Narad na Lexu

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Narad Na Lexu
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.524 m


88.4505 kg

Personal Information

Lokasena Corvinus, Moal Nor Lexu, DarkAmiz

Lightsaber Color(s):

Training Saber

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Fighting Style(s):

Teräs Käsi, Shockboxing

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Narad na Lexu has had many decisions to be weighed upon him. He has served in the Military of the Taldryan Troopers all the way to studying under a Dark Jedi Master. The trials that he has gone through have made his face look as if he is always tired. But not many know that he is a powerful ally when it comes to battle.

Character History

In The Beginning

Narad na Lexu, was born on Dantooine on the year of 6 ABY. He was born to the parents by the name of Haner and Sasbem Lexu. His parents where much into the military for his father was an Ensign in the Imperial Navy before the Rebels destroyed the Empire. As Narad grew older and his body more lean he finally realized, what he thought at the time, was his meaning in life.

Year 22 ABY

Narad was walking down the street of the local town on Dantooine. He was going to buy some food for his mother and father. The wind was blowing, as it always does most of the time on Dantooine. His long brown hair was strung slightly across his face, his common robe flapping and flailing in the wind behind him. He walked past a old man that everybody calls 'the fortune teller'. The old blind man who was sitting on the ground yelled "Narad na Lexu, Son of Haner Lexu. Come here." Narad had no Idea the man knew his name the idea of a stranger knowing his name frightened him slightly.

Narad headed over to the man. 'Have a seat my child. I have a story to tell" Narad looked around wondering if the man would even know if he was still standing there. He thought about just walking away and forgetting the man, but a strange voice entered his head, like another person talking to him. Don't run my youngling. Theres no need. Have a seat and let me speak. Shocked, Narad complied. He sat. The man began speaking.

"You may think I'm an old crippled man but trust me, I'm more than what you think. I fought in the Clone Wars" Narad remembered the classroom sessions of his younger years. "I done my fair share of killing. As will you. I tell you that you will do great things, and be a powerful influence amongst men if you follow what I'm saying closely." Narad wondered what the man might have him do. He was at disbelief that some strange man would try and help. Nobody has ever tried to help him not even his parents.

"Go to the recruiting office" the old Clone Vet continued. "Once there sign up for the Taldryan Military. Once in the military never pass up any opportunities to get promotions or gain recognition. Remember one thing, all ways remember one thing. Peace is a Lie; There is only Passion. If you do good to remember that then you will be a good leader someday." The blind man stood up. Narad leaned his head back to keep a look at the man. He turned and walked down the street. The dazed 18 year old boy watched him all the way down the street amazingly avoiding everything in his path.

Year 23 ABY

After Narad joined the Taldryanian Military he was very determined to become powerful. He enlisted and was sent directly to the Taldryan General Infantry. He was in the 605th General Infantry division. Narad was heading to battle when it all happened. The battle that changed his life forever.

Skirmish of Geonosis

Narad and his fellow comrades were sent to Geonosis, a dusty plant from the first battle of the Clone War. Narad was dressed with a Clone Style Helmet and the Symbol on Taldryan of his left breast. He had a half cloak that began at his waist. His armor was solid black, expect for the Taldryan symbol. He was the sergeant of his platoon hence the cloak. The drop ship rumbled as it dropped them of North East of there primary target.

"Ok soldiers give me a perimeter" He motioned around him. The wind picked up as the ship lifts off. "Move out." As if they were one single entity they moved. While they were moving to the cliff side the Lt. of Narad's company tried to contact him.

"Narad. Sgt Narad this is Lt. Brax come in." The traffic crackled as it ended transmission.

"Narad reporting." replied the Sergeant as he took a knee beside the cliffs. The wind was calm but the heat was almost unbearable. Dust kicked up as Narad's Corporal halted right beside him.

"You need to make your way south west to the temple. Our primary objective is to Capture a top secret file named Project: Drone. We don't know what it has but high command informed me that this is of the up most importance." The com fell silent. "Roger Lt. Ektrosis 7th platoon moving out." Narad raised as the wind started to pick up. His cloak was beginning to snap in the wind. Narad motioned for the other Corporal to come to him. The soldier ran to him in a fast pace.

"Brass has given us orders. We are to -" Narad immediately ducked and turned. He lifted is pistol and fired a single volley of bolts seemingly no where. A cloaking device began to fade away of a dead storm trooper lying on the ground.

"How did you...he wasn't..." Corporal Shims' voice filled with disbelief. "I felt his presence, I could fell him, breathing and sweating." Shims could not believe the speed at which Narad had moved. It was nothing but a blur to him.

"I need two men on that cliff, Corporal Brent, you take Private Jas here and go up. After we move three clicks you need to move up and rejoin."


Narad Na Lexu has had a falling out with the Taldryan Population they have turned there back on him. He has become disgusted at mere thought of the Taldryan name. He is searching for a new home, a new start with the darkness within him. He has become to hate Ektrosis, maybe not the leader so much but just the thought of it. He was there for so long but he has grown apart.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Narad na Lexu was a Tetrarch of the Phoenix Phyle

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