Brandon Tarsus

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Brandon Tarsus
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Curly, fluffy white hair





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Professional killer


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Scholae Palatinae, Caliburnus

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Shadow Nighthunter



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Brandon Tarsus is an Mercenary of the Scholae Palatinae House Excidium. Born into a merchant family, many things had lead him from a peaceful and honest life of a merchant. After Tarsus' family died of a violent and unsolved murder, Brandon Tarsus vowed to seek revenge. After several years of living a life as an amateur merc, Tarsus joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to hone his skills. Now, his master is Shadow Nighthunter, whom has become very good friends with Tarsus.

Character History


Tarsus was born in the year of 7 ABY to merchants of Mandolor. They flew across the galaxy, buying and selling goods all around. Tarsus was in a loving family that taught him to always be a good person. Tarsus was good a child, and always was trying to help out others. His parents only showed him the universe through a filter. He only saw the good in the universe, and was never taught the evil. When Tarsus was 12, he had a hard lesson in evil.

Murder and Destruction

One day, Tarsus and his family were traveling to Tatooine to deliver a shipment of valuable spices for a hutt client. A small band of pirates felt that they were an easy target, and was right. They had attacked and boarded the ship. Tarsus' father fought bravely, but to no avail. He was killed. Tarsus' mother tried to hide him, but they were caught. They seperated the two. Tarsus never knew what happened, but was wise enough to know she died horribly. Days later, Tarsus cleverly escaped the pirates as they were refueling in Mos Eisley. Afraid and alone, Tarsus was found by a two Mercenaries named Toh Gray, a human, and his lover Irv Gray, a Twi'Lik. They also had a daughter that was Tarsus' age named Wisly. They took Tarsus in as family.

A new life

Toh and Irv taught Tarsus how to fight and kill. They were hard on him, yet cared for him. With hatred for the pirates that killed his family, Tarsus quickly learned how to fight, and how to kill without mercy or remorse. The four went on all kinds of adventures, and grew closely as a family. Tarsus was happy, but as he grew older, he began to change again.

A forbidden love?

When Tarsus turned 16, he became a handsome and skilled Mercenary, and so did Wisly. She bloomed into a beautiful flower, and that they mostly lived on a ship, he was constantly close to her. They both began to grow feelings, but both didn't want to let it become anything. They were brother and sister, not lovers. Tarsus felt that his time to go his own path was now. After they landed on Naboo one day when he was 17, Tarsus said his goodbyes, and left to his own life.

His youth

Tarsus was finally alone in the universe. He joined a crew of mercs, and they raised hell together. The captain, an young woman named Ven, was a wild woman. Tarsus was just as wild, and both quickly clicked and became good friends that would fling around to pass the time in hyperspace. Tarsus was a natural charmer, and often used that to his advantage. His charm and skills quickly made him second in charged of their ship, the Unnecessary Evil. When they weren't on the ship, they spent time in cantinas. They drank, smoked, fought, and flung around. One day, Tarsus heard about the DJB from a stranger. He told Ven he wanted to joined to increase his skills. When he was 25, he joined the Brotherhood.

Another new life

Tarsus quickly found Shadow Nighthunter. They became friends, and when he found out that she was to train him, he was excited. Shadow quickly learned his childish and insane ways. This drew her mad, but she soon found herself become his best friend. Tarsus life in the DJB was cut short. For an unknown reason, Tarsus went Rogue, and just as mysteriously came back years later. As to why, Tarsus never told anyone. He continues to remain why his deepest secret.

"Brandon and Shadow" by Aelinau

Love at last

The day Tarsus returned, he ran into his old friend, Shadow Nighthunter at a cantina. The two quickly reconnected. The merc always loved Shadow, but never found the courage to tell her. He decided to invite her to a dance in a formal club. They spent their time laughed, and drinking, and just having a wonderful time. As the mood felt right, Tarsus finally boldly leaned in and kissed Shadow Nighthunter. The two confessed their love. Later, the two made their way to Shadow's quarters. There, Tarsus decided to informally marry them. Now, they live together as lovers.


Tarsus is a tall male at 6 feet and 7 inches. His is very muscular and very strong. The merc does his best to stay strong and big. Seeing him lift 500 pounds isn't uncommon. Tarsus likes to walk around without a shirt to show off his muscles. When he is not, the childish man likes to wear things that are comfortable that aren't robes. He doesn't like to wear them. Since he likes to show his bare body, one can see all the scars that show on Tarsus. He's had many injuries, and likes to show them at times. Tarsus' eyes are a stone dead grey; the kind of grey that makes him seem like he's dead.