Voice of Agony

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Voice of Agony
Production information

Matalok warship

Technical specifications

1200 meters

Engine unit(s):

Dovin basals


Dovin basals

  • Cruiser
  • Carrier
Known commander(s):

Tolok Amnan

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The Voice of Agony was a Matalok warship that served as the flagship of Subcommander Tolok Amnan during the fateful Battle of Telos in which Domain Amnan saw the loss of their worldship, the Baanu Amnan. Voice of Agony was one of the few ships able to escape the battle, fleeing to an indeterminate location in Wild Space somewhere in the Tingel Arm.

The warship later became part of the forces of Varesh Shai after Tolok allied the survivors of the Battle of Telos with the self-declared Warmaster. While Tolok looked the other way, Voice of Agony became home to the heretical experiments of Eckla Muyel and Niiriit Phaath into the true nature of the Force as they investigated a way to imbue it into the body of a Yuuzhan Vong. Their experiments saw Eckla convert a number of Jeedai to the True Way, resulting in Tolok agreeing to allow her new Jeedai servants to serve on the Amnan vessels still under his command. In the Voice of Agony's case, this saw "Shok Muyel", formerly called Ragath Bain, assigned to the Matalok's command chamber.