Bur'lorr Amnan

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Bur'lorr Amnan
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Bur'lorr Amnan was a Yuuzhan Vong of the Warrior caste, and one of the chosen elite known as the Hunters. He held the rank of Commander at the time of the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Though his role as a Hunter meant he was not assigned a permanent craft, often being tasked with assassination, reconnaissance or stealth missions, after the shaming of Domain Amnan by the loss of their worldship above Telos, he ended up living on Tolok Amnan's Matalok cruiser, the Voice of Agony.

With Drathul Amnan, their Supreme Commander, dead, their Domain was left without a clear warleader. After the fall of the Supreme Overlord in 29 ABY, the surviving Vong remnants regrouped and Domain Amnan rallied to the banner of Varesh Shai, self-proclaimed Warmaster, and their believed saviour. The allied Amnan and Shai forces regrouped around the husk of Domain Amnan's lifeless worldship, using it as a base to launch strikes along the Hydian Way and into nearby Orian Space.

The shamed Children of Yun-Yuuzhan wanted revenge to reclaim their honor in the eyes of the Yun'o, their gods, and Bur'lorr was dispatched to the Orian system to infiltrate the military forces of the Dlarit Corporation who had cost them much in the fateful Battle of Telos. With his fellow operatives, the Hunter inserted onto Tarthos and set up a base in the crashed wreckage of Platform Obsidian in the northern polar caps. Hidden behind his ooglith masquer, he then worked his way into the Dlarit Army at Kar Alabrek, sabotaging the city's defenses during the Battle of Inos in late 29 ABY in order to disable and capture a Silentium drone the Vong had discovered.

Through the follow year, Bur'lorr sowed the seeds of his Domain's revenge, until by 31 ABY they were finally ready to have their revenge...