Baanu Amnan

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Baanu Amnan
Production information

Koros-Strohna Worldship

Technical specifications

80 kilometers


80 kilometers

Max acceleration:

1,100 G

Max speed (atmosphere):

400 km/h

Engine unit(s):
Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1.5


Dovin basals

  • Battleship
  • Carrier
  • Transport
Known commander(s):
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The Baanu Amnan was a Koros-Strohna worldship of Domain Amnan. In 26 ABY Supreme Commander Drathul Amnan was made warleader of the worldship's military forces, a role he remained in until the fateful Battle of Telos during 29 ABY in which Drathul was slain and the worldship's yammosk rikyam was killed by Atema brothers Tyren and Ylith. In the war coordinator and central brain's death throes, the worldship was torn apart, breaking off into a shower of lifeless rocks and pebbles the size of small warships.

In the Baanu Amnan's last moments, before the entire ship's life ebbed away into darkness, a lone Yuuzhan Vong warrior made his way to the command chamber of the mighty vessel and sacrificed his own life by linking his mind to what would normally have been the rikyam central brain's task, and ordering the hundreds of dovin basals spread throughout the vessel to launch into darkspace toward a nameless distant star. Though the unknown warrior died in the act, his sacrifice meant some of the worldship—though splintered into fragments—managed one last jump into hyperspace, making their way to a distant star somewhere in the Tingel Arm where the survivors of Domain Amnan were able to regroup.

A year later, the crippled remnants of the worldship were stumbled upon by self-declared Warmaster Varesh Shai, who forged an alliance with Tolok Amnan, the de facto warleader of his domain's forces now that Drathul was gone. Using the lifeless remains of the Baanu Amnan as a staging post, Varesh and his forces subsequently proceeded to launch a series of piratical raids along the Hydian Way, striking for the shadows, only to disappear once again as quickly as they had emerged.