to install her new slaves across the Domain Amnan fleet--although Varesh refused to allow any Jedi to step foot on board his ships, resentful enough that they even needed to rely on the Peace Brigade to achieve their goals. Tolok, however, grew hopeful that Eckla's plans would grant them the strength to exact their revenge on the Dark Jeedai who had shamed them three years before.