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Nepotism is the showing of favoritism toward relatives or romantic relations, based upon the relationship, rather than on ability or suitability. For example, offering employment to a relative, despite the fact that there are others who are better qualified and willing to perform the job, would qualify as nepotism.

The Chamber of Justice has generally observed that engaging in nepotism is an abuse of power and a violation of Article VII, Section 7.06(c) (Abuse of Power) of the Covenant. Due to the desire of the Dark Council and Chamber of Justice to avoid nepotism issues prior to the point where a Covenant violation has occurred, it was determined that a separate policy should be made in order to better inform the membership of the various nepotism rules.

Note: the Nepotism Policy only affects familial or romantic relationships; it does not affect friendships.

The Rules

  • Nepotism is not permitted in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
  • To discourage nepotism, no members with real life family ties or that are within a relationship may be within the same chain of command without explicit permission from the Justicar.
  • Any member that enters into a relationship with a subordinate (or superior) within the same chain of command must immediately report such relationship to the Justicar and Grand Master to ensure that this policy is being followed. Failure to report the relationship within thirty days will result in a mandatory loss of position for both members and may result in prosecution by the Chamber of Justice.
  • No Dark Councilor (including Tribunes and quasi-Dark Council positions like Combat Master) is permitted to have on staff any member of his or her family, or any person with whom he or she is in a relationship with, unless explicitly approved by the Justicar.
  • Any member is permitted to recommend promotions or medals for another member, even if that person is a family member or in a relationship. However, the recommending member cannot be the primary or sole recommendation for that award or promotion for the family member or significant other. Any recommendation submitted to the Master At Arms must disclose the relationship. Failure to disclose the relationship may result in a loss of position for the recommending member, or the future ban against recommendations by that member.

The Policy Reasons

The general policy has been put in place so there is no bias towards members with whom others may have a relationship, whether this is familial or romantic. This bias can be in the form of rank promotions, position appointments, awards, and/or in other facets of Brotherhood activity. The general aim of this policy is the show members what they can and cannot do with members that they have a familial or romantic relationship with.

This is a preventative policy. It is aimed at making sure that members do not violate the Covenant, but also at protecting the integrity of the organization and its members. Significant harm occurs when charges of nepotism are levied: harm both to the reputations of the leader and the subordinate, and harm to the integrity of the organization. This policy is meant to deter that harm.

Policy Overrides for Position Appointments

In rare circumstances, the Justicar will provide for exceptions to this policy in relation to position appointments. At no time, however, will the limitations on awards and promotions be lifted.

To determine whether this policy will be overridden, the following steps will occur:

  • The member seeking an exception to the Nepotism Policy will e-mail the Justicar, the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Master at Arms to make the case for an exception. All superiors in the direct chain of command of the member will also be copied.
  • In the e-mail request, the member will provide the following information:
    • The name of the member for whom the appointment is requested;
    • The nature of the relationship between the members;
    • The reason why the policy should be overridden, including evidence that the member is qualified to hold the position; and
    • Information regarding alternate candidates for the position.
  • The Justicar, with advice from the Grand Master and Master at Arms, will determine if a deviation from this policy will be permitted.
  • If a deviation is permitted, the Justicar will make a notation on the dossiers of each member.
  • Any further position appointments involving the same members will be reviewed at the time of the subsequent appointment.

Note: the general rule of thumb is that there has to be at least one level of leadership between members of the same family or people in a relationship.


  • Without permission from the Justicar, Member A cannot be given the role of Quaestor if they have a relationship with Member B, who happens to be the Proconsul of the same Clan.
  • Without permission from the Justicar, Member A cannot be given a seat on the Dark Council if they have a relationship with either the Grand Master or his Deputy.
  • Without permission from the Justicar, Member A cannot become a Praetor or a Magistrate to Member B if they have a relationship with that member.


This policy seeks to avoid putting members into a position where nepotism is possible, and therefore avoid any potential situations which could lead to prosecution by the Chamber of Justice. The Dark Council does recognize that the Brotherhood is filled with members of many various relationships, and is willing to work within this policy to create a successful environment.

Revision History

  • The Nepotism Policy was originally released by Kir Katarn during his tenure on the Chamber of Justice.
  • The Nepotism Policy was later revised in June, 2015, under the tenure of Pravus as Grand Master and Jac Cotelin as Justicar. Participating in the revision were Mav, Meleu, Howlader.