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Rian Aslar


Ektrosis Temple on Taruma

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"From The Ashes, We Rise."
―Team Motto


Phoenix Phyle is the Special Operation Battle Team within House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan. The Battleteam has a legendary status within the Clan with a lifespan of over twenty years. Its level of dedication to its House and later to its Clan has been unrivalled since its founding. The current Tetrach is Rian Aslar.

Designated as Special Operation Organization within the House, each member is trained to handle any situation and come out alive. For this purpose each member is equipped with various weapon and armor systems.


By utilizing its designation, the members of Phoenix Phyle became an elite unit of lethal warriors. These elite commandos had been assigned with the task of being not only the Spearhead of Ektrosis Forces, but a unit that would act in any way necessary to achieve the goals they had to achieve. Over the time the unit had, through the trials of their training, been molded into a family-like close knit group - for whom the other members were more brothers and sisters instead of comrades. During missions, the team works either in small teams or Lone. There is no need to say; that depending to a particular mission the members will be provided with specialized Equipment.


The history of the Phoenix Phyle is a great one. There have been many leaders. From AED Aragon to the Krath High Priestess Alanna. The Phyle has bee through good, and bad times. The original name of the Phoenix Phyle was Flammae Spritus Sancti. Which translated to Flame Breath to Sanctify. No one knows when the Flammae Spiritus Sancti came into excistance but it is know that Marian was the Tetrarch of the Phyle at the time. Around 11 ABY Alanna became the Tetrarch of Flame Breath to Sanctify. She did not like the name of the Phyle as it was so she oped to change it to the Phoenix Phyle.

Early in 11 ABY Ektrosis, was still the last Independent House. I t was known as the Independent House Ektrosis. In the middle of the year Ektrosis joined a clan and became known as Ektrosis house of Taldryan.

In Fire Reborn

When Krath Priest Aragorn Unteminar became the Leader of the Phoenix Phyle, he brought back the old ways. Studying in every ritual of Phoenix, he revived the observance of the Rite of Initiation. Dark Jedi Master Alanna of Ektrosis was against it, insisting that the dangerous Initiation would endanger the lives of everyone in the Phyle. Heedless, Kragorn he entered the flames. The searing pain soon began to eat away his flesh. The immolated Priest made it through the flames and a blue flame erupted across his arm, showing that the Phoenix has accepted him as Flame Lord.

The Mark of Phoenix

Rian Aslar's Mark of Phoenix
All Members of Phoenix share one identical distinguishing Mark. A blue Tattoo on either the left or the right shoulder of a member showing a blue Flame, resembling a Phoenix.

Medallion of Phoenix

Main article: [[Phoenix Phyle Medallions|Phoenix Phyle Medallions]]

The medallion of Phoenix is an amazing item. At is centre lies an intricately carved phoenix. The bird is carved in such an expert way that as you tilt it slowly you can see flames burn at the Phoenix's base. In the very centre of the medallion lies a strange jewel. It's beauty is wonderful and the colors that the light makes in reflection are truly inspiring.

Book of Flames

This is a book with only one copy. The book was originally kept in the secret library of Phoenix. After the old Phoenix temple on Deva was abandoned, it was taken to the new home of House Ektrosis on Taruma where it remained in the hands of the serving Tetrarch until the building of the Library of Lears was complete. The Book currently resides in a special chamber of the Library of Lears to which only members of the Battleteam as well as the House Summit have access to.

Hall of Flames

Main article: [[Phoenix Hall of Flames|Phoenix Hall of Flames]]

Originally located in the Phoenix Temple on Deva but no located within the Ektrosium temple, this hall was commissioned to serve as a place of Honor to those who have served the Phyle for atl least a year. Within the hall there were busts out of Bronzium of all members who have done great things for Phoenix along with a plague. The column that supports the bust is made of rough hewn stone, and the plaque will hold a brief passage about the member of Phoenix. This passage shall be written by the Tetrarch or another respected member.


Basic Equipment

DC-17m Interchangable Weapon System.jpg
DC-17M Interchangeable Weapon System / DC-15S Side arm Blaster
Production information

Blastech Industries


DC-17M Interchangeable Weapon System / DC-15S Side arm Blaster


Blaster Rifle / Blaster Pistol

Technical specifications
  • 40-60 Rounds per clip (DC-17M)
  • 8 consecutive shots before recharge is required (DC-15S)
  • 300 metres (DC-17M)
  • 50 metres (DC-15S)
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All members of Phoenix phyle will be provided with the same basic equipment, but parts of it can be special modified, not only for the specific mission objectives but also it can be fine tuned with what the members prefer.


The basic weaponry of the Battle Team consists in one DC-17m interchangeable Weapon system and one DC-15s side arm Blaster per member.


Each member will be provided a utility belt containing a Grappling Spike Launcher with 2 additional Liquid-cable reservoirs, a Personal Energy Shield, an A99 Aquata breather, 2 or more reserve power packs, a First Aid Kit and some energy rations.

Specialized Equipment


Armory gauntlet and Utility belt
Additionally every Member of the Battleteam will be provided with a special multi-functional gauntlet. Besides its basic Configuration this gauntlet could be personalized by each member with additional equipment.

Basic Configuration

  • Data-cable for uplinking to most Computer Devices
  • Display to present holographic local- and mission-specific data
  • Comlink

Additional Configurations

Every gauntlet is designed to hold one additional system. Below you can see a complete list of all currently available for use:

Training & Promotions

As the new era for Phoenix Phyle began new rules and traditions have been established. The new Tetrarch has established as a rule that two competitions will be hosted every month one in fiction & writing and the other one in gaming & flash games. These competitions will be hosted both by the Tetrarch or a volunteer, and will help all the members to advance in rank, while keeping them entertained and overall active.

The Tetrarch's duty is to help the members of his/her team to advance in rank and answer any questions that they have. To follow the rules of the great house they serve, the Tetrarch is ready to dedicate time to advice, support and guide his fellow members to advance in rank, this will be done through e-mail or IRC.

Rules of Tyranny

After looking at the history of the great battle team Phoenix Phyle, the Tetrarch has established these rules in order to keep order and activity levels under acceptable standards.

  • If members are not active, the Tetrarch will talk to the respective authorities and shortly after they will be kicked out. (A specific amount of time will pass before this happens)
  • Members must respect their BT brothers and sisters.
  • Members must be in communication with other members of the BT or DB on IRC or via e-mail. (If members are on IRC they must sign-in into the #phoenix_phyle channel)
  • Members must read the Tetrarch’s reports. (We really take the time to make those reports for you, so please don’t waste our time by just deleting the e-mail we send you)
  • When you need something or don’t know something or have a problem with someone or something ask the Tetrarch first.

Tetrarch Reports


Awards & Tittles

  • First Battle Team of Ektrosis (27 ABY)


One of the greatest mysteries of the Phoenix phyle is "Bouncing". Apparently, Phoenix members are infected by a mysterious disease that makes them bounce. Other explanation is that bouncing is some secret ritual of us, or some sort of recognition among phyle members. Whatever the reason, Phoenix members seem to have divided opinions on bouncing. While some are fanatically devoted to it, some even dedicate their lives to spreading it over the universe, others despise it and try their best to remain "unbouncing" in weary bouncing society. But, sooner or later, they all fail and start bouncing one by one. So, whatever it might be, bouncing is destined to become style of Phoenix phyle. And not only of it. For it is highly infective.

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