Lokasena Corvinus

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Lokasena "Sena" Corvinus
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.96 m


110 Kg





Personal Information

Asani Vosa, Sidarace Rathden, Tirano, Narad Na Lexu, Alanna Taldrya


Cethgus Zor-El

Lightsaber Color(s):

One handed, purple blade

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Chronology & Political Information

Cleric, Scientist, Covert Operative.


Krath Tyro


Dark Brotherhood

Personal Ship:

Skipray Blastboat "Glorfindell"



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"Misdirection is the key to survival. Never attack what your enemy defends, never behave as your enemy expects and never reveal your true strength.If knowledge is power, than to be unknown is to be unconquerable."
―Lazarus Concordance Credo.

Character History

What's in a name?

The name “Lokasena” comes from two Saleucami words. The word “Locha”, which means lake. And the word “senar”, which means calm or tranquil. His name can be translated in “Lake of tranquility” or even “Peaceful water”. The last name of Corvinus comes from a long line of men, in service of the Concordance. It is the name of their family emblem which shows a bird of prey.


"Hands out of your pockets, boy. Do your chores, boy. Cut your hair, boy…"
― Ezron Corvinus to his son, when the child was only five years old.

When Sena’s mother died, Lokasena was still very young. The blanket of protection which she had so steadily provided was swiftly taken away from the boy. As his father took over the responsibility of raising the child, he taught it his hardened beliefs. The boy was educated by the word and the rod. Having beliefs forced upon him and beaten anytime Sena deviated from them.

Often, Ezron would lock Sena in a closet. Sometimes for days, to discipline the child. The punishments became harder and harder, beating the words of his beliefs into Sena.

One time, after Sena had missed morning sermons, Ezron took the boy out to the market square of the settlement on Saleucami and tied his arms to wooden poles that we used for merchant stands. He beat the child with a cat o’ nine-tails until Sena’s back was nothing but raw, bloody flesh. The Force was with Lokasena and most of the scars can no longer be seen, not on the outside anyway…

The early years

Born on Saleucami, three years after the Battle of Yavin, Lokasena was the son of a prominent member of the Lazarus Concordance. A ruthless and efficient organized crime syndicate. Claiming to enforce government policy, the Concordance blackmailed all who opposed the politicians that paid for their services.

Corvinus was taken from his home world at a very young age. Resettled on a distant and unnamed forest planet, Lokasena was trained to become one of the Concordance’s best enforcers. Thrown into a pit of wolves to fight for survival, Sena flourished.

The Lazarus project

One year after the Battle of Yavin, the government of Saleucami decided to create a group that could come up with answers against the population’s growing turmoil. The many brilliant men in that group could also be counted upon to keep their mouths shut until they did come up with those answers. And so the Clerics came to be, led by a man named Maximillian Caesar.

Seeing that this group would need to continue its work long after the then present government would end its term, it was made an ongoing “black project”. Untraceable, unaccountable to congress or even succeeding administrations. People new that this project was real. Ministers and officials often tried to end this project. More than once by force. Yet somehow it always survived any process designed to purge it. This earned it the name Lazarus.

Now the Lazarus Concordance was free to act as it willed. Operating on its own, unaccountable to anyone, as judge, jury and executioner. Following their mottos; “In time of war, the law falls silent.” The Concordance reveled in their belief that Caesar could do no wrong!


At the age of 16 he entered the fighting cages. Lazarus Concordance officials wagered high amounts on the outcome of these fights. These high placed men and women soon learned that it was prudent to bet on Lokasena’s victory. At 18, Sena was still the undefeated champion of the cage. Noticing that he was always a bit faster or stronger that his opponents, he sought new challenges. One of the syndicate under-bosses, a man named Greython Tellor, saw Lokasena’s potential.

Medical training

And so Lokasena’s experimentation with bio-mechanics began. A Knowledge that would serve him well, in the future.

Afterwards, Tellor promoted the young fighter to official Concordance Cleric. In his new position, Lokasena was entrusted with sensitive information about the inner workings of the Lazarus hierarchy. He was implanted with a cortical stimulator. The device was designed to trigger the production of vast amount of natural endorphins in Sena’s body. The idea was to make the subjects immune to pain, should they ever be captured and tortured.


Years went by, and at the age of 24, Sena proved to be an exemplary Cleric. Conflict within the ranks of the Clerics grew. Fingers were being pointed at Corvinus. Especially by Elim, his colleague and friend. Therefore the Concordance set Lokasena up for a trap. He was sent to a penal colony as an enforcer to administrative policy. There he was in charge of security.

One day, a group of prisoners high jacked a transport. As the transport left orbit, Sena gave the order to destroy it. With a single blast, the transport was destroyed. Killing the escaped prisoners. Unfortunately for Lokasena, one of the crew members on board the transport had been the daughter of syndicate boss within the Concordance.

Sena was stripped of his rank and position. He underwent immediate surgery, were the cortical implant was removed. Sena was thrown in to an isolation cell. His body had become accustomed to the higher endorphins in his blood. With the implant removed, Sena went into withdrawal. His senses were obscured by the darkness of his cell. After a long period of pain and suffering, Sena had finally built up enough hate to break free of his confinement. Single-handedly he killed everyone in the prison complex and fled to the far reaches of space.

A new beginning (Thinker, Fighter, Spy)

He knew that this hate inside him was fueling him. He needed to find a place where people were like him. He finally reached the Dark Brotherhood and was accepted as a member. Amongst his brethren, Sena felt powerful. He felt at home.

Later, after the Incursion, Lokasena decided that a cranial implant did have its uses. If he were ever captured, it would prevent him from succumbing to torture. With knowledge of his previous implant and help from the extensive Brotherhood Databanks, Lokasena created a new implant. Far more effective and dangerous. It will render him fairly immune to pain, given that the pain is induced over long periods of time.

Short bursts of pain, such as injuries in battle, can still be felt however. The implant can no longer be removed, not without killing Lokasena. This feature makes him the ideal person to entrust with sensitive information.

Love, hate and The Great Jedi War

Cry woe, destruction, ruin and decay. The worst is death, and death will have his day!

Komari’s embrace of pain

The young Dark Jedi was as surprised as anyone by the sudden alien Incursion into Brotherhood space. Lokasena was on board of the Dark Prophet when the Taldryan fleet was attacked. Together with Komari Vossa, a team mate and old friend, he escaped to the Katarn, seconds after the Dark Prophet exploded. Corvinus had been attacked by a captured alien in the Katarn’s morgue. The alien had stabbed him in the back. The wound healed, but the scar can still be seen.

On board the Katarn he and Komari helped track down an alien intruder. They were able to corner the enemy until superior Taldryan forces arrived. It was on that ship, during the attack, that Sena and Komari shared their first kiss. Their love was passionate but short. Komari was killed in another alien engagement. Lokasena grieved deeply over his loss. There are those who claim that Sena created his cranial implant to ease the pain of loss.

Friends & possessions

The prodigal sister

Asani Vosa

After Komari’s untimely demise, Lokasena concentrated most of his attention to his late lover’s younger sister. In the beginning, Asani Vosa was very young and naïve. They supported each other after Komari’s death. Vowing to himself that he would never let such a terrible tragedy befall him again, Lokasena took Asani under his wing of protection. Sena even supported Asani when she decided to leave Taldryan. They remain the best of friends, even though they are in separate clans.

In sight of the next Great War against the alien, Lokasena sought out Asani. He wanted to train her and make certain she would be ready for the coming storm. He tried to teach her all he knew about war. Combat skills and covert techniques but also how to handle yourself in a battle, when the fear takes hold. The training was quite intense and rigorous, but the effects were unmistakable. Both Dark Jedi are now confident in their growing abilities to engage the alien and have their revenge.


From the very beginning, Lokasena has hunted many times in the forests of Taruma. Hunting for the Great Wolves of Saleucami, which he brought to Taruma for sport and training. On one such ventures, Sena found a young, wounded Jackdaw. Although the birds usually are an omen of death, Sena took pity on the bird and nurtured it back to health.


Jak, as the animal was named, usually sits on his master’s shoulder. Lokasena has been seen talking to the bird. Sometimes it even appears that the birds speaks to its master. Whether this is in fact the case, or simply an example of another Krath gone round the bend, is still open to debate. But when carrying Jak, Sena always refers to himself in the plural form. To Corvinus, Jak is an equal.

When conflict arises, Jak will circle above until the danger has passed.

Forged in lightening and tempered in blood

Sena with Mormegill

Lokasena's primary weapon is his Mormegill sword. It was given to him by the Lazarus Concordance after slaying a Balvarine with his bare hands. The sword was forged with lightening and tempered in the blood of the beast he slew. This process gave the blade its characteristic, black color. Mormegill is always at Lokasena’s side. Even after attaining his Lightsaber, Corvinus always caries his black blade in a sheath on his left hip. The sword has brought him many a victory in battle, so it represent far more than jut a weapon. It represents strength of spirit, courage of heart and peace of mind.

Sena's Lightsaber


Corvinus' first saber is very important to him. He quickly learned to wield it in the ancient duelist form.

Styles and Convictions


The Corvinus family and Lazarus Concordance educate their members well. Since as far back as two thousand years, Sena can track his family’s heritage. In all that time, their beliefs have never changed, only their convictions.

Lokasena prays to only one deity. The God of Saleucami has a central position in Sena’s life. He is the God of winter and hunting, two things that Sena knows a lot about. The hunt has always driven him. Sometimes the hunt for answers, other times the hunt for enemies. He knows how to survive in the wild and keep his own presence almost unnoticed.

Winter is a term that holds a lot of meaning for Lokasena. He sees it as a perfect state of being. Cold, detached, calculating, unforgiving and in control of the elements. It is rumored that Sena has seen his God in a vision. In this vision, He took him as his servant. The Clerical lifestyle has always appealed to Sena and he strives to become a Priest for his God. His words may be friendly, but his heart has become cold as ice. The words of his Gods where forcibly introduced to Lokasena by his father.

Emergence of a dark soul

There is no malice in what Sena does. No rage, no anger. No emotion of any kind. He simply performs the task that has been appointed to him. And every time he thinks he has reached his limits, Lokasena can see his father standing behind him. And that nine-tail is looking mighty unpleasant.

"Do your chores, boy! I told you to do your chores..."
―Ezron Corvinus to Lokasena during the flogging

She will become stronger than any of us.

Despite his distaste for space travel, Lokasena often finds himself journeying to other worlds within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Whether it is on diplomatic missions, or simply his own desire to collect interesting test subjects. So it came to be that he found himself near Odan Urr territory. And it was there, that he met a very special individual. The Krath Priest has always had immense respect for strong women, en prided himself in recognizing these strengths when he saw them. He had seen them in the Lady Alanna, in Komari and her little sister. And of course in his dear friend, Nissa. But now he saw it in someone else. Again a young woman. She had an air of confidence around her and seemed like she owned every move she made. A fascinating sight, to be sure. He noticed her yellow irises and the slits behind her ears. When she pulled her hair back for a minute, he even saw the tiny glistening scales on the back of her neck. Puzzled and intrigued, he decided to speak with her.

She introduced herself as Miranda Goto and was quick to explain about her heritage. Deeper and deeper they fell conversation, guided by the gentle prodding of Sena’s words. He learned much about her, and sowed seeds of discord between her and her current position. Promising dreams of power and knowledge beyond measure, he gently lured her to the Dark Side. Taking this one as his student, would be his pleasure.

The path for Master and Student can be taxing, for both involved. But it is always worth the effort when the task is met. Trough struggle and adversity, Miranda grew stronger and more magnificent each day. Her focus in the way of the Force was quite strong for someone so young, and her saber skills developed equally fast. Lokasena was proud to see her take up the position of Battle Team Leader and even when an sickness took her strength, she made every effort to stay involved. Her recovery afterwards was spectacular and she had made many friends that helped her back on her track. This was a testament to her charm, convincing the most unlikely people to help her.

The day came, through long training, when Miranda was to be Knighted. For Student and Master, it was a milestone they had achieved together. He could not have hoped for a more dedicated apprentice, and she would remain loyal to him, in gratitude of her education. The young Sith would always have her Krath Master to count on.

What now?

"The universe is filled with emptiness and the puerile meanderings of sentience. Why should I deserve special consideration within it, above all else? "
― Lokasena, to himself.

After Miranda was knighted, she understandably followed on her own path more and more often. He would always be her Master, but he needed to let her go and flourish. This was a time of sadness for Lokasena. Although you could not tell from looking at him, it gnawed on his innards. A growing dread of un-fulfilment. He research was not nearly as gratifying as it had been, for he kept asking himself the same question. Is this all that there is? Is there nothing more?

Lokasena also began to sense a growing animosity towards the Taldryan Summit. His temporary setback in matters concerning Taldryan had apparently been enough to wipeout a career spent in loyal service. He was no longer considered in important matters. And began to notice that selection of certain Officials would, more often than not, be held behind closed doors, instead of with election. More frequently, members would rise to power and bring about changes after the matter, so no one could go back and disagree. And when they did that, the Summit made it clear to say that the rights and privileges of the individual are protected so long as they are not in conflict with the interests of the State.

In a way, Lokasena was almost proud. It had been a long time since he had seen the strength and backbone in politics that was being displayed here. But nonetheless, he worried that this change would not be for the better.

As it seemed that his forceful participation in Taldryan events was required to again gain the influence he had held a while ago, Sena committed himself on bringing about some change of his own. And if some spineless scum had to be ground under, so much the better! He would rise again in the aftermath of the chaos created by his actions. This he vowed on his name.

DJB Facts

Phoenix Medallions.jpg

Positions Held

Ektrosis Cup.
  • Krath Tetrarch of Hex Phyle

Outstanding Achievements

  • Slaying the Balvarine matriarch.
  • Helping Taldryan to victory in the 7th Great Jedi War.
  • Promotion to Jedi Hunter.
  • Promotion to Dark Jedi Knight
  • Awarded the tittle of Ektrosis Champion in the Ektrosis Cup.
  • Master of DJK Miranda Goto


  • Lokasena has an interest in philosophy and poetry, which is reflected in the way he speaks.